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The Game Log is a detailed text view of of events that occur during a Blaseball game, as observed on the Blaseball website.


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The game log records events as they happen in a blaseball game. Any given log generally covers the timespan of one pitch, with the exception of a change in inning, a change in batter, or the end of a game. After a game, the game log will show who won and any special game outcomes with long-lasting implications, such as Shame or a peanut reaction.



  • Count: the number of balls and strikes the current batter has in their current at-bat, formatted as: 3-2. This is the most common game log occurrence.
  • Inning: one round of blaseball where both teams have had the opportunity to field (defend) and bat. A half-inning ("top" [away team] or "bottom" [home team]) refers to the team which is currently at-bat. Games currently last 9 innings except in the case of a tie, which extends the game until one team is ahead at the end of the bottom half of an inning.
    • Shame: a situation in which the home team wins a tied game any time after the bottom of the 9th inning. The away team must still record three outs to end the game.
  • Ball: a pitch that did not enter the strike zone and was not swung at by the batter, denoted by the first number of the count.
    • Walk: colloquial term for "base on balls," where the batter is awarded first base because the pitcher threw an excess number of balls. Usually four balls results in a walk, unless voted on by decree or blessing.
  • Strike: a pitch that was thrown in the strike zone and/or was swung at by the batter.
    • Strike, Looking: a pitch that entered the strike zone without the batter swinging at it
    • Strike, Swinging: a pitch anywhere that the batter swung at and missed
    • Foul Ball: a pitch that the batter hit but that did not land in bounds. Cannot be the final strike of a strikeout.
  • Hit: when the batter hits the ball in bounds and reaches base safely.
    • Single: the batter reached first base safely after a hit.
    • Double: the batter reached second base safely after a hit.
    • Triple: the batter reached third base safely after a hit.
    • Home Run: the batter hit the ball in such a way that they are awarded all bases and one run
  • Out: any situation in which an umpire has cause to rule a batter put out. The fielding team must record three outs to begin their next half-inning at-bat.
    • Strikeout: the fielding team is awarded an out if a batter accumulates an excess amount of strikes. Usually three strikes results in a strikeout, unless voted on by decree or blessing.
    • Groundout: the batter hit the ball on the ground to a defender and was put out. As blaseball is played on the immaterial plane[1], we cannot directly observe how this occurs.
      • Fielder's choice: a groundout achieved by the fielder choosing which baserunner to put out. In blaseball, typically the runner who would advance closest to scoring is the one chosen to be put out.
    • Flyout: the batter hit the ball in the air to a defender and the defender caught it before it touched the ground.
      • Sacrifice fly: a flyout that results in baserunners advancing a base. Cannot be the third out of an inning, as the runners would not advance. Advancing base via this method is called "tagging up."
    • Double play: a play in which two outs are recorded. This generally occurs as a ground ball that allows the fielders two put out a base runner and a batter before either reaches base safely.
  • Score (or run): when a batter safely reaches the final base after having reached all other bases safely. Usually a runner must reach fourth base (colloquially "home") to score a run, unless voted on by decree or blessing.
  • Steal: a baserunner may at any time attempt to reach the next base safely after the ball is pitched and no hit, groundout, or flyout occurs. Doing this successfully is recorded as a stolen base, while doing this unsuccessfully results in an out "caught stealing."


  • Rogue umpire incinerated...: See Incineration for more. Occurs during games played in a solar eclipse.
  • Anything mentioning a bird: See Lots of Birds for more.
  • Anything mentioning feedback: See Feedback for more.
  • Anything mentioning a peanut: See Peanuts for more.
  • Anything mentioning reverberation: See Reverb for more.
  • Anything mentioning Blooddrain: See Blooddrain for more.
  • The Black Hole swallowed a Win from... : See Black Hole for more. Occurs during Black Hole weather when a team reaches 10 runs.
  • Sun 2 set a Win upon...: See Sun 2 for more. Occurs during Sun 2 weather when a team reaches 10 runs.
  • now Wired!/ now Tired!: See Coffee for more.
  • ...gets a Free Refill!: See Coffee 2 for more.
  • ...chugs a Third Wave of Coffee! They are now a Triple Threat!/...scored [number] Unruns!: See Coffee 3 for more.
  • A surge of Immateria rushes up from Under!/...has returned from Elsewhere after [number] days!: See Flooding for more.

  1. The Book of Blaseball, Article 4.g.