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Wired and Tired are a pair of player Modifications granted by Coffee Weather that cause runs to be worth an additional 0.5 runs, or 0.5 runs fewer.


During games played in Coffee weather, players can be "beaned".

The first time a player is beaned, they become Wired, adding an additional 0.5 to any runs they bat or run in (for example, a Wired batter hitting a single with a Wired runner on third would result in a net 2 runs being scored).

The second time a player is beaned, they lose the Wired modification, replacing it with Tired; instead of adding to runs, they instead subtract 0.5 runs in the same way.

A third beaning removes the wired modification, priming a player to become Wired again upon the fourth.

For a list of example "bean" messages, see the main page for Coffee.


Wired and Tired first appeared alongside Coffee Weather during the first round of the Coffee Cup and was the first effect in blaseball to grant fractional runs, resulting in many unique scores.

While it was theoretically possible for a runner, batter, and pitcher to all be Tired, resulting in a -0.5 run total, this never occurred in the Coffee Cup, and with negative runs becoming more common in the Expansion Era, was less noteworthy at that point.