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Percolated is a Player Modification first seen during the Coffee Cup.


Players who became Percolated could only become Percolated if they were previously Observed. These Observed players would then be picked out by The Saucer, caught in their Tractor Beam, and become Percolated.


During the Coffee Cup, players on the guest team Real Game Band each had the Observed Modification. During the first few games of Round 1, players of the Real Game Band were percolated at random. The following Real Game Band players were percolated:

During the Expansion Era, more players would become Observed, but no other players would be Percolated.


  • The Percolated message for Oops All Keepers was different from the other members of Real Game Band. Their Percolated message reads as follows:
    • The Saucer Descends!
    • Oops All Keepers is caught in the Tractor Bean!
    • Oops All Keepers is Percolated!
    • Oops All Keepers is fired into outer space!