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Season 2 of Internet League Blaseball began on July 27, 2020. The regular season ended on July 31. The postseason and Internet Series began on August 1.

Following the Opening of the Forbidden Book as a result of the Season β1 election, it became the first season of the Discipline Era.

Season 2 concluded with the Philly Pies defeating the Charleston Shoe Thieves in four games to win their second Internet Series championship in a row.

Notable Events

Opening the Forbidden Book

Season 2 began shortly after the decree called Open the Forbidden Book won the Season 1 election. As a result, the 'Book' tab on became accessible, displaying the heavily redacted contents of the forbidden rulebook itself.

The decree also described further permanent changes, such as: the introduction of solar eclipses that replaced all weather conditions during Season 2; the "umpires' eyes turn[ing] white," which signaled the introduction of incinerations that could terminate any player during Blaseball games; the immediate incineration of Seattle Garages' star player, Jaylen Hotdogfingers; and a Hellmouth swallowing Moab, Utah, immediately converting the Moab Sunbeams into the Hellmouth Sunbeams.

Finally, amidst this chaos, Blaseball had been designated its first era, The Discipline Era: a constant reminder of the consequences of opening the very thing that was forbidden to open.

Ongoing Decrees

Following the Season β1 election, the following decree was in place for Season 2:


The Good League Record The Evil League Record
Lawful Good Lawful Evil
Dallas Steaks 🥩* 72-27 Hades Tigers 🐅* 63-36
Chicago Firefighters 🔥* 60-39 Philly Pies 🥧* 61-38
Los Angeles Tacos 🌮 45-54 Baltimore Crabs 🦀 49-50
Kansas City Breath Mints 🍬 41-58 Mexico City Wild Wings 🍗 47-52
San Francisco Lovers 💋 29-70 Hellmouth Sunbeams 🌞 37-62
Chaotic Good Chaotic Evil
Boston Flowers 🌹* 51-48 Canada Moist Talkers 🗣️* 55-44
Charleston Shoe Thieves 👟* 50-49 Breckenridge Jazz Hands 👐* 55-44
Yellowstone Magic  49-50 Houston Spies 🕵️ 46-53
Hawai'i Fridays 🏝️ 45-54 Seattle Garages 🎸 46-53
New York Millennials 📱 44-55 Miami Dale 🚤 45-54

* Denotes teams that advanced to the playoffs.

Divine Favor

Ties: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Team: 💋 🌮 🥩 🍬 🔥 👟 🌹 🏝️ 📱 🦀 🥧 🌞 🍗 🐅 🗣️ 🕵️ 🚤 🎸 👐


  Round of 8 Round of 4 Internet Series
  1 Dallas Steaks 2  
4 Charleston Shoe Thieves 3  
  3 Boston Flowers 0  
Good League
  4 Charleston Shoe Thieves 3  
2 Chicago Firefighters 2
  3 Boston Flowers 3  
    GL Charleston Shoe Thieves 1
  EL Philly Pies 3
  1 Hades Tigers 2  
4 Breckenridge Jazz Hands 3  
  2 Philly Pies 3
Evil League
  4 Breckenridge Jazz Hands 0  
2 Philly Pies 3
  3 Canada Moist Talkers 0  

Round 1

(Good 4) Shoe Thieves 3 - 2 (Good 1) Steaks

Game 1: (Briggs vs Griffith) Steaks win 4-1.

Game 2: (Bookbaby vs Herman) Steaks win 5-1.

Note: Shoe Thieves fans were reported holding a vigil outside Choux Stadium before the game. When approached for questioning, all fans responded "Burn the books."

Monstera’s single put the Steaks in front in the bottom of the 2nd, before the lead was doubled shortly after. The bases were soon loaded for Cory Ross, who promptly hit a single to make it 3-0. Monstera, up in the 3rd for the Steaks with no outs and runners on first and third, walked to load the bases. August Mina soon faced Bookbaby, hitting a sacrifice fly to score Telephone. On the other side, Stu Trololol hit a single with no outs in the 5th, then another single followed to threaten Leach Herman for the first time. Trololol steals third, Gloom sac flies and Trololol comes home. First and only run for the Shoe Thieves, as Ramsey and Fisher immediately strike out to end the inning with a runner on base.

Workman Gloom strikes out for the Shoe Thieves in the 7th with a runner on third.

Bookbaby is falling apart, but Monster hits into a DP with a runner on 2nd, who then advances to 3rd, but cannot score.

Game 3: (Prestige vs Manco): Shoe Thieves win 7-0.

Ren Hunter’s triple in the first was followed by a sac fly that put the Shoe Thieves up. Soon it was 2-0. The lead was extended to 3 by the 4th inning, as the Thieves offense sputtered to life after its poor showing in Game 2 particularly. Ramsey’s single put a runner on 3rd for Fischer, but they grounded out to Thomas Kirby to end the inning. Gloom had an excellent opportunity in the 6th, walking to load the bases. Esme Ramsey scored two runners, and was then scored herself to make the score 7-0. The Steak offense had very suddenly run cold; Cory Ross began a sixth inning at bat by working the count well but fell behind and struck out, which was typical of the batters on the team with the league’s best record in this game. Ross generally had a good game, in fact, but their singles weren’t followed by much run support from the other Steak batters. The Shoe Thieves maintained their shutout and took a commanding 7-0 win to heart into Game 4.

Game 4: (Gloom vs Haley) Shoe Thieves win 11-5.

The Shoe Thieves produced some offense early after their Game 2 dud turned into a dominating performance in Game 3. Esme Ramsey’s three run home run in the second put them firmly in control against Haley, the Steaks’ worst starter at half a star, and the Steaks were unable to muster an immediate response. The Steaks offense, just as it had in Game 3, failed to put runs on the board early on, but the bats were certainly producing in a way they weren’t in Game 3. Antonio Wallace singled in the third to put a runner in scoring position for Trololol, but the latter grounded out to Stink to end the inning. In the fifth, Antonio Wallace’ steal of third base was followed by a quick , successful sac fly to put the Thieves up by 4. Ramsey would single in the sixth to set up Fischer with a runner on third, who would bring them home, as would Doyle with the next runner next time up. Ren Hunter would bring two more home with a triple and score on the sacrifice to give the Thieves a 9-0 shutout lead into the bottom of the 7th. Wheeler and Kirby would work the count successfully, setting up Pony for a triple and the Steaks’ first runs of the gam, before scoring themselves on Sebastian Telephone’s sac fly. Nevertheless, the Shoe Thieves offense refused to slow down, or Conner Haley refused to pitch any better to give his offense a chance, and the Charleston team hit double digit runs midway through the seventh before perennial base stealer Workman Gloom was caught stealing third to speed up a game which already seemed decided, even as the Steaks put another on the board in the 7th. Workman Gloom would once again be caught stealing third in the 9th (is this a thing, Shoe Thieves fans? I’ve seen it like four times in this postseason) and, although the Steaks put together a surprising bases-loaded rally with 2 outs for Thomas Kirby in the bottom of the 9th before Marko Stink stole home, the game would end with a Kirby ground out to force yet another Game 5.

Game 5: (Games vs Jaylee) Shoe Thieves win 5-3.

The Shoe Thieves kept their hot streak going with successive leadoff doubles by Morrow Doyle and Ren Hunter, taking the lead before the Steaks fans had a chance to settle into their seats. By the third, though, the Steaks were tied, and Landry Wheeler’s triple put the Texans up and for the first time in a while setting the pace for the favourites. Charleston ace Cornelius Games sat Summers Pony and Sebastian Telephone down quickly, but the damage had been done. The Thieves’ Velasquez Alstott hit into a crucial sixth inning double play with time running out. Workman Gloom would single in the 8th to set up Shoe Thieves playoff performer Esme Ramsey, but although she made good contact she grounded out, as did Fischer after her, and Workman Gloom was caught stealing third base, because they are nothing if not consistent. Morrow Doyle’s triple in the 9th would set up Ren Hunter singling to score, followed by Alstott, as the Thieves pulled within one before Hunter stole third, Sebastian Townsend singled, and Gloom sent them and Trololol home, I’m dizzy typing this. 5-3. Steaks couldn’t mount a comeback and suddenly the two top seeds were out.

(Good 3) Flowers 3 - 2 (Good 2) Firefighters

Game 1: (Simmons vs Peterson) Firefighters win 8-7.

Note: The Flowers jumped to a 5-0 lead in the first inning, but the Firefighters came back to take control late in the game.

Game 2: (Keyes vs Alvarado) Flowers win 5-3.

Isaac Rubberman’s triple put the Flowers on top with two runs in the 3rd, before a sacrifice helped him reach fourth shortly afterwards. Margarito Nava then hit a solo home run to make it 4. Rosa tripled in the 4th, scoring a run before Triumphant followed with a single, bringing them home. Roseheart follows, hitting Triumphant round to third, Poole then up but flies out.

In the 7th, Roseheart scores a runner and rounds to third for Paula Mason, one down. In the 8th, Suzanne sac flies out to Whitney for a Flowers lead. Jacob Haynes hits a solo home run to put the Flowers up 5-3 in the 9th and cap the game off, as the Firefighters can't muster a hit in the bottom of the inning.

Game 3: (Wilson vs Spoon) Flowers win 5-4.

Flowers led 2-0 in the 3rd and controlled the game against Spoon early, with Beck Whitney’s 4th inning sacrifice putting runners on second and third for Jorge Ito. Carpenter would single to put the flowers up 4. Rivers Rosa’s triple in the 5th gave Triumphant a shot at scoring them and bringing the Firefighters back, and the sacrifice was successful. Paula Mason doubled in the 6th to score the Firefighters their second run of the game, and ended up on third for Joshua “Not Butt” Butt, who singled to bring the game within a run. Edric Tosser was unable to bring a runner on third home, though, and the Flowers maintained their lead into the 7th. The Firefighters would successfully tie the game in the 7th. Neither team was able to produce anything more, and the game went into extras. The Flowers put runners on first and second for Turner in extras, who grounded into a fielders’ choice, bringing up Haynes, who singled to give the Flowers the lead. Turner stole third base, and before long bases were loaded for Ito, who couldn’t score another run, bringing us into the bottom of the 10th with the Flowers up 5-4. Triumphant flew out, bringing up Roseheart. Roseheart worked the count well, up 2-0 early, and then 3-1, before Roseheart walked them on six pitches. Poole up with one out and a runner on first, falling behind on the count early before filling it, hitting an extra foul ball for good measure, and themselves walking to bring up Paula Mason, who forced a fielders’ choice, before Suzanne immediately flew out to Whitney to end the game.

Game 4: (Picklestein vs Guerra) Firefighters win 2-1.

Declan Suzanne’s walk in the first brought up Butt for the Firefighers with runners on first and second, working the count well at first but soon falling back to 3-2 and flying out to Carpenter. Johnson stepped up to bat, but could only muster a fielders choice, with Mason out at third before Tosser grounded out to end the inning. Lou Roseheart’s second inning double was an example of the consistent offense that the Firefighters were able to produce early on, but Wesley Poole’s strikeout ensured that they would stay off the board despite this. Tosser would pull through the next time the Fighters gave them a chance to tie the game, bringing Butt home with a well hit single, but Rosa would ground out to end the inning with two on base. Wesley Poole doubled in the fourth setting up Mason with two outs, but the latter would ground out to Whitney to keep the game tied going int o the fifth. Lou Roseheart would be unable to take advantage of a runner in scoring position, flying out to end the 6th and keep the game tied at 1-1. The Firefighters would pull ahead, though, and Atlas Guerra would successfully shut the Flowers down to force a fifth game.

Game 5: (Weatherman vs Mora) Flowers win 4-0.

In the deciding game 5 Flowers leadoff hitter Bryanayah Chang jumped on an errant pitch for an immediate home run in what had been a low-scoring series for the most part up to that point. By the time Chang came back up in the batting order, Carpenter and Rubberman were on first and second in the 2nd inning, before Carpenter was caught stealing, sending the Firefighters offense back out. Carpenter was on base when the Flowers had their next scoring opportunity, and with a fielders’ choice sent star Jacob Haynes home for a 2-0 lead. Chang would hit another home run in the 5th, apparently having decided to carry the entire Flowers offense to the Championship Series whether they liked it or not. Isaac Rubberman would eventually decide to join in with another solo homer in the 7th. Magic mortal enemy King Weatherman held on for the shutout victory, sending the Flowers through with an exclamation point.

(Evil 4) Jazz Hands 3 - 2 (Evil 1) Tigers

Game 1: (Harrison vs Owens) Jazz Hands win 6-3.

Game 2: (Forbes vs Meng) Jazz Hands win 4-1.

Hendricks Richardson’s triple followed by a sacrifice put the Jazz Hands ahead in the first. Fish Summer’s flyout put a runner on third with two outs for Violence in the bottom of the 3rd, who hit a single and then scored, making it 1-1, where it would stay for a good portion of the game. Patterson struck out and couldn’t bring a runner on third home. Duffy later walked to put runners on 1st and 2nd for Cookbook, who singled and - somehow - the runners ended up on 1st and 3rd. Morin struck out looking with one out. Aliciakeyes tasked with bringing the runner home but grounded out.

Summer walks with no outs in the 5th for Violence, but Castillo gets caught stealing third. Violence works the count but flies out. Runner on 2nd for the Tigers until Summer is also caught stealing third, ending the inning. Baby Doyle hit into a crucial double play in the 7th, and defense remained the theme of the game. Hands have runners on first and third for Underbuck in the 7th, who grounds out to Cookbook to end the inning. 1-1 still. Randy Castillo then hits a flyout to Doyle to bring Summer up with a runner on third, but Fish grounds out to Lightner. Violence walks in the eighth, before three straight Tigers ground out.

Lightner walks to put runners on 1st and 2nd with no outs in the ninth, before Mathews sends a three run bomb into the upper deck to put the Jazz Hands up 4-1. This is followed by three straight outs to give the Tigers a remote chance of coming back. Two Tigers ground out to bring up Aliciakeyes for the last out, who hits a single. Castillo up with a 2-0 series deficit on the line. Works the count well and singles to put a runner on third. Summer up. 2-0. 3-0. Grounds out to Richardson and the JHs win with the tigers leaving two on base and the tying run at the plate.

Game 3: (Arias vs Mason) Tigers win 6-4, shaming the Jazz Hands.


Tot Fox stole third to bring up Cashmoney for the Jazz Hands in the third, who hit a three run homer to put the (53% favoured) away team in control. Defense again defined the middle stretch of the game, with the Jazz Hands producing a little more offense than the Tigers, but Yazmin Mason doing a good job of pitching out of a number of jams - she could not, however, stop Comfort Septemberish from knocking a low grounder into the outfield to score a fourth run. Richardson would ground out to Harrell and the damage would remain limited, but the Tigers now had a four run hole in an elimination game to claw themselves out of. They again failed to produce any offense until the 6th, when they successfully made it onto the scoreboard much later than the Tiger faithful would have appreciated. Moody Cookbook’s homer in the 8th brought the Tigers within two, and before long Landry Violence was on base with a runner on second and the Tigers only down on - obliging, his single tied the game at 4 going into the ninth inning and with the Tiger fans doing that thing they do, you know the one. Daniel Duffy’s two run home run put the Tigers ahead for good in the bottom of the inning, precipitating Season 2’s first playoff shame. Shame lasted for a good while before Fish Summer flew out and ended the shame phase.

Game 4: (Mendoza vs Wilcox) Tigers win 6-3.

Tot Fox, caught stealing third in the top of the first ended a promising early run for the Jazz Hands. Aldon Cashmoney’s solo home run in the second ensured that they made something of their early momentum nonetheless. Normal human Daniel Duffy continued their hot streak by hitting another two run homer to take the lead in the bottom of the inning. The power streak continued  with Kathy Mathews’ solo home run in the third inning, but Richardson would ground into a double play next time up to put the momentum firmly back into the Tigers’ corner. The Jazz Hands led after the top of the fifth, before Duffy’s surprising playoff heroics continued with a very solid single with no outs that Cookbook nearly worked into another walk before grounding out. Morin forced a fielders’ choice though, followed by an Aliciakeys single, but the Tigers would leave the inning scoreless and still down one. Both teams would come close to a crucial run in the sixth, but while the Jazz Hands were unable to score from third the spirit of Landry Violence smacked a two run home run to give the Tigers the lead. Fish Summer’s single in the 8th put Randy Castillo on third and gave Violence another change to extend the lead, grounding out but allowing Summer to advance to second, before Patterson’s single brought both home for a commanding 6-3 lead, which would hold to the end of the game and ensure a Game 5 in a series the Tigers looked lost in after two.

Game 5: (Sports vs Figueroa) Jazz Hands win 6-4, advancing to Evil League finals.

The Jazz Hands jumped on Tiger pitcher Dunlap Figueroa to take an early lead at the top of the 1st, before Ren Morin’s fielders’ choice in the 2nd allowed Alyssa Harrell to make it home and tie the game. Jazz Hands power hitter Hendricks Richardson hit a bouncing triple in the fourth to set up Cashmoney, but the latter grounded out to keep the game tied, before Sophia Patterson stole home in the 4th with two outs like a cat bolting through her catflap and acting like nothing just happened. A promising 5th inning for the Jazz Hands was brought to a halt by a Tamara Crankit ground ball hit into a double play, and though they tied the game up the Tiger defense mostly held up before too much damage could be done. Alyssa Harrell shot a home run into the stands in the 7th and the Tigers were in control again. Landry Violence sent Aliciakeyes home with a sac fly in the 8th. Comfort Septemberish stole home in the ninth and Aldon Cashmoney hit a two run homer. In the bottom of the ninth Harrell flew out, Duffy was struck out looking, and Cookbook grounded out to Mathews. Just like that, the Jazz Hands were through and the Tigers gone.

(Evil 3) Moist Talkers 0 - 3 (Evil 2) Pies

Game 1: (Doctor vs Greatness) Pies win 5-2.

Game 2: (Notarobot vs Trombone) Pies win 8-7.

Haley’s sacrifice and Voorhees’ single pushed two runs across the plate in the first inning for the MTs, and although Dan Holloway pulled one back for the Pies in the 2nd, Hobbs Cain returned the lead to two runs in the 2nd. Violet then put Cain across the plate to put the Talkers up 4-1, before Hobbs made it five, still in the second inning. Firmly in control, Garbage doubled and stole third in the top of the 3rd for the Canadians, followed by a walk for Cain, but they were unable to take advantage and add to their lead. Rangel tripled for the Pies in the bottom of the 3rd, before scoring on the sacrifice. Pies 2 MTs 5.

Jessica "my wife" Telephone hit a solo home run in the 4th for the Pies, who were now 5-3 down. After a turn around most of the order, Dan Holloway’s single with no outs set the Pies up nicely for Mickey Woods and Telephone's third chance at bat. Woods forced a fielder's choice and ended up on 1st for Telephone, who grounds out in 4 pitches in a crucial moment. The Pies, thanks to Wilson, pulled closer in the 7th, but the MTs escaped the inning with the lead, and Alstott's solo homer makes it 6-4 shortly after. In the 7th, Voorhees misses a chance to seal the game with a runner on third, grounding out to end the inning. Down 2, Spears Taylor gets caught stealing third for the Pies in the bottom of the inning. Harrison singles to put a runner on third for the MTs in the 8th, before Cain scores a run. Violet strikes out with runners on first and second to sit the Talkers down up 7-4 at the top of the 8th. Mickey Woods sacrifices for a Harrison run to pull the Pies within two. Telephone hits a solo homer, her second of the game, to reduce the deficit further. Wilson is then walked on four straight pitches, and Kennedy Cena puts the Pies in front with a two run homer to give them a lead they would not relinquish.

Game 3: (Lott vs Dudley) Pies win 5-2, advancing to the Evil League finals.

Richmond Harrison grounds into a double play to end a promising scoreless 2nd for the Talkers. They would take the lead by the 4th, and Ito would walk to load the bases. The Pies would put several runners on base, aided by Spears Taylor’s timely steal of third and Holloway’s fielders choice putting them across the plate, tying the game 1-1 to enter the 5th. Timely hitting put the Moist Talkers back in front, though Juan Rangel had an excellent opportunity to tie the game late in the 5th with the score only 2-1. Hobbs Cain walked with two outs to put runners on first and second for Game 2 near-hero Kennedy Alstott, who them struck out without successfully extending the Canadians. Dan Holloway tripled in the bottom of the 7th to bring up Mickey Woods, who hit a two run homer, bringing up star Telephone with a 3-2 lead and one out. She grounded out to Elijah Bates, but the damage was done. Game 2 actual-hero Kennedy Cena followed with a towering two-run home run. Dan Holloway’s double brought up the terrifying part of the Pies lineup again. Jessica Telephone loaded the bases, though Figueroa was caught out at 4th, and although Morrow grounded out the damage was done, and the Pies maintained their 5-2 lead to the end of the game.


Boston Flowers vs. Charleston Shoe Thieves

Game 1: Shoe Thieves win 8 - 3.

Game 2: Shoe Thieves win 5 - 4.

Game 3: Shoe Thieves win 10 - 0, advancing to the finals.

Philly Pies vs. Breckenridge Jazz Hands

Game 1: Pies win 10 - 7.

Game 2: Pies win 10 - 2.

Game 3: Pies win 13 - 4, advancing to the finals.


Philly Pies vs. Charleston Shoe Thieves

Game 1: Shoe Thieves win 9 - 4.

Game 2: Pies win 12 - 2.

Game 3: Pies win 10 - 4.

Game 4: Pies win 3 - 1.

Election Ballot


The two Decrees with the most community votes will go into effect.

Icon Name Effect
Relegation The last place team in the league will be eliminated from the league, and replaced with a new team.
Popular Evolution The team with the most fans will Evolve.
Peanuts Peanuts
The Fourth Strike The bottom four teams in the league gain the Fourth Strike. It will take Four Strikes to strike out any batter on their team for the following Season and Postseason.
Enhanced Shame Rule Change: When a team is Shamed, they will be punished in the following game. Their next opponent will start with runs equal to the number of runs scored in the Shame period.


Name Effect
Performance Enhancing Demons Mggoka match ng strike fm'latghor. Fm'latgh. +8% Team Overall
Yes Plz! Wake up your hitters with a cup of Yes Plz coffee. +10% Team Hitting
Pseudo-Thumbs Pseudo-Thumbs burst from the skin on the opposite of your pitchers' hands. +10% Team Pitching
Wind Sprints Run. +15% Team Baserunning
The Rack [cartilage and bone snapping] +15% Team Defense
Seduction Swing Away. The best hitter in the league joins your team.
Defection It's business. The best pitcher in the league joins your team.
Bloodlust URRRRRRGGHHHHHH. Maxes the stats of a random player on your team.
Gunblade Bat A random hitter on your team will gain the gunblade bat, maxing out their hitting stats.
Literal Arm Cannon A random pitcher on your team will gain an arm cannon, maxing out their pitching stats.
Soul Swap They won't stop screaming. Randomizes your team's 5 worst players.
Blood Sacrifice Your team sacrifices a fan from the stands. The Gods show favor. Your team will win all tiebreakers.

Election Results



List of Blessings Results:


The following teams received no Blessings and were unaffected by Decrees from Season 2:


When any player is in a match during a Solar Eclipse, there is a chance they will be incinerated and killed by a Rogue Umpire. Known cases of this in Season 2 are listed below.

Player Team Date Replaced by Opponent
Jaylen Hotdogfingers Seattle Garages Day 0 Derrick Krueger N/A
Fitzgerald Massey Hawai'i Fridays Day 13 Hendricks Rangel Kansas City Breath Mints
Jenna Maldonado Miami Dale Day 22 Randy Dennis Canada Moist Talkers
Tyreek Olive Chicago Firefighters Day 24 Paula Mason Los Angeles Tacos
Nora Perez Baltimore Crabs Day 25 Holden Stanton Canada Moist Talkers
Scrap Murphy New York Millennials Day 40 Felix Garbage Los Angeles Tacos
Lars Mendoza Dallas Steaks Day 52 Marco Stink San Francisco Lovers
Sosa Elftower Yellowstone Magic Day 64 Halexandrey Walton Boston Flowers
Dickerson Greatness Houston Spies Day 65 Collins Melon Miami Dale
Famous Oconnor Yellowstone Magic Day 65 Cory Twelve Boston Flowers
Trevino Merritt Canada Moist Talkers Day 72 Simon Haley Mexico City Wild Wings
Zi Delacruz Dallas Steaks Day 72 Thomas Kirby San Francisco Lovers
Jessi Wise Hawai'i Fridays Day 74 York Silk Los Angeles Tacos
Hurley Pacheco Boston Flowers Day 76 Nic Winkler Hawai'i Fridays
Alexandria Dracaena Breckenridge Jazz Hands Day 80 Hendricks Richardson Philly Pies
Aldon Anthony Miami Dale Day 88 Murray Pony Breckenridge Jazz Hands
Cedric Gonzalez Philly Pies Day 93 Dan Holloway Breckenridge Jazz Hands