Pandemonium Artists

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The Pandemonium Artists are a blaseball team that participated in the inaugural Coffee Cup between Season β11 and Season β12.


Lineup Rotation

Official League Records

The Pandemonium Artists were one of four teams in the Coffee Cup that did not consist of existing ILB players. In the first round, they were defeated by FWXBC in a 3-1 series, and were eliminated from the Coffee Cup.

Following the Coffee Cup, the Artists did not see active play again. The players of the team became  Idol Immune for the remainder of Beta Blaseball. The Artists did not migrate to post-Beta Blaseball, meaning the team is now defunct.


The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

The Pandemonium Artists is a collective of creative freelancers based in the city of Pandemonium. They play blaseball between art gigs in whatever space is close to their current community job large enough to facilitate play.

The Artists often collaborate as muralists, taking on challenging and gigantic art jobs all over Pandemonium and beyond - and take advantage of the doors this opens to play in some of the cities most exclusive spaces amongst themselves. With a team of over 30 artists, they regularly shift and rotate positions and give everyone a chance to play.


Space twists. Dimensions shiver. Something new springs forth. This time, the Interdimensional Rumor Mill reveals a Rumor from IF-42.74 out of its Rumor Registry...


You know the phrase "I'll sleep when I'm dead"?

That's the Pandemonium Artists, every last one. Now here they are in the underworld, and they still can't rest. Their spirits are driven by a need to continue creating. They constantly take on new works and commissions, fueled by coffee and a drive to spite anyone who says they can't do it.

This drive has allowed them to rise above the other spirits of Pandemonium and find something like life, but only as long as they keep creating. Every bat, ball, locker room, and dugout the artists enter is covered in a thick layer of graffiti to confirm they are still kicking.

Internet League Contenders

While working on a Tigerbeams mural in Hellmouth, Utah, the Artists took a break to play ball on an actual regulation field. During the 5th inning changeover, the stands began to fill in preparation for the Coffee Cup announcement and several Internet League Blaseball players, team captains, and notable figures in the community made their way onto the field along with the 14 Artists players planning to take the outfield and bases.

When asked why they were on the field, Friend Void stated simply: “To play Blaseball!”, not realizing he was speaking with Parker MacMillan IIII.

Being new to the job, MacMillan took Void at his word and announced the Artists among the teams of the Coffee Cup.



Additional Personnel


The Artists don't have a formal stadium, but bring a set of bases with them on jobs. With each game, the first artist at bat is expected to name the days "stadium" by tagging over the many names drawn on the home plate. As of now, it reads: "Stadium_V5_final_FINAL.psd "