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This page is about the real-world video game studio. For the blaseball team, see Real Game Band.
A white guitar pick with a red Spade (playing card suit) on it, displayed on a red background.
Logo for The Game Band.

The Game Band (often abbreviated "TGB") is a video game development studio based in the United States. TGB are the creators of Blaseball, as well as the title Where Cards Fall, which was advertised on the Blaseball webpage through the sponsorship system.

The key members of The Game Band who have worked on Blaseball since its creation are Joel Clark (game designer, sim developer), Stephen Bell (writer), and Sam Rosenthal (game design, creative director, business affairs)[1]. Since then, Felix Kramer has also joined as Studio Manager. The devs make occasional appearances in-universe or on the Discord as an "Umpire" (e.g. "Ump Husky", "Ump Sunman", etc) where they speak in ALL CAPS, offering light commentary or upcoming story hints. Arguably their largest in-universe appearance was for the mock trial held during Grand Siesta (see: New York Millennials v. Parker MacMillan III).

Several members of TGB were fictionalized as in-game Blaseball players for Real Game Band, who made up a "surprise appearance" team during the Coffee Cup.

Notable Events

On May 18, 2021, The Game Band announced via Medium post that they had secured $3 million in funding from investor groups Makers Fund, 1Up Ventures, and Matthew Ball[2]. The money will be used to pay employees for their work, and to ensure continued development of Blaseball. One of the primary stated goals is production of a mobile client for the game. Since the announcement, TGB has also begun hiring additional employees.

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