Real Game Band

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Real Game Band were a blaseball team that participated in the inaugural Coffee Cup between Season β11 and Season β12. They were captained by Bugcatcher Roldan and The Murph.

Many of the Real Game Band players were/are fictionalized versions of members of The Game Band.

Official League Records

The Real Game Band were one of four teams in the Coffee Cup that did not consist of existing ILB players. In the first round, they were defeated by Macchiato City in a 3-2 series, and were eliminated from the Coffee Cup.

Every member of the Real Game Band began with the  Observed modification. Throughout the team's games, members of the team could be caught in the Tractor Beam and become  Percolated with no replacement. Most notably, Parker MacMillan IIII became Percolated, causing the Blaseball Twitter account to be taken over by the new commissioner Parker MacMillan IIIII.

Following the Coffee Cup, the remaining players of the Real Game Band did not see active play again. The remaining players of the team became  Idol Immune for the remainder of Beta Blaseball. The Real Game Band did not migrate to post-Beta Blaseball, meaning the team is now defunct.


Lineup Rotation
  • None

Former Players