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The Postseason is the time period after the conclusion of a Blaseball season and before the start of the Slabbath ("Sunday"), during which no splorts shall take place. At the end of the Season, five teams from each league move to the Postseason--the winner of each division, the two teams in each league with the most wins who did not win their division, and a randomly selected team from each league. Of these, the teams with the fourth and fifth most wins play a 2-win Wild Card Round. The remaining rounds are 3-win rounds. A team wins a round when, at the end of a game, it has both reached the required number of wins and has more wins than its opponent.

Teams play each other based on seeds. The teams that make the playoffs in each League or Conference are seeded 1-4 based on wins, with 1 playing against 4, and 2 playing against 3. The winners then play each other before the winners of both Conferences or League play each other in the final.

The Wild Card Round and Round 2 take place on "Friday" during Earlpostseason. The Championship Series and Internet Series take place on "Saturday" during Latepostseason.