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The Items page of a player at Base 2 evolution, with all three unlocked slots filled. One of the items is broken, and another is damaged but intact.

Items are objects that can be wielded, worn, or otherwise held by Players that boost or impair their attributes or grant Modifications. Items, in their current form, were introduced at the end of Season 15 as a result of the Bats Decree, which granted all active (non-Shadows) players in the ILB a Bat item. This item system replaced the original system that existed from Season 2 to Season 14, in which Players each had a single "Item" slot and a single "Armor" slot.

Players each have four item slots, arranged in a diamond shape. For players at Base evolution, only the first slot is available for use, the other three being locked. Evolved players can hold one additional item for every evolutionary level they have - Base 1 players can hold 2 items, Base 2 players can hold 3 items, etc.

Items can have an effect on the hitting, pitching, baserunning or defense ratings of the player holding them, and also have unique properties:

  • Type: Bat, Cap, Sunglasses, Ring, etc.
  • Durability: If this value reaches 0, the Item is broken
  • Elements: Extra properties of this Item, such as "Cold", "Inflatable", or "Plant-Based"
  • Mods: Modifications granted by the item, if any

Items usually do not have any eDensity, though they can be given eDensity as a result of modifications such as  Heavy-Handed and  Light-Handed or elements such as eDense and aDense.

Item Types

All Items have a basic item type, such as "Bat". Each item type boosts (or impairs, in the case of Eggs) a single specific attribute by a moderate amount.

Type Attribute
Tgb base.png Base +Base Thirst
Tgb bats.png Bat +Thwackability
Tgb board.png Board +Ground Friction
Tgb broom.png Broom +Divinity
Tgb cannon.png Cannon +Overpowerment
Tgb caps.png Cap +Unthwackability
Tgb cape.png Cape +Watchfulness
Tgb chair.png Chair +Suppression
Tgb egg.png Egg +Tragicness
Tgb field.png Field +Tenaciousness
Tgb gloves.png Glove +Omniscience
Tgb helmet.png Helmet +Pressurization
Tgb jersey.png Jacket[note 1] +Musclitude
Tgb jersey.png Jersey +Musclitude
Tgb necklace.png Necklace +Moxie
Tgb phone.png Phone +Omniscience
Tgb potion.png Potion +Indulgence
Tgb quill.png Quill +Shakespearianism
Tgb ring.png Ring +Ruthlessness
Tgb shoes.png Shoes +Laserlikeness
Tgb socks.png Socks +Continuation
Tgb sunglasses.png Sunglasses +Cinnamon


Most Items also possess extra Elements that affect further attributes. Items can even have more than one Element at a time, such as the Sharp Gravity Holey Glove, which has a Durability of 4 and the Sharp, Gravity, and Holey Elements. Each Element also adds 1 additional durability (though it should be noted that an item's maximum durability is decided at the moment it is created, and Elements added afterwards do not give additional durability).

Durability Elements

The following Elements affect Durability:

Element Durability bonus
Paper -3
Glass -2
Plastic -1
Rock +1
Concrete +2
Steel[note 2] +2

It should be noted that, like other elements, these still also each give +1 durability on top of their bonuses.

Modification Elements

The following Elements grant Modifications:

Element Modification granted
Ambitious +  Ambitious
Bird Seed +  Bird Seed
Blaserunning +  Blaserunning
Careful +  Careful
Chunky +  Chunky
Clutch +  High Pressure
Coasting +  Coasting
Containment +  Containment
Crow-Cursed +  Curse of Crows
Entanglement +  Entangled
Fire Eating +  Fire Eater
Fireproof +  Fireproof
Flickering +  Flickering
Fliickerrriiing +  Fliickerrriiing
Force +  Force
Fourtitude +  The Fourth Strike
Golden +  Super Idol
Gravity +  Gravity
Maxi +  Maximalist
Minimization +  Minimized
Night Vision +  Night Vision
Noise-Cancelling +  Soundproof
Observation +  Observed
Offworld +  Offworld
Parasitic +  Parasite
Protector +  Fire Protector
Repeating +  Repeating
Skate +  Pro Skater
Smooth +  Smooth
Spicy +  Spicy
Steel[note 3] +  Steeled
Squiddish +  Squiddish
Subtraction +  Subtractor
Super Roamin' +  Super Roamin'
Trader +  Trader
Travelling +  Traveling
Traitor +  Traitor
Unambitious +  Unambitious
Uncertain +  Uncertain
Underhanded +  Underhanded
Unfreezable +  Unfreezable

eDensity Elements

The following Elements affect Player eDensity. Unlike all other known Elements, these Elements continue to have an effect even when the item is broken.

Element eDensity
aDense -10 bl/m³
eDense +10 bl/m³

Aside from these Elements, Items do not usually have an eDensity value. However, there are two known Team modifications that give Items eDensity –  Heavy-Handed and  Light-Handed. The former of those causes Items belonging to players on the Team to weigh +2 bl/m³ plus an extra +2 bl/m³ for every Element they have. The latter causes Items to weigh -2 bl/m³ plus an extra -2 bl/m³ for every Element they have, then also checks to see if the eDensity of the item is still positive (due to the eDense element) and flips its polarity if so.

Attribute Elements

The following Elements affect player Attributes. These changes are randomized within specific ranges for each item. The ranges vary for each Element – in the below table, extra signs (eg. ++) indicate that the adjustment tends to be larger, while parentheses indicate that the adjustment tends to be minor.

Element Batting Pitching Baserunning Defense Vibes
Actual +Continuation
Air +Buoyancy
Aluminum -Buoyancy
++Ground Friction
Arm (Expansion Era) +Thwackability +Unthwackability
Arm (Gamma) +++Ruthlessness
Batter (+Buoyancy)
Blood +Divinity
-Base Thirst
Brambly +Ruthlessness +Anticapitalism
Bright +++Divinity ++++Cinnamon
Catcher's ++++Omniscience
Chaotic ++Moxie
Charisma +Divinity
Charitable +Martyrdom
Cool +Moxie +Coldness +Laserlikeness
Cryogenic +Coldness
Dexterity +Thwackability +Continuation +Omniscience
the Famine -Thwackability +Unthwackability
the Feast +Thwackability -Unthwackability
Frosty +Coldness ++Chasiness
Greedy +Base Thirst
Gunblade ++Divinity
Hard +Musclitude +Ruthlessness -Omniscience
Head +Moxie +Omniscience
Hearty +Indulgence +Tenaciousness +Pressurization
Holey +Divinity
Hot (-Moxie)
Inflatable +Buoyancy
Intelligence +Ruthlessness
Leg +Laserlikeness +Chasiness
Limestone (-Overpowerment)
Literal ++++++++Overpowerment
Lucky +Divinity
Mesh ++Moxie -Overpowerment
Metaphorical ++Shakespearianism -Continuation ++Chasiness
Passionate +Base Thirst
Plant-Based (-Buoyancy) +Suppression ++Watchfulness
Rocket ++++Laserlikeness
Rubber -Overpowerment
(-Ground Friction)
Sharp +Thwackability +Unthwackability +Ground Friction -Tenaciousness
Shoveling +Martyrdom
Slimy -Laserlikeness +Omniscience
Smokey +Tragicness +Ruthlessness
Snow ++++++Coldness
Spirit ++Divinity ++Omniscience +Cinnamon
Stamina +Base Thirst
Strength +Musclitude +Overpowerment
Vanity -Martyrdom
Vitality +Base Thirst
+Ground Friction
Weird +Patheticism
+Shakespearianism +Ground Friction +Cinnamon
Wisdom +Indulgence +Omniscience
Wooden ++Thwackability (-Laserlikeness) (-Tenaciousness)

Other Elements

Element Effect
RAM None
Replica Unknown – see the Item Replicas section below

Legendary Items

Legendary Items are a rare type of unique item occasionally granted by blessings or other sources. Legendary Items have infinite durability and cannot be broken or dropped, but can still be stolen by other players. Known Legendary Items include:

Item Elements and type Attributes Additional / Notes
Modifications Batting Pitching Baserunning Defense Vibes eDensity
Tgb base.png The Fifth Base Super Roamin'
+  Super Roamin' +Base Thirst A baserunner holding the The Fifth Base has a small chance of placing and stealing to the Fifth Base in the ballpark they are currently playing in, giving the ballpark the  The Fifth Base modification and removing the item from the player.

If a baserunner is standing on the placed Fifth Base, they have a small chance of stealing the base, giving them this item and removing the modification from the ballpark.

Tgb ring.png Chorby's Soul eDense [x154]
+Ruthlessness +1540 bl/m³ Only seen as Replicas, with 157 durability each.
Tgb field.png The Force Field Weird
+  Careful
+  Force
+  Containment
+Ground Friction
+Cinnamon The only known Legendary Item to have ever been dropped, as a result of the Superposition of Megan Ito.
Tgb bats.png Gunblade Bat Bright
+Continuation +Omniscience +++++Cinnamon Given via a Distortion in Season 1 of Gamma 2. The Cinnamon boost is likely a reference to the name of York Silk's former Gunblade Bat, the Vibe Check.
Tgb cannon.png Arm Cannon Literal
Given via a Distortion in Season 1 of Gamma 2. Has a modified Arm element giving a Ruthlessness boost in place of the usual Thwackability boost.
Tgb shoes.png Rocket Shoes Greedy
+++Base Thirst
Given via a Distortion in Season 1 of Gamma 2.
Tgb gloves.png Catcher's Mitt Catcher's
+Coldness +Indulgence +Chasiness
Given via a Distortion in Season 1 of Gamma 2.
Tgb bats.png Snow Shovel Bright
+  Unfreezable +++++Divinity
++++++Coldness +Continuation +Omniscience ++++Cinnamon Given via a Distortion in the first Election of Season 1 of Gamma 3.
Tgb cannon.png Snow Blower Literal
+  Unfreezable +++++Coldness
Given via a Distortion in the first Election of Season 1 of Gamma 3.
Tgb shoes.png Snow Shoes Greedy
+  Unfreezable ++++++Coldness +++Base Thirst
Given via a Distortion in the first Election of Season 1 of Gamma 3.
Tgb gloves.png Catcher's Mittens Catcher's
+  Unfreezable +++++++Coldness +Indulgence ++Chasiness
Given via a Distortion in the first Election of Season 1 of Gamma 3.
Tgb bats.png Fist of the Ape God Arm [x6]
+Thwackability +[x21] Ruthlessness
+[x21] Unthwackability
Given via a Distortion in the first Election of Season 1 of Gamma 3.

Item Replicas

Like Legendary Players, Legendary Items can have Replicas created of them, with identical stats to the original item, sometimes distributed with a corresponding Player Replica. Replica Items are denoted by an additional "Replica" prefix, which gives no additional durability, and a "- Replica" tag in place of the usual "- Legendary" tag. Additionally, unlike their Legendary counterparts, Replica items do not have unlimited durability, and instead can be damaged and dropped normally.

In Season 21, Replicas of Chorby Soul from the Gift Shop came wielding a Replica of the Chorby's Soul item. In Seasons 21 and 22, Replicas of York Silk would have, according to the gift shop description, come wielding a Replica of the Vibe Check, though in both seasons no teams opted to wishlist a York Silk replica.

Notable Non-Legendary Items

There have existed some individual non-Legendary items that attained notability above other items, for various reasons. These include:


Pre-Season 15 Items

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  • The oldest surviving items in the game are the survivors of the 333 Bats distributed to all 333 active players in the league at the time of the Season 15 Elections, as part the Bats Decree. As of the Nullification of Blaseball in Season 24, thirty-three of these bats remain. The full list of first-edition bat holders can be found on this page.


  1. A duplicate of the Jersey type, only used once for the "Fireproof Jacket" Blessing in Season 23.
  2. Steel also gives a modification; see below
  3. Steel also modifies durability; see above