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Annie Roland was a lineup player for the Yellowstone Magic, and was with the team from Season β5, Day 40 until being incinerated on Season β10, Day 39.

Official League Records

Roland joined the ILB as a lineup player for the Yellowstone Magic after the incineration of Richardson Turquoise on Season β5, Day 40.

During the Season β5 elections, Roland received a combined 9.06 8.27 stat decrease as a result of the Charleston Shoe Thieves' Bad Neighbors blessing.

On Season β6, Day 1, Roland siphoned some of Baltimore Crabs pitcher Brock Forbes's batting in a game with Blooddrain weather, increasing their own from 2.9 3.6 . Roland was the first to benefit from Blooddrain's weather effects.

On Season β7, Day 15, Roland siphoned some of Hades Tigers pitcher Nagomi Meng's batting in a game with Blooddrain weather, increasing their own from 3.7 4.3 .

On Season β7, Day 50, Jaylen Hotdogfingers hit Roland with a pitch, causing her to become Unstable. On Day 60, Hotdogfingers hit Roland with another pitch, making her the first player to become Unstable twice.

On Season β10, Day 39, Roland was incinerated and replaced by Bonk Jokes.

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Box of Annie Roland Files

Dust billows as the file box lands on the table. While many archives in the Interdimensional Rumor Mill are unified in some way, this... definitely isn’t one of them. The accompanying Rumor Registry explains all of the contents... wherever it is... but for now you grab the folder labelled IF-16.439 and start reading...

Annie Roland is a fairy and direct decedent of the French knight Roland. Her clan immigrated to the US National Park's system amid the chaos of the early twentieth century, and eventually settled down in Yellowstone for the Park's natural magical energy. Annie, first of her line, was born there, and has since vowed to protect her family's new home with a great deal of the same zest for life which possessed her ancestor. Early in her life, this manifested as a general harassment campaign of litterbugs and other irresponsible campers through a small army of trained (and increasingly armed) woodland creatures, but has since been refocused towards Blaseball at the worried pleas of Clan Roland's elders and Park Rangers alike. Since Roland's blaseball resurgence, patrons spotted littering at Yellowstone Magic games will sometimes be ejected from the Park in a kerfuffle of adorably militarized woodland creatures. Park Rangers have stated publicly that there are ongoing investigations into these incidents; however, no suspects have been identified.

Roland forced her way onto the team following the incineration of former Magic batter Richardson Turquoise, disgusted by the sheer violence which the Rogue Umpires had brought into the ParkPark for a third time. She is determined to prevent a fourth incident, and plays in full plate armor. While the exact effectiveness of this has yet to be seen, the extra weight of her equipment does impact her ability to round the blases.

As heir to the line of Roland, she is in possession of the Horn of Roland, which she carries with her at all times. When asked about the habit, she often replies with, "It never hurts to be prepared for the worst." With the the exact consequences of the Horn's use already shrouded in mystery, and the already volatile nature of the splort, Coach Merlinmeyer has attempted to convince Roland to leave the horn on the bench during games in order to prevent any magical disasters. He has not succeeded in the slightest.

Fan Works

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