First Pitch

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The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

The First Pitch is an event in Blaseball History, believed to be the instance when a blaseball was first thrown in the general direction of a batter. This event is often commemorated as the beginning (or end) of the splort of Blaseball, and is a subject of intense study among Blaseball historians.


The question of who threw out the First Pitch is a controversial and oft-discussed one among Blaseball historians, players, and fans. While no evidence pointing towards any particular person has yet been discovered, speculation remains common, with proposed candidates for the first Pitch including Hydrogen, one of the Blaseball Gods, the concept of splorts, The Commissioner, and Jaylen Hotdogfingers. Esme Ramsey claims to have witnessed the First Pitch (although this is heavily disputed), but stated that the identity of the pitcher was obscured by "a miasma of unmitigated strength and fury."


There are a variety of schools of thought regarding the outcome of the First Pitch. The traditional and most popular view is that the pitch was successfully hit, resulting in a Home Run (or, in some accounts, a Triple). Some theorize the energy released by this hit created the appropriate conditions for Blaseball fusion to occur, leading to the formation of heavier Blaseball elements, such as the Designated Hitter and the Sacrifice Fly.

The other predominant theory is that the pitch resulted in a Strike. However, a small contingent of historians maintain that this was in fact, a Hit By Pitch, incorrectly recorded as a Strike when the batter's utter annihilation prevented them from advancing to First Blase.

Recent discovered records suggest that the bat used was the Prime Gunblade Bat, and may be in the collection of the Commissioner.