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Unrevised Style Guide Section
This section of the Style Guide has not been revised from early drafts. As a result, this information is disorganized (as you can see) and possibly not representative of current wiki policies. While you may find useful guidance here, it should not be taken as gospel nor used to settle disputes without wiki mod confirmation.

Certain things in Blaseball are fully knowable, such as a player's name, when they have been incinerated, and their statistical breakdown, among other things. These bits of information are not up for alteration by anyone but The Commissioner. As such, they should be portrayed on this wiki accurately. This includes information on each player sheet (star ratings, blood type, soulscream, etc.). Forbidden Knowledge about a player is not currently housed on this Wiki.

Each player page starts with an infobox that holds one or more player photos and two tabs, Official Records, and Rumors and Reports. Every box has an Official Records tab, which includes information presented on a player’s stat sheet in the game. Many players also include a Rumors and Reports tab, which includes community lore information, such as a set of pronouns, species, nicknames, relationships, and much more. On a desktop view, the Infobox sits on the right of the page, with the first paragraph placed immediately next to it.

Next is an introduction paragraph, which describes the current status of the player, what team they are on, their position, and at most, one additional fact about them. This is followed by the first section on the page, Official League Record, which includes a broad history of team trades, notable plays, notable mechanical changes, and other official events. The Official League Record section is then followed by the first lore section and the Community Lore banner.

This format of a player page can be found on our Example Player page, and new pages with this format can be generated when necessary from our New Player page (link).