Society Data Witches

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The Society Data Witches were a blaseball team that participated in the inaugural Coffee Cup between Season β11 and Season β12. They were sponsored by the Society for Internet Blaseball Research.

Official League Records

The Data Witches were one of four teams in the Coffee Cup that did not consist of existing ILB players.

In the first round, they swept Cream & Sugar United in a 3-0 series, and in the second, they won a hard-fought 3-2 series against Atlético Latte. In the semifinals, they were swept by FWXBC in a 0-3 series.

Following the Coffee Cup, the Data Witches did not see active play again. The players of the team became  Idol Immune for the remainder of Beta Blaseball.

In Season β19, fans of the Data Witches made a lighthearted plan, Operation Data Crimes, where they encouraged other fans to Flute to the Data Witches and sponsor Gifts for other teams. The goal was to cause the Data Witches to appear as a top gifter for as many teams as possible. Although it initially seemed that it would work, the operation ultimately backfired and caused several teams to receive fewer gifts than expected. In the elections for that season, teams that were affected by this glitch received a  Free Gift as compensation.

The Data Witches did not migrate to post-Beta Blaseball, meaning the team is now defunct.


Lineup Rotation