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Entities, also referred to as The Blaseball Gods, are various beings with power over the Immaterial Plane, and by extension, Internet League Blaseball. They periodically appear on the website to speak, and during these times, prevent any action that is not listening to the entity. However, in the rare cases where games are still running while an entity is speaking, they will continue running albeit invisibly.


Despite both being able to appear on the website and speak in identical ways, Blaseball Gods and entities are different classes of powerful beings[1]. However, it is presently unclear as to which entities are which with few exceptions, along with what the exact difference is between the two.

As a whole, the Gods appear to be involved in many of the dealings of the ILB. Begging for coins involved “beg[ging] the Blaseball Gods to grant you more, so that you may continue gambling,” and Divine Favor is managed and dealt out by the Gods in order to provide a tiebreaker for Postseason Births. The Forbidden Book’s signatures, due to their redaction and the crossing out of one of them after the Shelled One’s death, are speculated to be that of entities.

Every entity seems to have their own role or represent the literal concept of something within the Immaterial Plane. For instance, the death of the Coin removed all coins from the game, although this is the only occurrence so far of the death of an entity being the death of a concept as well.

The appearance (also known as Sigils[2]) of entities is not set in stone. On the October 26, 2021 Inside a Blaseball stream, it was stated that “the Gods appear to us in a way that we can best perceive them, so it changes… and it changes from era to era, as well”[3], implying that there are other forms of the entities that have not been seen yet. The Book’s signatures in Short Circuits are different from that of Beta’s Forbidden Book, implying that this may be in play for Gamma.

Known Entities

The following is a list of entities currently known to have appeared on the Blaseball website.

The Shelled One

See the main article on this topic: Shelled One

The Shelled One after the Grand Unslam.

The Shelled One, also known as the Peanut, was the first entity to be seen and appeared as a large, rotating peanut. They were seemingly summoned after the Peanuts Decree was passed in Season β2, introducing peanuts and renaming all players named “Dan” to Peanut. Their first appearance occurred during Peanut Fraud on Season β3 Day 2, in which they called “BLASPHEMY” on the generation of infinite and negatively infinite peanuts.

The Shelled One was the primary antagonist of the Discipline Era, and repeatedly caused harm to players. Most notable was the appearance of the ominous red line on the Idol Board in Seasons β6 and β7, in which any player above the line that was not named Peanut, and thus the Shelled One’s progeny, was Shelled. This added to the league’s count throughout the era, with the Forbidden Book’s opening as Strike One, Peanut Fraud as Strike Two, the failure to get all of their progeny in the top 3 Idols in Season 6 as Strike Three, and the use of peanuts in the Hall of Flame as Strike Four.

Strike Four called the league Out, and the Shelled One soon descended for a Boss Fight against the Charleston Shoe Thieves after their championship in Season β9. The Shelled One called their progeny, along with all Shelled players at the time, to their team THE SHELLED ONE’S PODS for the fight. Ultimately, the PODS won, giving the modifications Flinch to the Shoe Thieves’ batters and Mild to their pitchers. The PODS came back for another fight against the Baltimore Crabs in Season β10, which resulted in an immediate knockout and subsequent cursing for the Crabs. However, the Monitor called the top 14 players in the Hall of Flame in response to form the Hall Stars, who then narrowly beat the PODS. The Monitor ate the Shelled One, ending the Discipline Era.

During Short Circuits Gamma 2 Season 2, all four Circuit options involved Peanuts, with Circuit 00 being the one voted in. What this means for the Shelled One’s status is yet to be seen.

The Microphone

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The Microphone's Twitter.

The Microphone was voted in with the Season 3 Decree Interviews, “lifting” it. The Microphone didn’t properly appear on the website until Season β24, but has been active on Twitter (@BlaseballMic) since the Season 3 Elections. On Twitter, its profile picture is the game-icons.net image of a microphone, while on the website it appears as the pink microphone seen in the Feedback Weather icon. Unlike most entities, the Microphone does not appear to be able to talk on its own. Instead, it is used by various characters to broadcast their voice, and only rarely acts independently.

The Twitter account was first found on August 20, 2020. It tweeted “who am i” “who are we” “wyatt”[4] during the Season 3 elections, showing that Wyatt Mason had picked up the Microphone as a result of the Wyatt Masoning. Additionally, Feedback weather appeared during Season β4, with a clear connection to the Microphone in its icon. Mason continued to use the Microphone throughout the Discipline Era in order to help defeat the Shelled One. Notably, during Season β8, Jaylen Hotdogfingers, NaN, and Sixpack Dogwalker gained Flickering due to influence on the Idol Board, along with the latter two gaining Receiver. With this modification, the two could also broadcast messages sent from the Microphone in their Pregame Rituals. This ability was subsequently used to say “hi friends / it is Wyatt / I have a plan.” Mason then appeared to bargain with the Coin to sell shares of the league in order to pay off Hotdogfingers’ Debt, along with allowing for the Release of the Hall Stars. During Season 10, a microphone icon appearing on the Idol Board led to Hotdogfingers ending up on the Hall Stars with Fliickerrriiing, which played a significant role in the fight due to the Saboteur and Liberated modifications.

The Microphone remained dormant throughout the Grand Siesta. Mason awoke before Season β12, warning that “i don’t like our chances”[5]. The Microphone, or at the very least Mason, Scattered with the Descension and the subsequent Flooding, only returning to speak in a very Scattered state with the start of Season β13. During the Season β14 Earlsiesta, Wyatt Quitter and Moses Mason were given the Receiver modification from a Tarot Reading, although with no changes to Pregame Ritual. That Latesiesta, the Second Wyatt Masoning occurred: Thirteen total Wyatt Masons were localized onto teams from the PsychoAcoustics renovation, and the Microphone was taken “OFFLINE” according to its Twitter bio. These Masons all had the Echo modification, allowing them to copy modifications from other players in Feedback and Reverb weather. Additionally, if they echoed a Receiver, the Receiver would become an Echo, and echoing another Echo would result in both of them becoming Static.

The Microphone remained offline until Season 24, where Parker Macmillan IIIII gained control of it during Earlsiesta and it returned to being Online. This cued the Microphone’s first on-site appearance, with Macmillan IIIII using its abilities to directly communicate with Fans.

Throughout the Second Grand Siesta, the Microphone repeatedly came on and offline alongside posting “TUNING”[6], often followed by a worried reaction from Macmillan IIIII on Twitter. It was eventually revealed that the Microphone was tuning into different realities to present to the Fans Short Circuits, in which the Microphone would only be active for two weeks before once again shorting out and turning Offline. During these Circuits, Fans could vote to Discharge a player from that universe, turning them to Static and helping power the Microphone.

The Monitor

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The Monitor in their first appearance.

The Monitor, also known as the Hall Monitor, the Squid, and Binky, is the entity in charge of the Hall of Flame. The Monitor was first referenced after the Patreon hit $10,000 per month, with the goal saying “IN THE TRENCH / THE MONITOR WAKES / A NAME IS MISSING”[7], referencing the resurrection of Jaylen Hotdogfingers. They appear as a giant squid with occasional modifications to their image, and speak in glowing blue text. During Season 24, they were associated with Pulsar(Pulsar). The Monitor is the only entity confirmed to not be a God[1].

The Monitor first appeared on the website after the end of Season β7’s regular season after following Hotdogfingers, and confused the Shelled One with a large egg. During that season’s Election, the Hall of Flame was opened, allowing Fans to tribute peanuts (perceived as eggs to the Monitor) to dead players. In Season 8, an icon of them appeared next to the top Shelled player on the Idol Board, who ended up being Polkadot Patterson after the end of the regular season. Patterson’s shell was crunched upon and the Monitor spat them out, leaving them unshelled and Squiddish. The Monitor was relatively inactive until Season 10, where The Hall’s purpose was revealed when a blue line appeared under slot 14 of the Hall. After the Crabs were swiftly defeated by the PODS, all players above that line ended up on the Hall Stars. After defeating the PODS, the Monitor ate the Shelled One, and the Hall Stars were Released.

During the Expansion Era, the Monitor worked under the Coin, originally starting out as the Food and Beverage Manager and gaining a chef’s hat. Throughout the era, the Monitor played a relatively minor role. They continuously gained extra jobs until they eventually became the Food, Beverage, Tourism, and Gift Shop Manager of the ILB, and expressed being overwhelmed by having so many responsibilities. During Season 24, they gained sunglasses to protect from Supernova(Supernova)’s rays, and welcomed incinerated teams and the Canada Moist Talkers after reaching Pulsar(Pulsar) to the Hall. During Latesiesta, they quit their job and left the door to the Hall open in order to let the previously deceased and Pulsar(Pulsar) corner teams leave, turn Rogue, and attack the Coin.

The Coin

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The Coin in Her first appearance.

The Coin, also known as Boss, Ownership, and Aequitas, was the CEO of the ILB during the Expansion Era. She was first referenced by Wyatt Mason in the Microphone saying “TELL ITS BOSS / WE’RE IN / SHE CAN HAVE THE SHARES”[8]. She first appeared in the aftermath of Day X after a brief introduction by the Monitor. She appeared on the website as a photograph of a Roman coin, and talked in gold text with the royal We. She was involved with the Ego and eDensity mechanics, and was associated with Supernova(Supernova) during Season 24.

During the aftermath of the Discipline Era, Boss had promoted Parker Macmillan III to CEO and had promised “Fair Play” in the future. However, during Grand Siesta, the deaths of Macmillan III and IIII led to Her being CEO by the start of Season 12. During the Season 12 Latesiesta, She engaged Expansion protocols early and assured Fans that “This is not your fault” and an eventual end to Flooding, which despite that promise, only got worse. After Brisket Friendo and Tad Seeth got Redacted during the Season 13 elections, She opened the Investigation and hired Uncle Plasma and Liquid Friend as detectives, which ultimately resulted in no foul play found.

Throughout the Expansion Era, Consumers repeatedly attacked players. Boss encouraged teams to get a higher level in order to get better “Consumer reports,” and repeatedly expressed annoyance at Teams attempting to lower their eDensity. After the Reader introduced Turntables in order to lower eDensity across the board, She put in a lone Decree to repeal Turntables. After the Reader introduced the Underbracket in response and eventually won, She made a bargain with Namerifeht to create Sun(Sun) during the Season β19 Elections in order to regain positive eDensity. For the following seasons, She continuously made only Decree options that offered a variety of different Suns, increasing Sun(Sun)’s pressure with every one made. She eventually announced the ILB Semi-Centennial, during which the pressure raised by forging stolen players led to the explosion of Sun(Sun) and the creation of Supernova(Supernova), which She was in front of for the rest of the era.

During Season 24, the combined efforts of the Fans lead to Her melting. Scattered teams spread the Scattering to Boss, and Rogue teams coming from the Hall eventually melted Her. After Her melting, coins were gone from the website and any remaining Idol snacks earned nothing. As of Short Circuits, coins are still gone, with votes instead being currency.

The Reader

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The Reader used to be the entity in charge of Earlsiesta Tarot Readings, and later became involved in attempts to lower eDensity. They have no appearance when on the website, and are instead just their signature glowing purple text; however, they do have associations with the eye symbol as seen on the Tarot Spread snack. They speak cryptically, and often in sports metaphors. They were associated with the Desert during Season 24, along with Scattering.

They first appeared during Season 12’s Earlsiesta, but only for the Tarot Reading and nothing more. They were presumed to be non-sentient flavor text until Season β17, where Lōotcrates called them out for “Project[ing] upon the text / Fishes from neighboring streams.”

Season β18 was the first time that the Reader said anything unrelated to a Tarot Reading. After giving out the Negative modification, they said “out from under / take the over” followed by the Coin swiftly cancelling all future Tarot Readings. In Season 19, a final reading was performed, resulting in one player from every team getting a modification among Uncertain, Undertaker, or Seeker. They also added the Trust Fall decree, along with four new Blessings all in their purple text. Additionally, the Alternate Trust Will turned purple for all following seasons it was available. Trust Fall was passed that election, introducing Turntables and turning all Wins into Unwins. During Season 19, they provided the Under Achiever Decree during Earlsiesta, which introduced the Underbracket.

During Season β20’s Earlsiesta, they revealed the Depth Chart, a visible chart of each team’s position floating in Immateria. Additionally, this chart showed the Desert at the top of the page at Blaseball 0, and Blaseball 2 at the bottom. In Season β23, the Reader made two books within the Root section of the Library visible, with fans quickly unredacting the books to reveal the Desert as a part of deep Prehistory. During Season 24, the Reader greeted the Hellmouth Sunbeams at the Desert, Scattering them and all following teams that reached the Desert.


See the main article on this topic: Lōotcrates

Lōotcrates' Sigil on the website.

Lōotcrates (pronounced to rhyme with Socrates) is the League Historian of the ILB, and is in charge of the Vault, Library, and Items. They were first discovered as a Twitter account (@ILBLootcrates) with a profile picture of a stylized scroll, and were later found to tweet out Feed entries that reach one thousand Upshells. On the website, they appear as a large stack of boxes on a background of Glitter, and speak poetically. During Season 24, they were associated with the Vault, and were implied to literally be it based on their sprite. They first appeared in the Season β15 Elections to introduce the new item system.

Lōotcrates is a very hands-off entity, and did not directly act during much of the Expansion Era. They introduced Items, and collected the Legendary players forged over the course of the era, Preserving them in the Vault and allowed them to be forged into Replicas that were then made available in the Gift Shop. During the Semi-Centennial they acted as an announcer, recalling past seasons and providing eulogies for players stolen to the Vault, and bowed out shortly before Sun(Sun) exploded. In Season 24, they welcomed the Atlantis Georgias to the Vault, Forcing them and all other teams that reached it.


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Namerifeht in their first appearance. On the website, their Sigil is a video.

Namerifeht is a mysterious entity that is involved in the forging and management of Suns. On the website, they appear as a video of an upside-down fire, and speak in wavy backwards letters two words at a time, often in financial language. They were first mentioned in the Library entry “A Sun” as the forger and refiller of Sun 1, and only appeared in person for the first time during the Season 23 Election as a “Final Notice.” The nullification of the ILB on Season 24, Day 99 seemed to pay off the outstanding balance that the Coin had accrued with them, as they mentioned “balance paid / credit extended” in the wake of Black Hole(Black Hole) swallowing the league.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Community Deities

Many fans have taken it upon themselves to create deities within their team’s lore. These are not official in any capacity, but some can be important to a team.


The association between the Blaseball Gods and the demon Blazibaal is disputed. While most theologists assume the Gods are directly subservient to it in some way, several have posited a "pilot fish" style symbiotic relationship. Still others see it likely that Blazibaal is but one of the many Gods.

Regardless, The Gods and Blazibaal share a hunger for blood sacrifices as evidenced by The Blaseball Gods tendency to decide tiebreakers based on which teams sacrificed fans.