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Season 10 began on October 12, 2020. The regular season concluded on October 16, 2020, followed by the postseason and Internet Series on October 17, 2020. The Season 10 election will take place on October 18th, 2020. It is the 9th season of The Discipline Era. The Baltimore Crabs defeated the Charleston Shoe Thieves 3 games to -1[1] to win their third Internet Series championship and trigger Ascension.

Notable Events

End of the Discipline Era

After a full nine seasons under the rulings of The Forbidden Book, Season 10 marked the end of the tyranny of The Shelled One. The subtitle changed to Peace & Prosperity to signal the start of a new age.

Rise in Violence

See the main article on this topic: Idols#Season_10
On the evening of Thursday, October 15th, 2020, Baltimore Crabs began idolizing Tillman Henderson, who was recently incinerated, as an experiment. However, upon reaching Slot 18, which was marked with a Blooddrain icon, both the icon and the numerical marker lit up in a deep blue, much like the appearance of the Hall of Flame and speeches from The Monitor. Fans quickly mobilized to idolize more incinerated players, and by Day 97, six players had occupied all six weather icons, in order: Caligula Lotus, Landry Violence, Workman Gloom, Sebastian Telephone, Tillman Henderson, and Randall Marijuana. Additionally, fans placed Jaylen Hotdogfingers in slot 14, based on tweets from The Microphone repeatedly calling out to Jaylen. As usual, fans expected an event to be triggered at the end of Day 99.

However, as Day 99 came to an end, a late minute shift in the idol board led to unpredictable results. In a twist, Tillman Henderson came back to life to join the Charleston Shoe Thieves, while Jaylen Hotdogfingers was forced back into the Void, taking Henderson's position on the board in the Hall of Flame. Henderson gained the modification Returned, and is now the second player to have returned to active play from incineration. Hotdogfingers gained the new modification Fliickerrriiing, the effect of which was unknown at the time it was granted.

Lotus, Violence, and Gloom received the new season-based modifications, Friend of Crows, Fire Eater, and Siphon, respectively. Meanwhile, last minute shifts caused Thomas Dracaena to gain Siphon, and Hahn Fox to gain Friend of Crows.

The Death of the Shelled One

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As in the end of Season 9, The Shelled One and THE SHELLED ONE'S PODS arrived to wage war on the League, this time against the Season 10 Champions, the Baltimore Crabs. In a show of absolute strength, the PODS defeated the Crabs in a single hit from Wyatt Quitter. Then, in a final gambit, The Microphone cashed in its deal, and the Hall Stars, a team composed of the 14 most beloved players in the Hall of Flame, arrived to challenge the Shelled One on behalf of the League.

After a full nine innings, Dominic Marijuana hit the final blow to win the game. The Monitor attacked and ate the Shelled One, claiming it was kinda bland, thus ending the Discipline Era.

Ascension of the Baltimore Crabs

See the main article on this topic: Ascension#Crabs_Ascend

Following a rematch with the Charleston Shoe Thieves in the Internet Series, the Baltimore Crabs became the first team in Internet League Blaseball history to win three championships, qualifying them for Ascension, a rule in The Book of Blaseball that states "If a team wins three championships, they, and Blaseball, shall ascend."

After winning against the Shoe Thieves -- and being defeated by THE SHELLED ONE'S PODS in Day X -- the Crabs were said to have been "Called Up" into the Big Leagues, which took them out of their place in the Wild League, to be replaced by Tokyo Lift, the first new team in ILB history. Shortly into Season β11, a new element appeared on the Blaseball Bulletin called Telescope, which tracks the scoring of the Crabs in the big leagues, but does not display the moment to moment gameplay.

The Boss Arrives

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Following the defeat of The Shelled One, The Monitor told fans that Boss is on her way. The next day, Boss arrived to announce that Blaseball was under new ownership, as well as the promotion of The Commissioner to CEO of Internet League Blaseball. She announced that there would be a Grand Siesta following Season 11, and made repeated claims that Blaseball was unfair and that the Future was in Fair Play.

Ongoing Decrees

  • Eat The Rich (Season β3): Funds from the top 1% of coin-havers will be redistributed to the remainder of Fans at the end of the postseason. This decree will remain in effect indefinitely.
  • Enhanced Party Time (Season β6): When a team is in Party Time -- mathematically eliminated from the postseason -- they'll have a chance of receiving random permanent stat boosts during their games.
  • Wild Cards (Season β8): Every Season, a random team from each Subleague will leave Party Time to become the 5th Playoff team. A best of 3 Wild Card series will happen on Fridays.
  • Forecast: Birds (Season β9): One pitcher on each team has the modification Friend of Crows. Blessed pitchers may encourage birds to attack opposing hitters during Lots of Birds weather, resulting in an out.
  • Forecast: Blooddrain (Season 9): One player on each team has the modification Siphoner. Blessed players will siphon blood more often during Blooddrain weather. Siphoning may remove a ball from the pitch count or add a defensive out as appropriate for the siphoner.
  • Forecast: Solar Eclipse (Season 9): One player on each team has the modification Fire Eater. Blessed players swallow fire instead of being incinerated during Solar Eclipse weather. Players who swallow fire become Magmatic and hit a home run in their next at-bat.


Wild League Record Mild League Record
Wild High Mild High
Baltimore Crabs 🦀* 69-30 Canada Moist Talkers 🗣️* 67-32
San Francisco Lovers 💋* 65-34 Hades Tigers 🐅 53-46
Chicago Firefighters 🔥 45-54 Seattle Garages 🎸 47-52
Breckenridge Jazz Hands 👐 41-58 New York Millennials 📱 47-52
Mexico City Wild Wings 🍗 40-59 Dallas Steaks 🥩 41-58
Wild Low Mild Low
Houston Spies 🕵️* 60-39 Charleston Shoe Thieves 👟* 65-34
LA Unlimited Tacos 🌮* 51-48 Kansas City Breath Mints 🍬* 56-43
Boston Flowers 🌹 50-49 Philly Pies 🥧* 54-45
Miami Dale 🚤 44-55 Yellowstone Magic  32-67
Hellmouth Sunbeams 🌞 33-66 Hawai'i Fridays 🏝️ 30-69

* Denotes teams that made it to the playoffs.
Denotes Wild Card recipients.

Divine Favor

Ties: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
Team: 🌞 🥧 🍗 🌹 🔥 🗣️ 🎸 💋 🐅 🏝️ 🥩 🚤 👟 🦀 🕵️ 🍬 🌮 📱 👐


Four teams from each league advance to the post season: the winners of each division, and the next two best teams by total wins. As of Season β5, teams alternate home games with the higher seed hosting first. As of Season β9, a fifth team is chosen as a Wild Card. The Wild Card games are a best-of-three series played on a Friday, while every other round is a best-of-five series played on a Saturday.

  Wild Card Games Division Series Championship Series Internet Series
    1 Canada Moist Talkers 1  
4 Philly Pies 0     5 New York Millennials 3    
  2 Charleston Shoe Thieves 3  
5 New York Millennials 2     Mild League
  5 New York Millennials 0    
2 Charleston Shoe Thieves 3
  3 Kansas City Breath Mints 2  
    ML Charleston Shoe Thieves -1[1]
  WL Baltimore Crabs 3
    1 Baltimore Crabs 3    
4 Unlimited Tacos 0     5 Hellmouth Sunbeams 0    
  1 Baltimore Crabs 3
5 Hellmouth Sunbeams 2     Wild League
  2 San Francisco Lovers 0  
2 San Francisco Lovers 3
  3 Houston Spies 2  

Election Ballot


The Decree with the most community votes will go into effect.

Icon Name Effect
Black Hole If your team scores 10+ runs in a game, open a Black Hole.
Eliminator Every time a team hits a Home Run, there is a chance your Opponent loses a hitter for the remainder of the game.
Self-Destruct When your Team is Shamed, initiate the Countdown.


Each blessing will be awarded to a randomly selected player or team based. Votes from a team's fans increase the likelihood of that team receiving a blessing.

Name Effect
An Actual Airplane Item. Take off. A random player on your Team scores 0.2 runs on each Stolen Base next season.
Doctor Smedley's Umpire Cream Rub it in. Your Team is permanently Fireproof.
The Nut Button Your Team is no longer allergic to Peanuts.
Noise-Cancelling Headphones Items. Your players are protected from Feedback.
Bird Seed Birds will unshell your players much more often.
Sealant Plug the leak. Your Team cannot have blood stolen in Blooddrain.
Rogue Waves 5 Hitters on your Team become permanently Repeating.
O-No Blood Type Oh Yes. Give your Team O No Blood Type.
Traveling Team Your Team plays 5% better during Away Games.
Tag-Team Fourth Strike Give Your Team and the last place Team in the opposite Sub-League the Fourth Strike next Season.
Divisional Walk in the Park Take a stroll. Your Division Walks on Ball 3 next season.
Haunted Haunt a random player on your Team.
Shadow Ban Together Ban together. Improve your Division’s Shadows overall by 3%.
Dark Star Recruit the best pitcher from your Shadows to your Rotation.
Hidden Power Recruit the best hitter from your Shadows to your Lineup.
Popular by Association OMG they noticed us. Steal a random player from the Idol Leaderboard.
Divisional Swap Swap your Team into the other Division in your Subleague.
Subleague Swap Swap your Team into another Division in the opposite Subleague.
Sharing Signs It's not stealing if we all do it. Improve your division by +10% hitting, -5% pitching.
People's Champion Steal 3 random players from the Internet Series Champion.

Election Results



  • Black Hole passed with 343,191 Votes, 50% of all Decree Votes.


List of Blessings Results:

Game Events


When any player is in a match during a Solar Eclipse, there is a chance they will be incinerated and killed by a Rogue Umpire. Known cases of this in Season 10 are listed below.

Day Player Replaced by Team
13 Yeong-Ho Benitez Yusef Puddles Philly Pies
39 Annie Roland Bonk Jokes Yellowstone Magic

  1. 1.0 1.1 This was the first documented instance of Black Hole weather, which occured before the decree passed in the Season 10 election. The Crabs won the series 3-0.