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Animation of a pixelated umpire shooting red lasers from its eyes
Artist's depiction of a rogue umpire incinerating a Blaseball player[1] by @SentientGum

Incinerations are an event in which a Rogue Umpire kills a Blaseball player or team under the dim light of a Solar Eclipse. In the case of player incineration, this forces the team to permanently replace the incinerated player immediately. In the case of team incineration, the league replaces the incinerated team immediately, taking the place of the incinerated team in the game they were playing. Any fielded players on any team are at risk of incineration: it can target outfielders, but cannot target benched pitchers, for instance. Currently, the only known ways to prevent incineration is via Modifications, such as  Fireproof.

There is no given reason for any particular incineration. Though incinerations are performed by presumably sentient beings (Rogue Umpires) who possess thought and reason, some fans also consider umpires to be akin to a force of nature, and that their reasons for incineration are either purely chaotic, or exceedingly complex beyond human comprehension. There has been no known causal link to predict which players get incinerated.

Several players have recovered from incineration, through necromancy.


The first incineration was bestowed upon the Seattle Garages's star pitcher Jaylen Hotdogfingers at the end of Season β1, during the events of Opening the Forbidden Book.

From Season β2 and beyond, incinerations became a regular feature of everyday Blaseball games, claiming the lives of dozens of Blaseball players. Incinerations that occur during a match will always result in the bereaved team announcing a new player to replace the incinerated one immediately.

Early in Season 2, fans theorized that incinerated players may not necessarily be dead, and have the potential to return later. However, later announcements from The Commissioner have since been clear that incinerated players are indeed deceased.[2] Some announcements have also claimed that "investigations" reveal that incinerated players have actually died to "natural causes,"[3] a claim that is not independently confirmed.

In the Bloodhouse, Umpire Chaff was asked if an umpire would ever incinerate another umpire. Chaff responded: "IF IT CAME TO IT."[4]

The Resurrection of Jaylen Hotdogfingers

See the main article on this topic: Jaylen Hotdogfingers

At the end of Season 6, Jaylen Hotdogfingers became the first player to return from death, after a lengthy and coordinated process engineered by Blaseball fans across all teams. Hotdogfingers returned to the Seattle Garages bearing the modifications Returned and Debted, as well as the postgame ritual, "Checking their pulse" — all of which were first-time appearances further emphasizing the gravity of this feat.


The following tables list all incinerations in current documentation. See also: Category:Incinerated Players and Category:Incinerated Teams.

Season C

Day Team Replaced by
8 Alaskan Immortals Downward Dogs

Season D

Day Team Replaced by
3 Canada Artists Topeka Moist Talkers

Season E

Day Team Replaced by
13 Minneapolis Truckers Boulders Bay Birds

Season 1

Day Player Replaced by Team
EL Jaylen Hotdogfingers Derrick Krueger Seattle Garages

Season 2

Day Player Replaced by Team
13 Fitzgerald Massey Hendricks Rangel Hawai'i Fridays
22 Jenna Maldonado Randy Dennis Miami Dale
24 Tyreek Olive Paula Mason Chicago Firefighters
25 Nora Perez Holden Stanton Baltimore Crabs
40 Scrap Murphy Felix Garbage New York Millennials
52 Lars Mendoza Marco Stink Dallas Steaks
64 Sosa Elftower Halexandrey Walton Yellowstone Magic
65 Famous Oconnor Cory Twelve Yellowstone Magic
65 Dickerson Greatness Collins Melon Houston Spies
72 Zi Delacruz Thomas Kirby Dallas Steaks
72 Trevino Merritt Simon Haley Canada Moist Talkers
74 Jessi Wise York Silk Hawai'i Fridays
76 Hurley Pacheco Nic Winkler Boston Flowers
80 Alexandria Dracaena Hendricks Richardson Broken Ridge Jazz Hands
88 Aldon Anthony Murray Pony Miami Dale
93 Cedric Gonzalez Peanut Holloway Philly Pies

Season 3

Day Player Replaced by Team
2 Rhys Trombone Dudley Mueller Moab Hellmouth Sunbeams
4 Bennett Browning Tiana Cash Seattle Garages
5 Juan Rangel Eduardo Woodman Philly Pies
5 Paul Barnes Sandford Garner San Francisco Lovers
5 Bryanayah Chang Hotbox Sato Boston Flowers
6 Theodore Passon Sixpack Santiago Miami Dale
11 Miguel Javier Kennedy Meh San Francisco Lovers
14 Chorby Soul Sandie Turner New York Millennials
16 Natha Kath Wyatt Owens LA Unlimited Tacos
19 Kennedy Alstott Lachlan Shelton Canada Moist Talkers
23 Ogden Mendoza August Sky Broken Ridge Jazz Hands
23 Velasquez Meadows Alexander Horne Moab Hellmouth Sunbeams
40 Sebastian Townsend Atlas Jonbois Charleston Shoe Thieves
43 Atlas Jonbois Sebastian Woodman Charleston Shoe Thieves
44 Tyler Violet Ziwa Mueller Canada Moist Talkers
47 Jorge Ito Caligula Lotus Boston Flowers
47 Tiana Cash Greer Gwiffin Seattle Garages
57 Matteo Prestige Gunther O'Brian Charleston Shoe Thieves
67 Sam Solis Evelton McBlase Hawai'i Fridays
74 Shaquille Torres Cedric Spliff Seattle Garages
75 Blankenship Fischer Blood Hamburger Charleston Shoe Thieves
76 Miki Santana Fitzgerald Blackburn Houston Spies
76 Hendricks Rangel Basilio Fig Hawai'i Fridays
76 Sebastian Sunshine Juice Collins Hawai'i Fridays
80 Derrick Krueger Henry Marshallow Seattle Garages
82 Isaac Rubberman Vito Kravitz Boston Flowers
103 Langley Wheeler Kline Greenlemon Dallas Steaks
110 Landry Violence Paula Turnip Hades Tigers

Season 4

Day Player Replaced by Team
14 Whit Steakknife Stew Briggs Kansas City Breath Mints
50 Stevenson Monstera Combs Estes Dallas Steaks
55 Eduardo Ingram Lenny Spruce Kansas City Breath Mints
59 Matheo Carpenter Gloria Bugsnax Boston Flowers
63 Combs Duende Finn James Baltimore Crabs
98 Morrow Doyle Inez Owens Boston Flowers

Season 5

Day Player Replaced by Team
40 Richardson Turquoise Annie Roland Yellowstone Magic
91 Emmett Internet Sutton Bishop Moab Hellmouth Sunbeams

Season 6

Day Player Replaced by Team
21 Forrest Bookbaby Alston Cerveza Philly Pies
31 Caligula Lotus Hiroto Cerna Boston Flowers
84 Randall Marijuana Steph Weeks Broken Ridge Jazz Hands
95 Mickey Woods Jaxon Buckley Philly Pies

Season 7

Day Player Replaced by Team
24 Wesley Dudley Nandy Fantastic New York Millennials
32 Moody Cookbook Carmelo Plums Hades Tigers
32 Elijah Bates Kiki Familia Canada Moist Talkers
32 Mclaughlin Scorpler Frasier Shmurmgle Hades Tigers
33 Kiki Familia Quack Enjoyable Canada Moist Talkers
33 Antonio Wallace Beans McBlase Canada Moist Talkers
59 Dominic Marijuana Charlatan Seabright New York Millennials
62 Murray Pony Cannonball Sports Miami Dale
67 Sebastian Telephone Gallup Crueller Dallas Steaks
71 Yazmin Mason Mummy Melcon Hades Tigers
71 Frasier Shmurmgle Usurper Violet Hades Tigers
81 Workman Gloom Commissioner Vapor Canada Moist Talkers
96 Boyfriend Monreal Pudge Nakamoto Kansas City Breath Mints
107 Miguel Wheeler Case Sports Mexico City Wild Wings

Season 8

Day Player Replaced by Team
EL Ron Monstera Durham Spaceman Seattle Garages
10 Hobbs Cain Rai Spliff Philly Pies
36 José Haley Goobie Ballson Chicago Firefighters

Season 9

Day Player Replaced by Team
EL Thomas Kirby Socks Maybe Chicago Firefighters
EL August Mina Kit Adamses Dallas Steaks
64 Tillman Henderson Silvaire Roadhouse Baltimore Crabs

Season 10

Day Player Replaced by Team
13 Yeong-Ho Benitez Yusef Puddles Philly Pies
39 Annie Roland Bonk Jokes Yellowstone Magic

Season 11


Season 12

Day Player Replaced by Team
79 Joshua Butt Gita Sparrow Chicago Firefighters
79 Case Sports Roscoe Sundae Mexico City Wild Wings

Season 13

Day Player Replaced by Team
13 Sutton Picklestein Kurt Crueller Yellowstone Magic
20 Hotbox Sato Alx Keming Charleston Shoe Thieves
30 Hands Scoresburg Jasper Blather Core Mechanics
43 Raúl Leal Riley Firewall Miami Dale
77 Theodore Holloway Norris Firestar Houston Spies
78 Lawrence Horne Tai Beanbag Mexico City Wild Wings
79 Ruffian Applesauce Adelaide Judochop Core Mechanics
89 Augusta Chadwell Ji-Eun Loubert Ohio Worms
98 Sutton Bishop Kaj Statter Jr. Moab Hellmouth Sunbeams
98 Combs Estes Dervin Gorczyca Broken Ridge Jazz Hands
99 Norris Firestar Yrjö Kerfuffle Houston Spies

Season 14

Day Player Replaced by Team
22 Sebastian Woodman Bennett Bluesky Charleston Shoe Thieves
36 Son Scotch Jomgy Rolsenthal Houston Spies
87 York Silk Lucien Patchwork Canada Moist Talkers

Season 15

Day Player Replaced by Team
14 Nicholas Vincent Rat Batson LA Unlimited Tacos

Season 16

Day Player Replaced by Team
2 Moses Mason Salih Ultrabass Boston Flowers
88 Chorby Soul Mikan Hammer New York Millennials
92 Winnie Mccall Anathema Elemefayo New York Millennials

Season 17

Day Player Replaced by Team
1 Chorby Soul Trinity Smaht Baltimore Crabs
2 Luis Acevedo Jon Halifax Baltimore Crabs
12 Pudge Nakamoto Donna Miličić Charleston Shoe Thieves
36 Hiroto Cerna Allan Kranch Boston Flowers
44 Stijn Strongbody Rylan O'Lantern Tokyo Lift
54 Hercules Alighieri Jon Tumblehome Atlantis Georgias
62 Allison Abbott Frankie Incarnate Dallas Steaks

Season 18

Day Player Replaced by Team
3 Tamara Crankit Zippy DeShields Broken Ridge Jazz Hands
32 Aurora Blortles Scarlet Caster Mexico City Wild Wings
54 Bauer Zimmerman Lancelot Kane Broken Ridge Jazz Hands
70 Hewitt Best Trinity Roche Kansas City Breath Mints
90 Chorby Soul III Zeruel Kramer Baltimore Crabs

Season 19

Day Player Replaced by Team
7 Logan Horseman Bobbin Moss Miami Dale
15 Wichita Toaster Nickname Yamashita Mexico City Wild Wings
22 Igneus Delacruz Millipede Aqualuft Ohio Worms
42 Carmelo Plums Geepa Beanpot Chicago Firefighters
104 Sparks Beans Lenjamin Zhuge Seattle Garages

Season 20

Day Player Replaced by Team
48 Niq Nyong'o Ji-Eun Clove Atlantis Georgias
79 Alejandro Leaf Vernon Shotwell Charleston Shoe Thieves

Season 21

Day Player Replaced by Team
12 Gerund Pantheocide Steals Mondegreen Tokyo Lift

Season 22

Day Player Replaced by Team
9 Goobie Ballson Pannonica Oko LA Unlimited Tacos
19 Brock Forbes Backpatch Rolsenthal Boston Flowers
24 Yong Wright Kevelyn Jeff Mexico City Wild Wings

Season 23

Day Player Replaced by Team
63 Jon Halifax Khulan Sagaba Kansas City Breath Mints
63 Helga Washington Ryuji Ngozi Kansas City Breath Mints
65 Pudge Nakamoto Scoobert Toast Ohio Worms
90 Gunther O'Brian Orion Ultrabass Charleston Shoe Thieves
97 Helga Moreno Yulia Skitter San Francisco Lovers

Season 24

Day Player Replaced by Team
4 Adalberto Tosser Ruffian Scrobbles Boston Flowers
6 Tot Clark Marion Shriffle Seattle Garages
26 Bright Zimmerman Scouse Bedazzle Philly Pies
34 Lenny Marijuana Clarinet McCormick Carolina Queens
67 Peanut Holloway Will Statter Jr. Philly Pies

Season 1 (NEW)

Day Player Replaced by Team
EL Anastasia Isarobot Göran Ndoye Mexico City Wild Wings

Season 2 (NEW)

Day Player Replaced by Team
17 Velasquez Alstott Hana Wildebeest Hades Tigers
22 Chae DeShields Juke Gnocchi Baltimore Crabs
23 Beef Knight Flan Prince Charleston Shoe Thieves
27 Ramiel Jang Muna Sichantha San Francisco Lovers
28 Baldwin Jones Baker Caster Mexico City Wild Wings
30 Soojin Gloom Piper Legume LA Unlimited Tacos
41 Rivers Rosa Mimosa Arslan Houston Spies
43 Inky Rutledge Duncan Phantom Yellowstone Magic
56 Steals Mondegreen Leandra Beech Hades Tigers
68 Mimosa Arslan Hye Brighella Houston Spies
68 Ramirez Winters Avery Cascabel Baltimore Crabs
79 Leandra Beech Verity Gander Hades Tigers
EL Johnnyboy Aster Luis Baron Ohio Worms

Failed Incinerations

The following tables list all failed incinerations in current documentation.

Season 8

Day Player Team Cause
94 Beck Whitney Miami Dale Iffey Jr.

Season 9

Day Player Team Cause
EL Don Elliott Miami Dale Iffey Jr.

Season 13

Day Player Team Cause
1 Mummy Melcon Hades Tigers Permanent Team Fireproof

Season 19

Day Player Team Cause
6 Paula Turnip Hades Tigers Permanent Team Fireproof

Season 20

Day Player Team Cause
99 Mooney Doctor II Kansas City Breath Mints Frosty Fireproof Glove

Season 21

Day Player Team Cause
76 Theo King San Francisco Lovers Seasonal Team Fireproof
82 Chorby Soul V Atlantis Georgias Seasonal Team Fireproof
82 Chorby Soul V Atlantis Georgias Seasonal Team Fireproof
82 Chorby Soul V Atlantis Georgias Seasonal Team Fireproof
83 Oliver Loofah Seattle Garages Seasonal Team Fireproof
98 Chorby Soul V Atlantis Georgias Seasonal Team Fireproof
98 Chorby Soul V Atlantis Georgias Seasonal Team Fireproof

Season 24

Day Player Team Cause
63 Ayanna Dumpington Hades Tigers Permanent Team Fireproof

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


Edited photo of a human umpire shooting lasers from his eyes.
Artist's depiction of a rogue umpire incinerating a Blaseball player[1]

Blaseball fans will sometimes refer to incinerated players as "called up" or "sunkist," for the benefit of more innocent fans, or the self-benefit of personal denial regarding the player's grim fate.


Thanks to the resurrection of Jaylen Hotdogfingers, it is now known that the souls of incinerated players reside in The Hall. Previously, there had been several failed attempts to locate them in Hades. Should a player die by any means other than incineration, it is believed they may be consigned to The Dugout for all of eternity and never know true rest.

It has been observed that incinerations only occur during Solar Eclipse weather. The implications of this are unknown, but it is speculated that there is a direct link between the position of the sun and rogue umpires (or potentially, all umpires).

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