Coffee Cup

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The Coffee Cup was a 4-round exhibition blaseball tournament that took place between November 17th and December 8th, 2020, during the Grand Siesta between Season β11 and Season β12. Inter Xpresso defeated FWXBC 3 games to 0 to win the Coffee Cup.


Teams with ILB Players

12 of the 16 teams in the Coffee Cup consisted of active Internet League Blaseball players. Players were assigned to teams based on their Coffee Style, with the exception of players whose preferred style was "Anything," who did not have a team and did not participate in the tournament.

The highest-rated pitcher and highest-rated batter of each team became team captains. The remainder of the rosters were determined by their position on the idol board: the eight most-idolized batters and four most-idolized pitchers filled out the remainder of the roster. Any players that did not qualify for the active roster were assigned to that team's shadows.

Guest Teams

In addition to the 12 ILB teams, there were three guest teams sponsored by outside organizations: Society Data Witches, sponsored by the Society for Internet Blaseball Research; the Pandemonium Artists, sponsored by the Blaseball fan artist community; and the Real Game Band, sponsored by The Game Band.

The sixteenth and final Coffee Cup team was BC Noir, which consisted of two players who had not seen active play before: Liquid Friend and Uncle Plasma. Their coffee style was Black, making them the first Blaseball players with Black coffee as their preferred style.

List of Teams

Team Name Coffee Style / Sponsoring Organization Batting Captain Pitching Captain
Atlético Latte 🏆 Latte Valentine Games Elvis Figueroa
Cold Brew Crew ❄️ Cold Brew Nerd Pacheco Winnie Hess
Cream & Sugar United 🤝 Cream & Sugar James Mora Gabriel Griffith
Royal PoS 👑 Plenty of Sugar Dudley Mueller Don Mitchell
Milk Proxy Society 🥛 Milk Substitute Goodwin Morin Qais Dogwalker
FWXBC 🏳️ Flat White Thomas Dracaena Castillo Turner
Macchiato City 🌃 Macchiato Jessica Telephone Burke Gonzales
Club de Calf 🐮 Decaf Jacob Haynes Dunlap Figueroa
Light & Sweet Electric Co. 💡 Light & Sweet Jaxon Buckley Cell Barajas
Americano Water Works 💧 Americano Alston Cerveza Nagomi Mcdaniel
Inter Xpresso  Espresso Baby Doyle Theodore Cervantes
Heavy FC  Heavy Foam Peanut Holloway PolkaDot Patterson
BC Noir 🔍 Black Liquid Friend Uncle Plasma
Society Data Witches 🔮 Society for Internet Blaseball Research Snack Deviation Zero Index
Pandemonium Artists 🎨 Fan artist community Friend Void PomPom Pomodoro
Real Game Band 🕹️ The Game Band Bugcatcher Roldan The Murph


The Cup took place over four weeks. One round of the tournament ran each Tuesday during the Cup, culminating with a final championship series on December 8th, 2020. Each round consisted of a first-to-three-wins format. Following the tournament, all members of winning team Inter Xpresso received the Perk modification.


  First Round (11/17) Second Round (11/24) Third Round (12/1) Coffee Cup Finals (12/8)
1 Atlético Latte 3  
16 Cold Brew Crew 2  
  1 Atlético Latte 2  
  9 Society Data Witches 3  
8 Cream & Sugar United 0
9 Society Data Witches 3  
  9 Society Data Witches 0  
  5 FWXBC 3  
4 Royal PoS 0  
13 Milk Proxy Society 3  
  5 FWXBC 3
  13 Milk Proxy Society 1  
12 Pandemonium Artists 1  
  5 FWXBC 0
  14 Inter Xpresso 3
2 Real Game Band 2  
15 Macchiato City 3  
  7 Club de Calf 3
  15 Macchiato City 2  
7 Club de Calf 3
10 Light & Sweet Electric Co. 2  
  7 Club de Calf 0
  14 Inter Xpresso 3  
3 Americano Water Works 2  
14 Inter Xpresso 3  
  6 Heavy FC 1
  14 Inter Xpresso 3  
6 Heavy FC 3
11 BC Noir 0  


In the duration of the Coffee Cup, the majority of the Real Game Band players became Percolated. Despite beginning the season with 14 players, they ended with only 4. One of these percolated players was Parker MacMillan IIII, which caused the official Blaseball Twitter account to change hands to Parker MacMillan IIIII.

Following the Cup, all players on the Pandemonium Artists, Real Game Band, and Society Data Witches became Idol Immune. The Coffee Cup teams became hidden on the website and were not migrated to post-Beta Blaseball, meaning the teams are now defunct.

While the Coffee Cup was an exhibition tournament, several elements introduced in the Cup became relevant in the Expansion Era. The Cup introduced three new Coffee weather conditions, Coffee, Coffee 2, and Coffee 3s, in Rounds 1, 2, and 3 respectively, each of which added their own unique player modifiers. These weather types persisted into the new era, alongside their accompanying modifiers. Teams also had the option to build Sweetener in their stadiums to make coffee-related weather events more frequent.

All members of Real Game Band began with the Observed modification. This modification became central to the new era when it was revealed that players with Debt could cause players to become Observed. In all types of coffee weather, Observed players then had a chance of becoming Redacted.

Liquid Friend and Uncle Plasma, the players of BC Noir who were introduced for the Coffee Cup, returned in Season β12 as blessings that teams could win to add the players to their teams. The detectives also participated in The Investigation and were revealed to be connected to The Boss.