Help:Admins and Moderators

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This page is a list of current Administrators and Moderators for the Blaseball Wiki, and preferred methods to contact them by.

All members on this page can be contacted via the #wiki-talk channel on the Blaseball Discord server, or by posting on their wiki user Talk pages.


  • Nesbitt
    • nesbitt#1991 on Discord, feel free to reach out
    • Posting in #wiki-talk on the Blaseball Discord server is a reliable way to get in touch with me as well
  • Risky
    • risky#9552 on Discord


  • Ian Gitax, captain with the Tigers
    • Ian Gitax#0034 on Discord
  • Dax, Discord Keeper
    • daxleopard#7113 on Discord


  • Steven, former administrator
  • Jadey, former administrator