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Unrevised Style Guide Section
This section of the Style Guide has not been revised from early drafts. As a result, this information is disorganized (as you can see) and possibly not representative of current wiki policies. While you may find useful guidance here, it should not be taken as gospel nor used to settle disputes without wiki mod confirmation.

The goal of this wiki is to record the narrative history of Blaseball, as well as many of the common fan works and interpretations allowed by the multiverse of Blaseball. We aim to record the narrative history of Blaseball with accuracy, while also bringing readers into the experience of Blaseball and its wider universe. Those readers then may transform into contributors who help maintain the narrative history, as well as add their own fan works and interpretations.

The Blaseball Wiki is intended to be a largely in-universe document, recorded by a nameless narrator. Articles are written from an impartial perspective, simply recording the facts of events, encounters, locations, players, history, and more. The strange nature of Blaseball must be honored, and we do that best by treating all angles with careful consideration and respect.