Interdimensional Rumor Mill

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This page is written in-character. For an out-of-character explanation of Interdimensional Rumors, or a guide for how to create your own Interdimensional Rumors, visit Help:Interdimensional Rumor Mill Guide.
The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

The Interdimensional Rumor Mill is a loose organization of rumors and interpretations about various players of Blaseball. It first began working collectively after The Grand Unslam split the city of Los Angeles into infinite cities, exposing a multiverse of possibilities and visitors to the immaterial plane where Blaseball is played.


On Season β3, Day 73, the Grand Unslam occurred for unknown reasons. The outcome of the Unslam was significant, however. After Season 3 ended and the election results came in, the city of Los Angeles was split into an infinite number of cities, and all the players on the Unlimited Tacos (then known as the Los Angeles Tacos) suddenly took the name Wyatt Mason, in what has been dubbed The Wyatt Masoning.

While the Wyatt Masoning did come to a somewhat satisfying resolution, players and fans began to observe through the Infinite Cities that not every player looked like their previously known appearances. Rumors began to spread within the fans that players were taking on properties from alternate dimension doppelgangers. Confusion was compounded by the fact that players were changing appearance, personality, history, or even entire species between games, with no warning or explanation. So many rumors and doppelgangers have appeared that very few fans can definitively say which version of their team players are the initial or 'prime' versions of those players.

Researching Interdimensional Rumors

Player Appearances

The first player to have their multiple appearances documented was Famous Owens, after fans in one dimension who had up until then known only Famous Owens/IF-24.76 realized that they could now recall specific and new details about Owens. When these observations were collected in what became the basis for the Interdimensional Rumor Mill, they contained wild inconsistencies. One fan was convinced these inconsistencies were the result of alien mind probes[which aliens?] and attempted to scan for extraterrestrials. Instead, they inadvertently discovered transmissions from other dimensions, originating from the tear in spacetime over the Infinite Cities. After establishing contact, Blaseball fans across all dimensions collaborated to create the current Interdimensional Rumor Mill.

Fans devised a method of properly researching and documenting interdimensional appearances using the same methods The Commissioner used to localize, or disambiguate, all the players named Wyatt Mason in the Unmasoning. Using old radio tuners and comically oversized satellite antennas and microphones, fans can tune into the vibrations of the multiverse and record stable observations of players in alternate dimensions. They then register their recordings in the Rumor Registry, a formal collection of all currently observed duplicates through the tear in spacetime. The standardized "Interdimensional Frequency" or "IF" formatting is used to record which dimension any given player appearance originates from.

Blaseball Games

Initially, fans noticed that no matter which multiverse they observed, the same exact game of Blaseball occurred across every interdimensional frequency. This led Blaseball researchers to suggest that Blaseball is a multiversal constant that cannot be interrupted or altered, no matter who or where the game is played and resulted in a theory that no specific observed dimension is the source of the cultural event known as Blaseball, and that instead all realities are fractured reflections of its Platonic essence. This became known as the Blaseball Consistency Principle.

Recently, it has been discovered that a small number of worlds documented in the IRM do in fact contain divergent games of Blaseball. The implications of this have become a topic of much controversial scientific debate.

The Commissioner

It is unknown at this time if there is a single Commissioner, or a localized instance of The Commissioner in each dimension. Attempts to locate the source of The Commissioner's transmissions have resulted in a 100% rate of equipment failure.