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Unrevised Style Guide Section
This section of the Style Guide has not been revised from early drafts. As a result, this information is disorganized (as you can see) and possibly not representative of current wiki policies. While you may find useful guidance here, it should not be taken as gospel nor used to settle disputes without wiki mod confirmation.

Collaboration Policy

Alongside the official narrative of Blaseball, the wiki plays host to many fan-made narratives (aka “community lore”) about Blaseball, and is a space to collaborate while expanding and/or diversifying those narratives. Most of these narratives center around individual characters within the world of Blaseball. Commonly, users of this wiki will have differing ideas about a character’s personality, behavior, history, and more; as such, conflict between interested parties is inevitable. As the wiki team has chosen to accept the dev mandate that “all interpretations of a character are valid,” we have developed collaboration guidelines to prevent conflicts before they happen, or at least provide moderators with a paper trail should the need arise.

Read the full policy here. We encourage all contributors working on character pages to read them. In brief, however, all significant changes must first be summarised (as described on the main policy page) and posted on a player’s Talk page for at least 24 hours before adding it to the main page. Significant changes are defined in the full policy, but we want to especially note that this includes any additions or alterations to pages within a player’s Interdimensional Rumor Mill (described further below); to centralize these collaborations, post all changes to the main page’s Talk page, regardless of where the change will ultimately be made. It is the responsibility of contributors to convert their summary proposals on the Talk page into finalized text on the main page or Interdimensional Rumor Mill.

Minor changes that do not need to be posted collaboratively include fixing mechanical errors, updating verb tense for any reason, posting fanart in a gallery, adding clarifying language, or content given exceptions by admins.

All contributions are assumed to be sincere and made in good faith, and cannot be rejected out of hand. That said, in recognition of the outsized role a player’s team typically plays in their lore generation, we grant first-pass priority to that team for initial lore generation and general lore organization. Should anyone find that a player’s lore (whether on the Talk page or in its final implementation) poses community safety concerns or is malicious in impact, we encourage reporting the material using the wiki systems and contacting the wiki team on Discord. To ensure that interested parties have the best chance of seeing lore edits, we strongly recommend (but do not require; we know not all wiki users are also Discord users) that contributors also post a link to a player’s Talk page in the primary Blaseball Discord server, in the channel #wiki-talk.

In cases where content poses a community safety concern, is malicious in impact, or is reasonably believed to be added in bad faith, the content will be removed once the wiki team is made aware of the situation. For clarity, “bad faith” includes (but is not limited to) intent to conceal others’ creative contributions, deliberately inflammatory or otherwise manipulative actions, and duplicity that leads the wiki team to question the good-faith assumption.

For more information about Talk pages, see our Talk page guide.

Community Lore Banner

This Wiki commonly presents two categories of content: Official Records, and Community Lore. Official Records are things like a player’s team and notable plays, narrative events, and seasonal records. Community Lore is the collaborative fiction written for Blaseball characters and concepts, and in alignment with this Wiki’s perspective on canon, shouldn’t be considered official information. Contributors are to use the Community Lore Banner ({{Community Lore}}) underneath the first heading containing community written stories on every page. All Community Lore must then be placed underneath the banner, to provide clarity to readers about where Official Records end and fan work begins.

Community Lore banners are not present on pages that are core to the canon of Blaseball, such as Season pages or events in the game. Occasionally, there will be other types of banners that indicate similar intent, such as banners on the Pandemonium Artists, the Society Data Witches, and the Real Game Band players, that relate to the circumstances around these character’s creations.

[Explain the banner, rules for banner use/delineation, rumors & reports, fanon pages, etc]