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Weather is the ambient condition of the field where any particular Blaseball game is played. It was first introduced as a meaningful element to games in Season 2.

All weather conditions have unique effects that can sporadically occur during or after games. These effects can impact individual players up to whole Teams, and range from positive, to negative, to birds. New weather patterns are known to emerge in response to the unfolding events of Blaseball each season. With the introduction of Ballparks, it became possible for Fans to influence the weather by renovating their stadiums to increase the likelihood of a specific weather type.

Known Weather


Icon Weather In-game Description Effect(s) Debut Season Status
Solar Eclipse A chance of incinerations. Players may be incinerated.[note 1] 2 Active
Peanuts Traces of salt and honey... Players may have allergic or yummy reactions. A Big Peanut may also crash into the field or into a player, Shelling them.[note 2] Honey Roasted players may Shell other players. 3 Active
Birds Birds have been known to eat peanuts and are just generally great friends. Birds infest the field. Shelled players may be pecked free by the birds.[note 3] 3 Active
Feedback A chance of player swaps between teams. Players may swap teams.[note 4] 4 Active
Reverb A chance of roster shuffles. Teams may have their players' positions shuffled. Players may start Reverberating.[note 5] 5 Active
Blooddrain A chance of transfusions between players. Players may siphon stars from an opposing player.[note 6] 6 Active
Black Hole When a Team collects 10 Runs, Black Hole will swallow the Runs and burp at the opposing Team. When a Team reaches 10 runs, the opposing team will have 1 Win subtracted from their record.[note 7] 11 Active
Sun 2 When a team collects 10 Runs, Sun 2 will collect the Runs, and set a Win upon that team. When a Team reaches 10 runs, 1 Win will be added to that team's season win record.[note 8] 11 Active
Tgb coffee1.png
Coffee Players may get Wired or Tired. Players may be Beaned, making them Wired or Tired.[note 9] Wired and Tired players involved in a scoring play either add 0.5 runs or 0.5 unruns, respectively, to the resulting score. Coffee Cup Active
Coffee 2 Players may get Free Refills. Players may be Poured Over, granting them a Free Refill. Players with Free Refill remove an Out when they are involved in a scoring play. Coffee Cup Active
Tgb coffee3.png
Coffee 3s Pitchers will become Triple Threats. At the beginning of a game, pitchers gain Triple Threat. Triple Threat pitchers' strikeouts can subtract runs from the opposing team as outlined in Triple Threat's description. Coffee Cup Active
Tgb flooding.png
Flooding An Accident. Occasionally the bases will flood, sweeping away baserunners and increasing the Filthiness of the home team's Ballpark. Swept baserunners will occasionally be swept  Elsewhere.... 12 Active
Tgb salmon.png
Salmon Salmon have been known to swim Upstream. When Salmon swim Upstream, they reset the current Inning, and may lose some of a team's runs and/or repair player items. 15 Active
Tgb glitter.png
Glitter A chance of sparkles. Crates may appear and bestow a Player an Item. 16 Active
Tgb polarity +.png
Tgb polarity -.png
Polarity Polarity +: Numbers go up.
Polarity -: Numbers go down.
Two weathers in one. In Polarity + weather, Runs are scored normally. In Polarity - weather, Runs scored become Unruns and Unruns scored become Runs. The Polarity can flip mid-game at random intervals. 19 Active
Tgb sun 90.png
Sun 90 Scoring Plays will earn an additional Run for each Out. n/a Inactive
Tgb sun .1.png
Sun .1 Each Run scored is worth .1 more per Inning. Runs scored in the first inning are worth +0.1 Runs each, Runs scored in the second inning are worth +0.2 Runs each, etc. 22 Active
Tgb sum sun.png
Sum Sun Each successive scoring play in a half inning is worth an additional Run. 23 Active
Tgb jazz.png
Jazz louie-ooie-la-la-la; shoo-doo-shoo-bee-ooo-bee. Game immediately switches to a random other weather condition 23 Active
Night Deep dark. Active players may be swapped with a random player in their team's Shadows. 23 Active
Supernova Eclipse Players and Teams may be incinerated. 24 Active (via Jazz)
Black Hole (Black Hole) When a team collects 10 runs, Black Hole (Black Hole) will swallow the runs, become agitated, and nullify a League Modification. 24 Active (via Jazz)


Icon Weather In-game Description Effect(s) Observed in References
Reverb A chance of roster shuffles. Teams may have their players' positions shuffled. Players may start Reverberating.[note 5] A [1]
Solar Eclipse A chance of incinerations. Players may be incinerated.[note 1] C, D, E [2][3][4][5]
Night Deep dark. Active players may be swapped with a random player in their team's Shadows. C [6]
Overcast A bit cloudy. Unknown E [7]



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Old Icons

In Season 12, the Weather Icons were updated. Old icons are preserved here.

Fan Works

The following songs are about Weather:


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