Raúl Leal

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Raúl Leal was a lineup player for the Miami Dale. Leal was incinerated on Season 13, Day 43 and was replaced by Riley Firewall.

Official League Records

Leal joined the ILB as a batter for the Dale at the beginning of Season 1.

Peanut Allergy

Leal had an allergic reaction on Season 3, Day 26 during a game against the Seattle Garages and suffered a subsequent rating reduction.

Season 7

At the end of Season 7, Leal received The Iffey Jr. after Dale won the blessing of the same name. This reduced all of Leal's stats to 0, but gave them the Fire Protector modification. This allows Leal to protect all of their teammates from incineration.

Leal Redirects an Incineration, by @AliceJooren

Season 8

On Season 8, Day 94, a rogue umpire attempted to incinerate fellow Dale hitter Beck Whitney, who was fireproof thanks to Leal holding the Iffey Jr. The attack was redirected back to the umpire, who was incinerated in the first known instance of an umpire death since the start of Internet League Blaseball.

Season 9

During the Season 9 Election, the Miami Dale won the New Kid blessing and a rogue umpire attempted to incinerate their least Idolized player, Don Elliott. However, Leal prevented the incineration thanks to the Iffey Jr. and a second rogue umpire was killed.

Season 13

On Season 13, Day 43, Leal was incinerated by a rogue umpire and replaced by Riley Firewall.


The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Leal holding the Iffey Jr. by @tigrishades

Personal Life

Raúl Leal is known to be a highly compressed sine sound wave given physical form. Leal was created accidentally by DJ/Part-time scientist Melvin Ochoa of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in his experiments attempting to create a bass sample loud enough to pop a Dom Perignon bottle at 15 meters of distance on impact. The results were the complete destruction of the bottle, back wall of Ochoa's house, and creation of Leal, who reportedly developed a high affinity for blaseball in the following days.

Leal's self-declared favorite music genres are trap music, Miami bass, and dubstep, although he has admitted to a slight interest in folk music.

Peanut Controversy

Given Leal's extensive exposure to fellow Dale player Peanut Bong without any ill effects, foul play has not been ruled out as the source of Leal's "allergy."

Electric Blood and Iffey Jr.

Acquiring both electric blood from the Dale's Closed Circuit Blessing and the Iffey Jr. in Season 7 has had a chaotic effect on Leal. Now too amped up to take physical form without constant concentration, Leal typically arcs around the field at incredible speed, presenting fans and players alike with a high-powered music and light show. While described by Dale fans as "absolute fire" and "super dope," this has also made Leal all but useless at batting, fielding, or essentially anything to do with actually playing the game.

Leal remains important to the team, however. Because of his blistering speed, Leal is able to warp in front of any attempt to incinerate a Dale player, drawing that energy into the Iffey Jr. and converting it into sick bass drops, airhorn spams, or special lighting effects. On one notable occasion, Leal created a giant hologram of a middle finger, belived to be both a message to any who oppose the Dale, and a tribute to fellow player Cannonball Sports. These effects have, on at least one occasion, proven powerful enough to incinerate the attacker. These special talents have earned Leal the nicknames "Miami Sound Machine" and "The Sound Barrier" from fans.