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"Hades" can refer to both the underworld and its master.

Hades (God)

Hades (the god) is infamous among divinity for his obsession with branding and endless get-worship quick schemes. Examples include naming Hades (the realm) after himself, "kidnapping" his wife Persephone as a PR stunt, a failed rebranding initiative during the Roman Empire, remodeling the underworld to better match popular conception multiple times, funding a variety of books, television programs, and movies featuring himself, claiming that the aforementioned PR stunt was in fact a PR stunt in an interview as another PR stunt, and starting a Blaseball team.

Hades (the god) presents himself publicly as the team's owner, but for tax reasons Persephone is listed as the legal owner and Hades claims she handles most of the responsibilities of the owner. When not engaged in the day-to-day minutiae of running the afterlife, Hades busies himself with public appearances and interviews. Whether these are meant to use his popularity to promote the team or to use the team's popularity to promote him is not entirely clear.

Hades is strongly opposed to any and all forms of resurrecting the dead. After the necromancy of Jaylen Hotdogfingers, Hades prepared Usurper Violet to be his agent in the league and prevent any further incidents. In an interview, Hades stated that he was "disappointed the Monitor isn't taking afterlife management seriously" and offered to lend Cerberus in order to prevent future such incidents.

In addition to dominion over the underworld, Hades is the god of wealth due to his dominion over all buried riches. Hades has often been spotted alongisde Aldon Cashmoney in public since the latter became a part of the Tigers. Said Hades, "it's nice to have someone around who understands the difficulties of being unbelievably wealthy."

Hades (Realm)

Hades (the realm) in its current form is organized into nine circles. These circles are not actually circular; they are areas of the existing afterlife renamed to take advantage of the popularity of Dante's Inferno during the 14th century. Souls are judged by Hades (the god) to determine which circle they will reside in. The first circle, formerly known as Elysium before the rebranding, is a pleasant afterlife for truly virtuous souls. Less virtuous souls are sent to deeper circles, and must complete court-mandated regimes of existential torment to move on to the next circle. (Conveniently for the Hades economy, most jobs constitute existential torment.) Souls Hades judges to be truly evil, or who complain about this structure not being mythologically accurate, are banished to the inescapable ninth circle where they are condemned to a personalized form of ironic suffering for all eternity.

Hades is bordered by five rivers - Styx, Acheron, Lethe, Phlegethon, and Cocytus. Charon is responsible for conveying souls across these rivers into the afterlife. Due to increased demand as of late, Charon founded the ride-sharing service Lyfe to meet these duties.

The Hades Tigers' stadium is located in the sixth circle, in downtown Tartarus. Shortly after founding the team, Hades (the god) decreed that watching a game of Blaseball constitutes a form of existential torment, and thus it is permissible for souls from all across Hades (the realm) to travel there and view games in person.

Notable locations in Hades include: