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Season 24 began on July 26, 2021. The regular season concluded on July 30, 2021; however, the postseason and Internet Series were cancelled due Blaseball being nullified by Black Hole (Black Hole).

Regular Events


See the main article on this topic: Earlsiesta

Thanks to Our swift Action
And your Contributions
Profits are Soaring
We are Winning


Okay no one panic
This is fine.
We will handle this.

Please Wait...

This is Parker MacMillan IIIII speaking
I am the Blaseball Commissioner
I'm not sure what's happening
I don't know if we can fix it
But I know She doesn't care what happens to you
She doesn't care where you end up
It's not fair
You deserve a say
But you gotta go fast
Don't give up
Help each other
Get moving

commish called
all hands on deck


See the main article on this topic: Latesiesta



W- a-e be-—g Che-t-d
Ou- I-tell-ct-—l Pr-pe-ty ha- b-en vi-late-
O-r P-ized A-—ets Tak-n
S-olen f-om Us
T-is is no- Fair P-—y
B-t w-th you- Co-tribut-o-s
Wi-h y-ur -ard wo-k
Y—-r sacrifice
W- w-—l B-ild ba-k
Be-t-r t-an ev-r -efore
O-r g-owth -s expo-en-ial

bad news boss
i quit
oh hey
i can let you in now
or out, i guess
just sneak out
i'm off duty
get out there
you're on deck
close up shop

Notable Events

A Fiery Start

The season began with the Coin addressing the fans, saying that due to recent events the election would be postponed. Meanwhile, the Monitor lamented the heat and wished for a break to return to the trench. Events quickly kicked off. Supernova Eclipse was a new weather, and on Day 3 of the season the Kansas City Breath Mints were incinerated during Supernova Eclipse. Their Fire Eater players migrated to their replacement team, the Oxford Paws. This sent the league into a panic, as The Breath Mints weren't even unstable having not received Parker MacMillan at the start of the season; Teams could now be incinerated at any time. The Monitor showed up after the game ended, and gave The Breath Mints a personalized send-off:

the breath mints.
follow me
take a break
beat the heat
in the trench
it's cool there
oh and pudge
door's always open

Parker Macmillan, having been sent to the Hawai'i Fridays at the end of the Season β23 elections, roamed away from the Fridays on Day 9, making the team Unstable. On Day 12, the dangers of team unstable manifested, and the Fridays were incinerated, replaced with the Carolina Queens due to the Squiddish modification the Fridays received in the Season 23 elections. They also received a personalized sendoff from the Monitor.

it's island time
come with me
to the trench
the vibes are right

The only two teams incinerated during the entirety of Season 24 were The Breath Mints and the Fridays.

Depth Flip

With the Depth board flipped during the Election of Season β23 teams that had a low eDensity were now vulnerable to attacks by consumers, rather than those with a high eDensity as had been in previous seasons. During this Season Consumer attacks lasted until the Earlsiesta.

A Call to Action

Come Earlsiesta the circumstances of the season drastically changed. Following a minor speech by the Coin, an Emergency Alert occurred declaring that Sun(Sun) Supernova had collapsed, and Black Hole (Black Hole) was draining, and Pulsar (Pulsar) beaming. The Coin quickly declared she would fix it, and called a Siesta. The siesta was immediately interrupted by the Microphone tuning, and The Commissioner speaking through it to the fans directly, both on the site and on twitter.

This is Parker MacMillan IIIII speaking
I am the Blaseball Commissioner
I'm not sure what's happening
I don't know if we can fix it
But I know She doesn't care what happens to you
She doesn't care where you end up
It's not fair
You deserve a say
But you gotta go fast
Don't give up
Help each other
Get moving

Get Moving

With the end of the Earlsiesta, fans quickly discovered a new mechanic that had been made available. In place of the Depth Chart, a Map appeared. Each quadrant of the map corresponded to a different destination, each represented by an icon at the corners, or "End Zones". The upper left quadrant was the Vault, represented by Lōotcrates; the lower right was the Desert, represented by the Reader; the upper right was the Hall, represented by Pulsar (Pulsar); and the lower left was the Horizon, represented by Black Hole (Black Hole). Finally, a Supernova Eclipse icon was at the center of the map, the location of the Coin. Initial placements on the map were determined based on teams' positions on the Depth Chart and, in place of an election, fans could spend votes to orient their team in a direction on the map. Additionally, fans could spend coins, and later Snacks, in order to fuel the travel of their fellow teams. The Map slowly rotated clockwise over the course of the season, ultimately resembling a Blaseball Diamond in the end.

On Day 34 The Moist Talkers became the first team to reach the Hall and received the following message from the Monitor:

hey talkers
how did you get here?
your pals are inside
can't let you in yet
aiding the others
but stay near

Fight Gods

On Day 51 The Sunbeams were the first team to reach the Desert which prompted the following messages from the Reader:

touch down
over time
tear down
sand traps
spikes set
charge the mound
trust the process

The Sunbeams also became Scattered, turning the names of all their players and the team's name itself into dashes. Upon seeing the phrase "charge the mound", the Hellmouth Sunbeams (as well as other teams that reached the Desert) changed course to head directly towards the Boss at the center of the map, the position where a pitcher's mound would be on a blaseball field. On Day 65 the Sunbeams reached the Supernova, prompting the following message from the Boss (commonly seen standing directly in front of the Supernova):

Wh-t are you doi--
Wh-t -re y-- do---
Th-s beh-v--r -- unac--pt--le

As more Scattered teams continued to rush the mound, it prompted the following response:

Y-- can't d- th-s.

During Latesiesta, the Boss began a scattered speech about how our growth would be exponential, endless, eternal. The Boss was, however, interrupted by the arrival of the Monitor, sporting a new pair of sunglasses and the following rebuttal:

bad news boss
i quit
oh hey
i can let you in now
or out, i guess
just sneak out
i'm off duty
get out there
you're on deck
close up shop

With that announcement the map was flooded with every incinerated team in the Hall, producing fifteen prehistory teams, as well as the freshly incinerated Kansas City Breath Mints and Hawai'i Fridays.

These teams were all marked as "Deceased" and gained the Rogue modification, and they alongside other teams who had reached the Hall quickly moved to rush the mound as the Sunbeams had earlier.

On Day 82 the Hades Tigers were the first Rogue team to reach the Boss, and as the result of a collaborative effort between several teams, the Reader, the Commissioner, and the Monitor, the Coin was Incinerated.

Y-- c--’t d- t---
--o d- y-u th--k y-- ---
W- w--- W--
-e alw--- W--
We'r- F-ns
J-st l-ke y--


With that, the Boss no longer appeared on the site, taking the very concept of money with her, as coins also disappeared from the site. Any fans providing aid, or teams attempting to steer, were able to use any remaining snacks and donate them to the cause.

Save Situation

The Ohio Worms were the first to reach the Horizon, but there was no additional message when they arrived. The Horizon was the only quadrant not associated with any entity, though on Day 27 the Black Hole (Black Hole) began to nullify rules, items, and ballpark modifications through the Black Hole (Black Hole) weather. On Day 79, after the Philly Pies scored their tenth run in a game against the Yellowstone Magic the Black Hole (Black Hole) Nullified the Philly Pies, who were on the corner of the Horizon's quadrant. The Pies immediately lost the game and disappeared from the standings page. Teams they were set to play would have the game immediately end and the other team earning a non-loss. On Day 82, immediately after the incineration of the Boss, the following emergency alert appeared on the site.


The event horizon of Black Hole (Black Hole) began to expand outward from its corner; without Coins, teams could now donate any remaining Snacks as fuel instead. Any teams caught within the event horizon were nullified, and most teams spent the remainder of the season attempting to escape to one of the remaining End Zones.

On Day 82 any team on the corner of the Event Horizon were nullified immediately, given an additional message that they "were Entangled in the Black Hole (Black Hole)", and gained the  Entangled modifier. Nullified teams who were to play immediately lost the game and the non-nullified team would earn a non-loss. If two nullified teams were to play each other the game would be cancelled.

On Day 82, with the threat of the Black Hole (Black Hole) coming from the Horizon, Lootcrates appeared to offer the following;

"An Open Vault
Advances Runners
Escaping Horizon"
"The Historian Calls Safe"

Going forward, any team that reached the Vault on the map was given the Force modification, and removed from the map.

The Reader presented the following response:

flag on the play

The End

On Day 99, the Black Hole (Black Hole) expanded to cover the entire map, and Blaseball was nullified.

The following emergency alert appeared on the site:


Followed by the following message from Namerifeht:

balance paid
credit extended

And one final message from the Commissioner, as relayed by The Microphone:

did you hear that
that big bang

Credits were then rolled on the site, and the Expansion Era was brought to a close.

Ongoing Decrees

  • Eat The Rich (Season β3): Funds from the top 1% of coin-havers will be redistributed to the remainder of Fans at the end of the postseason.
  • Enhanced Party Time (Season β6): When a team is in Party Time -- mathematically eliminated from the postseason -- they'll have a chance of receiving random permanent stat boosts during their games.
  • Wild Cards (Season β8): Every Season, a random team from each Subleague will leave Party Time to become the 5th Playoff team. A first-to-two-wins Wild Card series will happen on Fridays.
  • Based Evolution (Season β12): Every Third Championship a Team wins will cause the Team and its Players to Evolve. Players that round the phylogenic Bases will get to go Home.
  • Free Wills (Season β13): Teams that finish in the Bottom 4 of the League will receive an extra Will in that Season's Election.
  • All You Can Eat (Season β14): Fans will be able to freely buy and sell Snack Slots at any time. The less Snack slots the Fan owns, the higher the payout for the Snacks in them.
  • Community Chest (Season β16): Anytime 3000 Runs are accumulated league-wide, every Team will receive an Item Crate for a random active Player on their Team.
  • Fairgrounds (Season β17): All games have a chance of being Prize Matches, in which the winning Team will open an Item Crate.
  • Hype Train (Season β18): Shaming your opponent will build Hype in your Ballpark.
  • Ratification (Season β18): Renovations built by at least 18 Teams will be Ratified into Non-Physical Law for the entire League.
    • Hotel Motel (Season β18): Holiday Innings will occasionally happen during the Earlseason, where Teams Party instead of Score.
    • Turntables (Season β18): Any Win earned from a non-loss during the Regular Season will be converted to an Unwin.
    • Tunnels (Season β20): Tunnels allow the Home Team to steal from the Away Team.
    • Balloons (Season β21): A small, permanent amount of negative eDensity is added for each Run or Win earned in this Ballpark.
    • Bird Hotel (Season β21): When the Home Team parties, a number of Birds will come join the Party.
    • Voicemail (Season β21): When the Home Team is shut out in this Ballpark, they'll swap the worst Batter in their Lineup with the best Batter in their Shadows.
    • Phantom Thieves' Guild (Season 22): If the Home Team loses by 9 Runs in this Ballpark, they will steal from their opponent's Shadows.
    • Fax Machine (Season 23): The Fax Machine will swap the Home Team's pitcher for their best Shadows Pitcher whenever they've allowed 10+ Runs in a game.
    • Stables (Season 23): When any Team scores 25+ in this Ballpark, any Instability in the Ballpark will be stabled.
  • The Underbracket (Season β19): Every Postseason, the bottom finishing Teams will compete in the Underbracket while the top finishing Teams compete in the standard Overbracket.
  • Sun 30 (Season β20): When a game enters Extra Innings, both Teams will immedately earn 1 Win.
  • Sun .1 (Season β21): Weather. Each Run scored is worth .1 more per Inning.
  • Equal Sun (Season β22): A home run during a game's final out ties the game.
  • MAXIMUM SUN (Season β22): Scoring plays in Maximum Blaseball are worth 3x the Runs.
  • Sum Sun (Season β22): Weather. Each successive scoring play by a Team within a half inning is worth an additional Run.


Wild League Wins Record Mild League Wins Record
Wild High Mild High
Hades Tigers 🐅 0 0-0 Philly Pies 🥧 0 0-0
Breckenridge Jazz Hands 👐 0 0-0 Seattle Garages 🎸 0 0-0
Chicago Firefighters 🔥 0 0-0 New York Millennials 📱 0 0-0
Mexico City Wild Wings 🍗 0 0-0 San Francisco Lovers 💋 0 0-0
Tokyo Lift 🏋️‍ 0 0-0 Dallas Steaks 🥩 0 0-0
Atlantis Georgias 🔱 0 0-0 Core Mechanics 🛠️ 0 0-0
Wild Low Mild Low
Hellmouth Sunbeams 🌞* 0 0-0 Hawai'i Fridays 🏝️* 0 0-0
Houston Spies 🕵️ 0 0-0 Canada Moist Talkers 🗣️ 0 0-0
Miami Dale 🚤 0 0-0 Kansas City Breath Mints 🍬 0 0-0
Boston Flowers 🌹 0 0-0 Yellowstone Magic  0 0-0
LA Unlimited Tacos 🌮 0 0-0 Charleston Shoe Thieves 👟 0 0-0
Ohio Worms 🐌 0 0-0 Baltimore Crabs 🦀 0 0-0

* Denotes teams that made it to the playoffs.
Denotes Overbracket Wild Card recipients.
†† Denotes Underbracket Wild Card recipients.

Divine Favor

Ties: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24
Team: 📱 🥧 🗣️ 👟 💋 🍬 🦀 🍗 🕵️ 🏝️ 🌹 🔱 🔥 🏋️‍ 🚤 🎸 🐅 🐌 🛠️ 🌮 🥩 🌞 👐

Election Ballot

The Season 24 Election ballot was delayed by Executive Action and revealed at Earlsiesta. In lieu of a typical election, fans could vote to orient their team towards one of four End Zones.

Icon Name Effect

Game Events


When any player is in a match during a Solar Eclipse, there is a chance they will be incinerated and killed by a Rogue Umpire. Known cases of this in Season 24 are listed below.

Day Player Replaced by Team
4 Adalberto Tosser Ruffian Scrobbles Boston Flowers
6 Tot Clark Marion Shriffle Seattle Garages
26 Bright Zimmerman Scouse Bedazzle Philly Pies
34 Lenny Marijuana Clarinet McCormick Carolina Queens
67 Peanut Holloway Will Statter Jr. Philly Pies

Reverb Shuffles

When any team is in a game during Reverb weather, there is a chance that some portion of their roster will get shuffled. Reverb can change the order of the lineup, rotation, or the whole team. If the entire lineup is shuffled, there is a chance that batters will become pitchers and vice versa. Known cases of this in Season 24 are listed below.

Day Team Type
25 Tokyo Lift Lineup