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Attractor is a Player Modification, first seen in Season β16 after a Redacted player first exited out of a Secret Base.


Only players who are Redacted can become an Attractor. A player will gain the Attractor modification when they first exit out of a Secret Base, and lose the Redacted modification. When an Attractor scores a run, they will join the Shadows of the Team they scored for.

When a player gains Attractor, two changes to their attributes will occur: firstly, the star counts for their batting, baserunning, pitching and defense are artificially inflated and no longer reflective of the underlying stats; secondly, their Soul becomes 0 resulting in a blank Soulscream.

Falsified star count, Soul value, and Soulscream are all restored if the Attractor modification is removed.

Comparison of Mike Townsend's star count before and after gaining Attractor. On Season 24, Day 20, they have the the Observed Modification and a combined star total of 11.8.
6 days later, after emerging from a Secret Base, they have gained Attractor and an apparent total star count of of 23.2


Discovery of the Modification

Tad Seeth and Brisket Friendo were the first players who became Redacted on Season β13, God's Day. On Season β16 Day 1, Friendo exited the Secret Base in the Crabitat, and was batted in by Silviare Roadhouse, thus adding Friendo to the Baltmore Crab's Shadows.

This was the first instance of the Attractor Modification. In the following seasons, more and more players would get Redacted, and as such gain the Attractor modifications when they appeared on Secret Bases in an attempt to get batted into teams.

Removal of the Modification

When an Attractor was batted into the Shadows, the modification would not disappear from the player. Since the players automatically went into the Shadows, it was unclear if Attractor could be targeted by the Reform Will. In the Season 17 Elections, the Chicago Firefighers won the On Deck Blessing, causing the Alternation of all the players in their shadows. Lance Serotonin, who was an Attractor at the time, lost the Modification upon becoming an Alternate. Fans later learned that Attractor was targetable by the Reform Will once Attractors got out of the shadows.

Former Attractors

These players below formerly had the Attractor modification before losing it via Alternation or the Reform Will:

Current Attractors

These following players are currently Attractors. Players who have been batted into a team's Shadows will have the Team they ended up on listed after their name.


  • As an additional consequence of an inflated star count, Attractor adds a significant amount of eDensity (130 bl/m³) to any Player who has it, making them more "attractive" to (and more likely to be attacked by) Consumers.
  • The connection between Attractors (players with 0 Soul, who became Redacted after being Observed and vanishing either in Coffee weathers or into a Secret Base) and the Baristas (coffee-related entities with the ability to decoct, transfer, and manipulate Soul) is, at this time, unknown.