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Animation of a pixelated umpire shooting red lasers from its eyes
Artist's depiction of a rogue umpire incinerating a Blaseball player[1] by @SentientGum

Incinerations are an event that in which a Rogue Umpire kills a Blaseball player under the dim light of a Solar Eclipse. This forces the team to permanently replace the incinerated player immediately. Any fielded players on any team is at risk of incineration: it can target outfielders, but cannot target benched pitchers, for instance. Currently, the only known ways to prevent incineration is via Modifications, such as Fireproof.

There is no given reason for any particular incineration. Though incinerations are performed by presumably sentient beings (rogue umpires) who possess thought and reason, some fans also consider umpires to be akin to a force of nature, and that their reasons for incineration are either purely chaotic, or exceedingly complex beyond human comprehension. There has been no known causal link to predict which players get incinerated.

One player has recovered from incineration.


The first incineration was bestowed upon the Seattle Garages's star pitcher Jaylen Hotdogfingers at the end of Season 1, during the events of Opening the Forbidden Book.

From Season 2 and beyond, incinerations became a regular feature of everyday Blaseball games, claiming the lives of dozens of Blaseball players. Incinerations that occur during a match will always result in the bereaved team announcing a new player to replace the incinerated one immediately.

Early in Season 2, fans theorized that incinerated players may not necessarily be dead, and have the potential to return later. However, later announcements from The Commissioner have since been clear that incinerated players are indeed deceased.[2] Some announcements have also claimed that "investigations" reveal that incinerated players have actually died to "natural causes,"[3] a claim that is not independently confirmed.

In the Bloodhouse, Umpire Chaff was asked if an umpire would ever incinerate another umpire. Chaff responded: "IF IT CAME TO IT."[4]

The Resurrection of Jaylen Hotdogfingers

See the main article on this topic: Jaylen Hotdogfingers

At the end of Season 6, Jaylen Hotdogfingers became the first player to return from death, after a lengthy and coordinated process engineered by Blaseball fans across all teams. Hotdogfingers returned to the Seattle Garages bearing the modifications Returned and Debted, as well as the postgame ritual, "Checking their pulse" — all of which are first-time appearances further emphasizing the gravity of this feat.


The following tables list all incinerations in current documentation. See also: Category:Incinerated Players.

Season 2 (Total: 16)

DayPlayer AReplacementTeam
13Fitzgerald MasseyHendricks RangelHawai'i Fridays
22Jenna MaldonadoRandy DennisMiami Dale
24Tyreek OlivePaula MasonChicago Firefighters
25Nora PerezHolden StantonBaltimore Crabs
40Scrap MurphyFelix GarbageNew York Millennials
52Lars MendozaMarco StinkDallas Steaks
64Sosa ElftowerHalexandrey WaltonYellowstone Magic
65Dickerson GreatnessCollins MelonHouston Spies
65Famous OconnorCory TwelveYellowstone Magic
72Trevino MerrittSimon HaleyCanada Moist Talkers
72Zi DelacruzThomas KirbyDallas Steaks
74Jessi WiseYork SilkHawai'i Fridays
76Hurley PachecoNic WinklerBoston Flowers
80Alexandria DracaenaHendricks RichardsonBreckenridge Jazz Hands
88Aldon AnthonyMurray PonyMiami Dale
93Cedric GonzalezDan HollowayPhilly Pies

Season 3 (Total: 28)

DayPlayer AReplacementTeam
2Rhys TromboneDudley MuellerHellmouth Sunbeams
4Bennett BrowningTiana CashSeattle Garages
5Bryanayah ChangHotbox SatoBoston Flowers
5Paul BarnesSandford GarnerSan Francisco Lovers
5Juan RangelEduardo WoodmanPhilly Pies
6Theodore PassonSixpack SantiagoMiami Dale
11Miguel JavierKennedy MehSan Francisco Lovers
14Chorby SoulSandie TurnerNew York Millennials
16Natha KathEmmett OwensLA Unlimited Tacos
19Kennedy AlstottLachlan SheltonCanada Moist Talkers
23Ogden MendozaAugust SkyBreckenridge Jazz Hands
23Velasquez MeadowsAlexander HorneHellmouth Sunbeams
40Sebastian TownsendAtlas JonboisCharleston Shoe Thieves
43Atlas JonboisSebastian WoodmanCharleston Shoe Thieves
44Tyler VioletZiwa MuellerCanada Moist Talkers
47Tiana CashGreer GwiffinSeattle Garages
47Jorge ItoCaligula LotusBoston Flowers
57Matteo PrestigeGunther O'BrianCharleston Shoe Thieves
67Sam SolisEvelton McBlaseHawai'i Fridays
74Shaquille TorresCedric SpliffSeattle Garages
75Blankenship FischerBlood HamburgerCharleston Shoe Thieves
76Hendricks RangelBasilio FigHawai'i Fridays
76Sebastian SunshineJuice CollinsHawai'i Fridays
76Miki SantanaFitzgerald BlackburnHouston Spies
80Derrick KruegerHenry MarshallowSeattle Garages
82Isaac RubbermanVito KravitzBoston Flowers
103Langley WheelerKline GreenlemonDallas Steaks
110Landry ViolencePaula TurnipHades Tigers

Season 4 (Total: 6)

DayPlayer AReplacementTeam
14Whit SteakknifeStew BriggsKansas City Breath Mints
50Stevenson MonsteraCombs EstesDallas Steaks
55Eduardo IngramLenny SpruceKansas City Breath Mints
59Matheo CarpenterGloria BugsnaxBoston Flowers
63Combs DuendeFinn JamesBaltimore Crabs
98Morrow DoyleInez OwensBoston Flowers

Season 5 (Total: 2)

DayPlayer AReplacementTeam
40Richardson TurquoiseAnnie RolandYellowstone Magic
91Emmett InternetSutton BishopHellmouth Sunbeams

Season 6 (Total: 4)

DayPlayer AReplacementTeam
21Forrest BookbabyAlston CervezaPhilly Pies
31Caligula LotusHiroto CernaBoston Flowers
84Randall MarijuanaSteph WeeksBreckenridge Jazz Hands
95Mickey WoodsJaxon BuckleyPhilly Pies

Season 7 (Total: 14)

DayPlayer AReplacementTeam
24Wesley DudleyNandy FantasticNew York Millennials
32Moody CookbookCarmelo PlumsHades Tigers
32Elijah BatesKiki FamiliaCanada Moist Talkers
32Mclaughlin ScorplerFrasier ShmurmgleHades Tigers
33Kiki FamiliaQuack EnjoyableCanada Moist Talkers
33Antonio WallaceBeans McBlaseCanada Moist Talkers
59Dominic MarijuanaCharlatan SeabrightNew York Millennials
62Murray PonyCannonball SportsMiami Dale
67Sebastian TelephoneGallup CruellerDallas Steaks
71Yazmin MasonMummy MelconHades Tigers
71Frasier ShmurmgleUsurper VioletHades Tigers
81Workman GloomCommissioner VaporCanada Moist Talkers
96Boyfriend MonrealPudge NakatamoKansas City Breath Mints
107Miguel WheelerCase SportsMexico City Wild Wings

Season 8 (Total: 3)

DayPlayer AReplacementTeam
10Hobbs CainRai SpliffPhilly Pies
36José HaleyGoobie BallsonChicago Firefighters
94[5]Umpire HuskyUmpire SteelN/A

Season 9 (Total: 1)

DayPlayer AReplacementTeam
64Tillman HendersonSilvaire RoadhouseBaltimore Crabs

Season 10 (Total: 2)

DayPlayer AReplacementTeam
13Yeong-Ho BenitezYusef PuddlesPhilly Pies
39Annie RolandBonk JokesYellowstone Magic

Season 12 (Total: 2)

DayPlayer AReplacementTeam
79Joshua ButtGita SparrowChicago Firefighters
79Case SportsRoscoe SundaeMexico City Wild Wings

Season 13 (Total: 11)

DayPlayer AReplacementTeam
13Sutton PicklesteinKurt CruellerYellowstone Magic
20Hotbox SatoAlx KemingCharleston Shoe Thieves
30Hands ScoresburgJasper BlatherCore Mechanics
43Raúl LealRiley FirewallMiami Dale
77Theodore HollowayNorris FirestarHouston Spies
78Lawrence HorneTai BeanbagMexico City Wild Wings
79Ruffian ApplesauceAdelaide JudochopCore Mechanics
89Augusta ChadwellLoubert Ji-EunOhio Worms
98Combs EstesDervin GorczycaBreckenridge Jazz Hands
98Sutton BishopKaj Statter Jr.Hellmouth Sunbeams
99Norris FirestarYrjö KerfuffleHouston Spies

Season 14 (Total: 3)

DayPlayer AReplacementTeam
22Sebastian WoodmanBennett BlueskyCharleston Shoe Thieves
36Son ScotchJomgy RolsenthalHouston Spies
87York SilkLucien PatchworkCanada Moist Talkers

Season 15 (Total: 1)

DayPlayer AReplacementTeam
14Nicholas VincentRat BatsonLA Unlimited Tacos

Season 16 (Total: 3)

DayPlayer AReplacementTeam
2Moses MasonSalih UltrabassBoston Flowers
88Chorby SoulMikan HammerNew York Millennials
92Winnie MccallAnathema ElemefayoNew York Millennials


The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


Edited photo of a human umpire shooting lasers from his eyes.
Artist's depiction of a rogue umpire incinerating a Blaseball player[1]

Blaseball fans will sometimes refer to incinerated players as "called up" or "sunkist," for the benefit of more innocent fans, or the self-benefit of personal denial regarding the player's grim fate.


Thanks to the resurrection of Jaylen Hotdogfingers, it is now known that the souls of incinerated players reside in the void. Previously, there had been several failed attempts to locate them in Hades. Should a player die by any means other than incineration, it is believed they may be consigned to The Dugout for all of eternity and never know true rest.

It has been observed that incinerations only occur during Solar Eclipse weather. The implications of this are unknown, but it is speculated that there is a direct link between the position of the sun and rogue umpires (or potentially, all umpires).

Failed Incinerations

The first instance of a failed incineration occurred on Day 94 of Season 8, during Dale vs Crabs Game 1 of 3. A rogue umpire attempted to incinerate Beck Whitney, unaware that her team had been gifted the inconspicuously mighty Iffy Jr. Onlookers recall that Raúl Leal "chucked the Iffy" from the dugout, "beaning the ump full-on in the dome." The umpire fired wide, narrowly missing a concession stand, and Whitney fell upon the umpire with righteous fury, carrying out the smiting effortlessly.

"The look on his un-face..." muttered one, smiling wryly.

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