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The Shame phase is a gameplay condition described by Rule 4.i in The Book of Blaseball. It states:

i. Shame Phase: If the home team scores the winning run in the bottom of the final inning, the away team must complete the game in shame, despite being mathematically eliminated.

Along with the Book itself, the Glossary defines Shame as:

A physical concept that manifests when the Home Team takes the lead in Inning 9 or later, excluding REDACTED REDACTED

In practice, this means that when two teams are tied during the 9th inning or later and the home team breaks the tie, that team gets to continue racking up points while the loser must be shamed by sitting through a game that they've already lost. This is conveyed to viewers as the away team continuing to record the proper amount of outs in its final inning, no matter how many runs the home team scores.

Many league fans have taken to yelling "SHAME" during the entirety of a game's Shame Phase as a means of humiliating the losing away team.

Grand Shame

Grand Shame is announced when any four teams are shamed on the same day. For example, this occurred on Day 96 of Season 2. Grand Shames are not necessarily recorded by Blaseball itself, and complete records of all Grand Shames that have occurred to date may be spotty.

Decrees Involving Shame

See the main article on this topic: Decree

Enhanced Shame

During the Season 尾2 election, the decree Enhanced Shame was available to be voted on. It did not win the election.

Rule Change: When a team is Shamed, they will be punished in the following game. Their next opponent will start with runs equal to the number of runs scored in the Shame period.

Targeted Shame

During the Season 尾4 election, the decree Targeted Shame successfully passed with 32% of all decree votes. The new rule was active throughout Season 尾5 and applied to the Hades Tigers, Chicago Firefighters, New York Millennials, and Breckenridge Jazz Hands.

The Top 4 Teams will be punished with Targeted Shame next season. When they're shamed, they'll start the next game with negative runs equal to their shame.


During the Season 尾10 election, the decree Self-Destruct was available to be voted on. It did not win the election. It is unknown what the Countdown would be.

When your Team is Shamed, initiate the Countdown.