Society for Internet Blaseball Research

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This page is about in-universe group. For the real-life group, see Community History:Society for Internet Blaseball Research.

The Society for Internet Blaseball Research (SIBR) is a group that prophesies and delivers unto fans dark arts broadly referred to as Forbidden Knowledge. Members of this group are known collectively as Diviners and their divinations are collectively known as SIBRmetrics. No one knows exactly when, how, or why SIBR began, but it was first sighted divining prophecies regarding the nature of Internet League Blaseball during Season 2.


As with all things surrounding Forbidden Knowledge, controversy surrounds the practices of SIBR. Purported discoveries in the area of Player Attributes are only spoken between fans in a hushed whisper so as not to agitate Umpires or The Commissioner (who is doing a great job). Meanwhile their search for other measures of divination about league-wide performance draw negative comparisons to a cursed sport likened to an off-brand Blaseball simulation.


The SIBR employs a variety of mathematical and statistical methods of analysis to reveal hidden information about the reality of Blaseball. One of their foremost tools is a room/entity known as "The Number Cruncher", a space that exists within the liminality between physical reality and the notional realm of quantity and complex mathematical operations. Its unique position straddling both these realms allows the Number Cruncher's thousands of large teeth to physically interact with the conceptual existence of numbers, masticating them into a pulpy mass of usable raw data which is then regurgitated into the SIBR offices.