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The Oconnor Family

For more on the Oconnor Family, see Famous Oconnor.

When Internet League Blaseball became an observable phenomenon, the Magic were owned by the wealthy Oconnor family. Following the loss of their son Famous to a rogue umpire, the family sold their share of ownership.

The Park Service

For more on current ownership, see the Park Service.

After consulting the various scrolls and tomes tracking the teams ownership, the Park Service was determined to be the rightful heir to the franchise due to a longstanding and ancient compact. Little is known about the controlling leadership, and none of the players have met the true owner.

Ancestral Bat

The Ancestral Bat of the Magic is Ol' Faithful, hewn from a branch of the oldest pine tree in Yellowstone. It was sealed away under the ballpark for fear of its immense extradimensional power between Season β1 and the first Postseason. Many Magic fans speculate that this is why the Magic fell from number one seed to a first round loss. The Oconnor family lobbied to have the bat brought back, but Merlinmeyer forbade it.


The Magic School Buses are the official vehicles of the Yellowstone Magic. They are used to transport the team between stadiums during away games and to get snacks from the 7/11 after practice. The origin of the bus' name is unknown, but it's extremely misleading since it is not and has never been a school bus. In reality, they are repurposed tour buses, enchanted with a rune spell that activates upon the starting of the vehicle. The caster of this enchantment is unknown, as are their intentions. Upon startup, a random passenger (not driver) within the bus will exclaim, "WITH THE FRIZZ?". Immediately after, all but one passenger in the bus will shout "NO WAY!". Any attempts at removing the spell have been flagrantly unsuccessful, all resulting in being bodily flung from the vehicle at an extreme speed before the rune is able to be destroyed. Attempts have been made to circumvent this enchantment by starting the bus while empty or with only one passenger onboard, but if this is done the bus will almost always shut itself off mid-trip until it is restarted with the whole team inside.

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Team Superstitions

  • King Weatherman, rival of the Yellowstone Magic, may be a resident of Bluesky, the ██████ █████ ███████████ territorial Yellowstone National Park (parkpark). Some druids among the senior members of the Magic administration are convinced the Weatherman is trying to meddle with the weather over Yellowstone, in an attempt to gain the Ol' Faithful bat.
  • Due to a large amount of spelunking and skydiving-related disappearances, speculations have been made that a mysterious force exists deep in the Yellowstone Caverns.
  • Hot dogs are believed to be "good luck" after Halexandrey Walton coughed up a "nearly perfectly spherical" chunk of rotten sausage meat after winning a particularly vicious game against the Kansas City Breath Mints. As a result of this, many of Presto's pro/post-game cookouts are treated as highly spiritual rituals. Note: Corn dogs "count", but most players prefer hot dogs anyway.
  • A disproportionately large amount of Blue Sky Natural Soda cans have been found littered in both treetops and by cave openings by the 300 trained birds of Yellowstone National Park; this has led to a belief that some alchemical properties exist in the beverage.
  • The waters of Yellowstone National Park are famed for their magical potential, particularly for scrying and alchemy. Local splorts fans are known to follow Washer Barajas around in attempt to collect “samples” from them, much to geys chagrin.
  • Mild game delays occur for innings played after 12:00 PM and before 1:00 PM. This period of time is referred to "The Pitching Hour" by the Magic. This midday Blaseball counterpart to the Witching Hour allegedly increases the pitching prowess of whoever stands on the mound. The delays occur from attempts to stall the opponents pitch as long as possible by performing "powerful counter-rites" to undo the positive energy given to the pitcher. In reality, these "counter-rites" consist of yelling at the enemy pitcher as they prepare to throw, attempting to distract them. This has not been ruled unsplortsmanlike, although most teams the Magic play frown upon this behavior strongly.
  • Following an incredible influx of peanuts and the subsequent plague of birds at Blaseball leagues, Yellowstone National Park has forbidden any and all magics that involve the conjuring, speed-growing or any other mass production of peanuts.

Arcane Research

Philly Pies

After the Philly Pies went on a winning streak in a series of postseason games, reports arose in the Yellowstone area saying they "received a vision after a continuous bellow from the geyser (and player) Washer Barajas". Residents claim they saw players of the blaseball team the Philly Pies cooking the dust of incinerated players into their pies and eating them. While some experts question the claims in part to Washer having no memory of the event, the Yellowstone Magic team filed a complaint stating,

"It takes away from the spirit of the game for a single team to be shown favor from a non-registered source of power."

When asked about the complaint, the players said,

"We believe that the Philly Pies are eating the souls of incinerated players. This form of supernatural power is unregistered and there for, an insult to the spirit of the game. We have taken rigorous tests and examinations to have our more mystically assisted players cleared for play, the Philly Pies have not."

The Pies refuse to comment on the claims.(edited)

[2:55 PM]

Many league members believe this Arcane Research is the ultimate cause of the post-Season 2 Playoff appearance of the Bad Gateway.