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The following content pertains to earlier eras of Blaseball and may not be relevant to the current version of the game.

The Latesiesta is a mid-season break in play following the Day 72 games. Latesiestas began in Season β12, and commonly feature renovations of Ballparks.

Season 12

The first Latesiesta was a momentous occasion for the ILB, with the Baltimore Crabs descending from Blaseball 2, along with the Atlantis Georgias, Core Mechanics, and Ohio Worms. Furthermore, construction on the Chesapeake Racetrack and Ballpark was completed, and all other teams in the ILB were able to see their Ballpark names for the first time.


Everyone remain calm.
We are actively monitoring the situation.
As a precautionary measure
We have activated Expansion protocols ahead of schedule.
Do not blame yourselves.
This is not your fault.
Accidents happen.
In the meantime
Play must continue.
On behalf of Ownership
Let's all extend a warm ILB welcome to our unexpected additions.
Try to make them feel at home.

Season 12 results

Season 13

In the Season 13 Earlsiesta, the rest of the teams across the League began construction on their Ballparks. Many of them finished funding the stadium within minutes, with latecomers soon ensuring all teams were fully funded. Construction was completed for all Ballparks the following Season 13 Latesiesta, with the Baltimore Crabs completing construction of the first Renovations, Inconvenience - and Peanut Mister.

Season 13 results

Season 14

The Season β14 Latesiesta brought with it renovations for every team. Teams were offered the Renovation PsychoAcoustics, which when applied to a Ballpark, will occasionally Echo one of the Away Team's modifications for the duration of the game. Additionally, any team that received PsychoAcoustics also received a new player, all called Wyatt Mason with Roman numerals distinguishing them, in an event known as The Second Wyatt Masoning.


Season 14 results

Season 15

The Renovations available in Season 15 were mostly previously known, with a few new renovations. The notable renovation this season was Secret Base, which adds a secret base behind the second base. When a player arrives at the second base, they have a chance to enter the Secret Base, where they will remain even through the end of the inning. They will emerge later (while also, at times, simultaneously being at bat and in the secret base) to continue running the bases from second base.

Several Ballparks also added the Renovation Grind Rail, which allows a player a chance to steal third base while standing at first. When a player takes this chance, the Game Log will describe the skateboard tricks attempted by the player, assign each trick a score, and then the player will either fail their trick, successfully steal third base, or get tagged Out.

Season 15 results

Season 16

The Season 16 Renovations again brought a few new modifications among the previously-seen ones. The notable renovation this was Salmon Cannons, which claimed to expel pests from the Ballpark. Salmon Cannons can force players of the visiting team  Elsewhere..., as well as eject Consumers from the ballpark. Other new renovations included Ballpark Cleanup, which removes all Filthiness from a ballpark, and Sweetner, which says "With a dedicated supply of Sweetener in your Ballpark, Coffee weathers will be your favorite part of the season."

Season 16 results

Season 17

Season β17 brought two new Renovations: Fax Machine, which reads "The Fax Machine will offer you Shadow Relief, promoting your Best Pitcher from the Shadows in your time of need", and Hotel Motel, which reads "The Hotel Motel will occasionally create Holiday Innings during the Earlseason, where you Party instead of Score."

Season 17 results

Season 18

There were no new Renovations for the Season 18 Latesiesta. Instead, there was the debut of Gifts—temporary upgrades that were chosen by the team, and funded by the rest of the ILB. This included the production of seven first-of-their-kind Replica players: Chorby Soul II, Chorby Soul III, Chorby Soul IV, Nagomi Mcdaniel II, Nagomi Mcdaniel III, York Silk II, and York Silk III.

Season 18 results

Season 19

Season 19 introduced one new Renovation, Hoops: "When a Player hits a Home Run, the next batter can go up for an alley oop to score an extra Run."

Due to staff error, the gift tally was miscounted, causing several teams to receive fewer gifts than expected; additionally, phones and quills were mislabeled, resulting in players receiving brooms instead.[1]

Season 19 results

Season 20

This Latesiesta introduced the Tunnels, Balloons, Ball Pit, and Light Switch. Ballpark modifications. As a result of renovations, Tunnels was Ratified, causing it to be removed from all Ballparks and made into Non-Physical Law.

Season 20 results

Season 21

This Latesiesta introduced Voicemail, Bird Hotel, and Flood Balloons. As a result of renovations, Balloons, Voicemail, and Bird Hotel were Ratified, causing them to be removed from all Ballparks and made into Non-Physical Law.

Season 21 results

Season 22

This Latesiesta introduced Phantom Thieves' Guild, which was Ratified into a non-physical law in the same season.

Season 22 results

Season 23

celebration huh
they're all playing?
rising stars
all of them
sounds exhausting
hope there's fireworks
more gifts from your friends
seems like junk

Season 23 results

Season 24

  Season 24 results