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Joshua Butt was a lineup player for the Chicago Firefighters, and was with the team from Season β1 until being incinerated on Season β12, Day 79.

Official League Record

Butt joined the ILB as a lineup player for the Chicago Firefighters with the Return of Blaseball, and was the first batter in the League to attain a 0 star rating. Butt started with a low -star rating, but during Season β3, Day 20, Butt swallowed a peanut and had a negative reaction, dropping their hitting rating to 0 stars. However, at the end of Season 3, Butt received the Team-Building Exercise blessing, which give them a batting rating of 2.5 stars. The Chicago Firefighters then received the Performance Enhancing Demons blessing, which pushed Butt to a full 3 star batting rating.

During the Season β5 elections, Butt's defense rating increased by as a result of the Katamari blessing.

On Season β12, Day 79, Butt was incinerated and replaced by Gita Sparrow. In the Season β12 elections, Butt received a boost to all stats due to the the Firefighters' Infuse will, despite having previously been incinerated.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


Butt was created in an unspecified tri-state area and is the founder of Met Lab. They invented Royal Crown Malort in order to quench the Great Chicago Blaseball Fire. They are intrinsically linked to the number 3 for unknown reasons, creating Butt's Law.

Despite their half-star rating, they pioneered the Triple Butt technique and bring home the Ws in defiance of God. Butt was noted by their teammates to possess remarkable resolve, having arrived to a game just an hour after being struck by a car and breaking several bones. Butt went on to hit a triple. They attributed their success to something they call "clench factor," but refused to elaborate on just what that meant.

Butt was also the creator of the Trineural Podcast, a podcasting format that uses three podcasts at once. Each podcast alone sounds like white noise, but together, listeners can hear the Trineural Podcast's content as it is uploaded directly to their brain.

Some fans believe the allergic reaction Butt had on Season 3, Day 20, instead caused their star rating to fall so far that it reversed, making them a secret 5-star rated player. This claim is only a rumor, however.

On August 6, 2020, a fan tweeted a screenshot of an allegedly deleted tweet from Butt's sibling Medusa Butt which read "NO STARS THREE CHEEKS ALL BUTT." This immediately led to urgent speculation from Firefighters fans on a number of topics, such as when and how Joshua Butt had acquired a sibling.

After the third season, Joshua Butt woke one morning in their bedroom and went to the mirror, being confronted with an unfamiliar but calming spark in their eyes, and violence lived in their heart now. Joshua had become one of the three players on the Firefighters to receive a fragment of Landry Violence's spirit, and now gained significant new strength.

Joshua "The Butt of Violence" Butt was now more powerful than ever. Their new three star rating was, in accordance with Butt's Law, perceived by fans as a sign of Firefighter domination in the upcoming season.

Like all of us, they are from Chicago. Their jersey number was 847.


  • Butt was a known Angel in the Outfield, capable of playing all positions. They formerly played as a State fielder in college.

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