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This document covers the preferred rules of content, language, and organization for material published on the Blaseball Wiki. These guidelines were developed to promote clarity, consistency, and smooth collaboration by establishing standards of written communication for authors to reference regardless of background, location, personal preference, or colloquial style. These guidelines should exist as a living document, being updated regularly to best serve the needs of the wiki and adapting to changing demands and evolving language conventions when appropriate.

Wiki contributors should try to meet these standards as best they can. A group effort is crucial to standards being equally applied across the large and quickly growing collection of material that makes up the wiki.

Using this Guide

The Blaseball Wiki Style Guide serves as a reference for lore writers, artists, and other wiki contributors. The rules laid out in this document are not exhaustive; it covers Blaseball-specific conventions and a broad range of related guidelines that come up often on this wiki. If you have questions that are not answered in this document, we recommend referencing a well-regarded style guide or website, such as the the Chicago Manual of Style, or asking the wiki team for input.

This Guide is divided into four sections:

  • Part I includes broad guidelines for wiki content;
  • Part II covers guidelines for contributing to this wiki, including the policy on collaboration;
  • Part III covers rules of style, including voice, article structure, formatting, citations, and terminology; and
  • Part IV contains a list of more in-depth guides for further subject-specific help.

For information on things outside the scope of the Guide, please contact the wiki team.