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Legendary items were a class of powerful items used in Blaseball that tremendously increased the abilities of their wielder.

A player was only allowed one Item at a time (similar to Armor), which could be seen in their inventory on their player page, and was identified when they step up to the plate.

The majority of legendary items were the result of blessings granted at the end of a season's elections, and almost all increased their wielder's relevant stats or provided a powerful ability.

All existing legendary items were removed at the start of Season 15 by The Boss with the introduction of the new item system. The concept of Legendary Items returned within this new system starting with the Fifth Base during the Season β19 elections.

List of Legendary Items

Item Name Type Wielder Effect Received
Dial Tone Legendary Bat Jessica Telephone Hitting maxed out Season β1 Blessing
Literal Arm Cannon Pitching Enhancement Axel Trololol Pitching maxed out Season β2 Blessing
Vibe Check Gunblade Bat York Silk Hitting maxed out Season β2 Blessing
Bangers & Smash Legendary Bat Sixpack Dogwalker Hitting + Season β4 Waveback Event
Grappling Hook Grappling Hook Richardson Games Baserunning maxed out, Defense maxed out Season β4 Blessing
Mushroom Mushroom José Haley Max vibes, Hitting +, baserunning – Season β4 Blessing
Night Vision Goggles Night Vision Goggles Sutton Dreamy Allows player to hit 50% better during a Solar Eclipse. Season β6 Blessing
Shrink Ray Shrink Ray Holden Stanton Shrinks the player's strike zone. Season β6 Blessing
The Iffey Jr. Legendary Bat Current:None

Former: Raúl Leal

Reduces all stats to 0, protects teammates (and not the wielder ) from incineration. Season β7 Blessing
2-Blood Blagonball
Blagonball Inky Rutledge Effects unknown Added prior to the Season β7 Elections, received for pitching first no-hitter in the Discipline Era
An Actual Airplane Airplane Thomas Dracaena Adds the Blaserunning modification Season β10 Blessing


Season 1

Max Out Hitter

In Season β1, the Dallas Steaks were awarded with the blessing called Max Out Hitter, described to "max out the hitting stats of a random hitter on [the] team." Steaks hitter Jessica Telephone received this blessing, but Telephone was immediately traded to the Philly Pies due to the Pies receiving the blessing called Steal Best Hitter.

Blaseball fans named Telephone's legendary bat the Dial Tone. This name was made official and included in Blaseball game logs starting in Season β3.

Season 2

Gunblade Bat

The Season β2 elections featured a blessing called the Gunblade Bat, described as: "a random hitter on your team will gain the Gunblade Bat, maxing out their hitting stats." This blessing was awarded to the Hawai'i Fridays hitter York Silk.

Fridays fans named Silk's gunblade bat the Vibe Check. This name was made official and replaced the name Gunblade Bat in Blaseball game logs starting after the Season β3 elections.

Literal Arm Cannon

The Season 2 elections also featured a blessing called Literal Arm Cannon. This blessing was awarded to Axel Trololol, who was pitching at the time for the Kansas City Breath Mints. The item was first noted in-game by the item slot following the Season 3 elections.

Season 4

Bangers & Smash

On August 28, 2020, a server error forced the Blaseball Gods to manually repair Days 80-88 of Season 4. When the game reappeared, Hawai'i Fridays lineup player Sixpack Dogwalker had assumed the the attributes of Thomas England (whom Dogwalker had previously replaced due to incineration on Day 86). In honor of England, Dogwalker reappeared wielding the legendary bat Bangers & Smash,[1] which increased Dogwalker's hitting stat by 1 star.

Bangers & Smash marks the first time that a legendary item was not granted by a blessing, as well as the first time a legendary item does not automatically max out the wielder's stats.

Grappling Hook

Season 4's elections featured a blessing called Grappling Hook. The Charleston Shoe Thieves won this blessing, and the Grappling Hook was randomly awarded to Richardson Games. Games' baserunning and defense stats were maxed out.


Season 4's elections also featured a blessing called Mushroom, described as making its recipient "BIG." The Mexico City Wild Wings won this blessing, and the item was randomly awarded to José Haley, who promptly became BIG. Haley's vibes were maxed out, hitting increased by 1 star, and baserunning decreased by 2.5 stars.

Season 6

Night Vision Goggles

The Night Vision Goggles allow the owner to play 50% better during a Solar Eclipse. The Baltimore Crabs won this blessing, and the item was randomly awarded to Sutton Dreamy.

Shrink Ray

The Shrink Ray shrinks a player's strike zone (it appears to increase baserunning stats and moxie and decrease divinity and musclitude). The Baltimore Crabs also won this blessing, and the item was randomly awarded to Holden Stanton.

Season 7

The Iffey Jr

The Iffey Jr is the only known source of permanent, teamwide protection from incineration - but it comes at the cost of "minimizing" a player's stats, giving them a star rating of 0 in every category. It was awarded to Raúl Leal of the Miami Dale, who lost all stars but now protects the team from rogue umpires. The first demonstrated use of this protection occurred on Season β8, Day 94, when a Rogue Umpire attempted to incinerate Beck Whitney. Instead, the incineration backfired and incinerated the Umpire.

The 2-Blood Blagonball

Inky Rutledge earned the 2-Blood Blagonball for pitching a no-hitter. During the season, Yellowstone Magic fans began a campaign to "Let Inky pitch the Blagonball (we would like to see it)," resulting in it being added as an item just prior to the season 7 elections. It currently has no known mechanical effect.

Season 13

The first holder of the Iffey Jr Raúl Leal was incinerated on Season β13, Day 43, which revealed that the Iffey Jr does not provide personal protection and leaves the owner open to incineration. After the incineration it was tweeted[2] that the item will be preserved.

Season 15

At the start of Season β15 The Coin said "We tossed that old junk weighing you down" among many other statements. After this announcement it was found that all Legendary Items and Armor were missing, and item slots were replaced by an Items tab that had a lock next to its name. The item tab opened during the election results, and everyone was given non-legendary Items in the form of bats with 0-1 prefixes/suffixes.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.


Legendary items were forged by Blaseball Gods in response to the fans' collective wishes (and arcade tickets) when the time is right and the grass is green.

The mechanisms behind their increased capability varies from case to case. For example, gunblade bats use an explosive charge to accelerate the bat for extreme power on the swing. Other legendary items seem to have a will of their own, whether through an advanced machine learning processor or a bound spirit.

Recently uncovered records suggest that the original Prime Bat was used to hit the First Pitch. The whereabouts of the Prime Bat are unknown, though rumors speak of a blackened sharp rod in the collection of the The Commissioner.

Notable Events

Season 3

During the Season β3 championship games, it is rumored that the bat Dial Tone carried one final voicemail message from teammate Landry Violence to Jessica Telephone, following the events of Violence's dramatic incineration during the series finals.

Violence's sacrifice giving power to Telephone's Dial Tone is often credited as a key contribution to the Hades Tigers' narrow victory and first championship.


  1. The name Bangers & Smash is credited to Discord user Neff, a fan of the Hawai'i Fridays.