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Badges are cosmetic items obtainable by Fans, viewable in the 'Personal Info' section of a user's profile. They currently have no mechanical effect and are purely for show.

List of Badges

Badge Source First available
The 'Where Cards Fall' Badge, shown as an open eye with a yellow-brown iris.
Purchasing Where Cards Fall via Gamma 2, Season 2 (November 11, 2021)[note 1]
The 'peanut' Badge, shown as a single peanut.
Placing at least one vote in the "TASTE THE INFINITE" Distortion in Gamma 3, Season 1. Following the midseason election, A Shelled One changed the Badge's appearance from a basic peanut to a shining silver peanut as a reward for Fans' voting efforts. Gamma 3, Season 1 (December 6, 2021)
The 'silver peanut' Badge, shown as a single peanut colored silver and gleaming.
Gamma 3, Season 1 (December 12, 2021)

  1. Where Cards Fall was purchasable on the site as early as October 31st (prior to the start of Gamma 2, Season 1), but the Badge itself did not appear on user profiles until November 11th, in late Season 2. Users that had already purchased the game via the site were given the Badge when it became available.