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Alyssa Harrell was a lineup player for the Baltimore Crabs, and was with the team until being [REDACTED] on Season 15, Day 104. Harrell also played for the Hades Tigers, New York Millennials, Yellowstone Magic, Philly Pies, and Hawai'i Fridays.

Official League Records


Harrell joined the ILB as a batter for the Hades Tigers with the Return of Blaseball. Harrell's stats were randomized by the Soul Swap blessing at the end of the season, resulting in a batting stat of .

Season 3

Harrell was traded to the New York Millennials in exchange for Mclaughlin Scorpler during the Season 3 elections via the Exile blessing.

Season 4

On Season 4, Day 15, Harrell was exchanged to the Yellowstone Magic due to Feedback. Harrell was replaced by Penelope Mathews. On Day 16 (the game immediately following the feedback swap), Harrell hit two singles to help the Magic come back from 0-4 to beat the Charleston Shoe Thieves, 17-5.

Harrell hitting a single on Season 4 Day 16, leading the Magic to victory on the game immediately after Harrell's feedback swap.

At the end of Season 4, Harrell was affected by the Alternate Reality decree which randomized Harrell's stats, including an increase in batting stats to ★★.

Season 5

At the end of Season 5, Harrell's pitching fell by as a result of the Charleston Shoe Thieves' Bad Neighbors blessing.

Season 6

On Season 6, Day 40, Harrell siphoned some of Philly Pies batter Kennedy Cena's defense stats in a game with Blooddrain weather, bringing Harrell's defense from ★★★ to ★★★★.

Season 7

On Season 7, Day 73, Harrell was exchanged to the Hawai'i Fridays due to Feedback. Harrell was replaced by Terrell Bradley.

Season 8

On Season 8, Day 90, Harrell was exchanged to the Philly Pies due to Feedback. Harrell was replaced by the flickering Eduardo Woodman. Two innings later, Harrell and Woodman were exchanged again to their original teams.

Coffee Cup

During the Coffee Cup, Harrell played for the Cold Brew Crew as a lineup player.

Season 12

During the Season 12 elections, all of Harrell's stats were increased as a result of the Infuse will.

Season 13

During the Season 13 elections, all of Harrell's stats were increased as a result of the Infuse will.

Season 14

During the Season 14 elections, Harrell was traded to the Baltimore Crabs in exchange for Baldwin Breadwinner as a result of the Crabs' Exchange will.

Season 15

On Season 15, Day 104, Harrell was attacked by Consumers, losing their last Soul. Harrell was then Redacted and removed from the Crabs' roster.


Harrell chooses to go by her surname in all contexts.


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No one has ever seen, heard, touched, smelled, tasted, heard from, heard of, located, tracked, watched, spied on, sensed, felt, looked at, listened to, talked to, conversed with, or were able to discern anything about “Harrell." Anything you might have heard about "Harrell" is complete hearsay. It is impossible to describe "Harrell" because she does not exist.

The Hades Tigers

Harrell has never played for the Hades Tigers.
It was first determined that Harrell does not exist when, in mid-conversation with her in the dugout, Nagomi Meng turned to smile at Harrell and realized that she doesn't exist. It is posited by some that Harrell never existed, but it's impossible to know anything about something as hypothetical and forbidden as the past.

Harrell has made it clear that, if given the chance, she would sacrifice every single fan in the stadium. One by one.

The New York Millennials

Harrell has never played for the New York Millennials.
The first day of Harrell's move to the New York Millennials was difficult, largely due to the fact she doesn't exist and the Mills hadn't noticed her arrive. Not wanting her to feel left out again, the players now call out for a "Harrell Check" so Harrell can let them know she isn't there.

Although she has softened since joining the Mills, likely from developing a side gig for contractual reasons, Harrell is yet to reconsider the stance that, if given the chance, she would still sacrifice every single fan in the stadium. One by one.

The Yellowstone Magic

Harrell has never played for the Yellowstone Magic.
Harrell was taking to Yellowstone National Ballpark rather well, and although she still wanted to sacrifice every fan in the stadium one by one, the urge was lessening.

Nevertheless, an alternate being also known as Harrell arrived in the stadium one day. Alternate Harrell and Yellowstone Harrell are two connected, mutually exclusive entities. When Yellowstone Harrell does not exist, Alternate Harrell is real, and vice-versa. Alternate Harrell exists most of the time, but not always.

Alternate Harrell came to the park to try to protect everyone from Yellowstone Harrell's homicidal tendencies. Unfortunately, everyone during Season 5 had intensely feral vibes, and Alternate Harrell has started to show signs of succumbing to the feral vibes and becoming less restrained.

With the passing of the Milennials' Wesley Dudley in Season 7, Harrell inherited his prize sourdough starter. In Yellowstone's highly microbial environment, it seems to have picked up some new tricks, but still produces a killer loaf of sourdough rye.

The Philadelphia Pies

Harrell has never played for the Philadelphia Pies.
While waiting for her turn to bat during a series with the Philly Pies, Harrell noticed Ed Woodman, walking in her direction, wearing what appeared to be colorful, floral print. Grumbling under her breath, "I've seen this movie before," she quickly ran over to the Pies dugout, and hopped on the bench. After some brief confusion, the Pies quickly initiated their newest member by teaching her to flip a car (safely, of course), and shared a coconut cream pie recipe after a request for a gift for "someone special". With the initiation complete, Harrell completed her first (and to date, only) at bat for the Pies. Upon her return to the dugout, she was surprised to find Woodman, reportedly complaining that, "I was only gone for 20 minutes guys", "I just like their merch and wanted to try their wooder ice", and "I told Beasley and Mora!"

The Hawai’i Fridays

Harrell has never played for Hawai’i Fridays.
Arriving in Hawai’i under the domain of Our Lady, Harrell made a smooth transition to island life, where she took up a hobby of hunting invasive species, but otherwise was able to unwind to some degree. Much to the surprise of her teammates, Harrell discovered that she was the only one who could understand their captain, Fletcher Yamamoto. Unfortunately since most of the time Harrell’s teammates could hear her, this made for some very confusing plays from their avian captain.

The Baltimore Crabs

Harrell has never played for the Baltimore Crabs.
She still didn’t exist on the Crabs. If you looked just right at her bat you could see that she’s added a novelty crab scrunchy to decorate it for her newest team, even as most of them didn’t see her. She was however excited to be reunited with York Silk and Nagomi McDaniel, who she played with on the Fridays and the Tigers. York still remembered all the sign language she taught him,and Nagomi was happy to have another familiar face around who remembers them from the old days.

Harrell was also keen to discover there are others in Baltimore who seem to do a better job interacting with her than most. The Crabs’ groundskeeper Yurts Trunbo caught her flipping all the bases over for fun, and she was surprised to discover that he could even notice her doing that, though his perception seems to be limited to within the stadium. His assistant however seemed to have no problem keeping an eye on her, probably owing to the fact that that assistant also does not exist. The three of them can often be found not hanging out in the Crabitat, and discussing various things that did not happen, or might not have happened in the league.

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