High Pressure

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High Pressure is a Player and Team modification that causes a player to overperform while there is someone on base in Flooding Weather. As a Team modification, it is an exclusive modification of the Canada Moist Talkers.


The High Pressure modification causes a player to gain the Overperforming modification in Flooding weather, as long as they have a teammate on base. It does not activate when the pitcher has High Pressure and and the opposing team gets on base.

When High Pressure activates, the game reads a message that "The pressure is on!". An additional message, "The pressure is off", is displayed when the bases are cleared.


High Pressure first appeared as a Team modification in the Season β13 Election and was won by the Canada Moist Talkers. The modification was activated on the Moist Talkers' opening game of Season 14, against the Baltimore Crabs.

The modification appeared again in the Season β15 Elections, this time as a seasonal player modification via the Clutch Up Blessing. The Dallas Steaks won the blessing, giving their Cleanup Hitter Allison Abbott High Pressure for the duration of Season 16. It also appeared as an option for the Enrich Will in Season 15, 16, and 17, though no teams filed for this Will.

It would also appear as an available modification on Items with the Clutch Element, which dropped from Glitter Weather, the Community Chest and the Gift Shop.

High Pressure was also the most common modification gained via the Reform Will, with four different modifications re-rolling into High Pressure:

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