Yellowstone Magic/Beta/Season 24

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In Season β24, the Yellowstone Magic made a beeline for the Desert, and spent about half the season Scattered.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Season Events

Fax Machine and Voicemail

Day Player Replaced Player Incoming Renovation Used
7 Curry Aliciakeyes Cravel Gesundheit Fax Machine
7 Cravel Gesundheit Curry Aliciakeyes Fax Machine
8 King Weatherman Cravel Gesundheit Fax Machine
8 Cravel Gesundheit King Weatherman Fax Machine
33 Kirkland Sobremesa Bevan Wise Voicemail
38 Eizabeth Elliott Cravel Gesundheit Fax Machine


Day Player Cause Return Day Duration
3 Francisco Preston Flooding 19 16 days
44 Francisco Preston Flooding 67 23 days

Consumer Attacks

Day Player Defense
12 Ziwa Mueller Underhanded Head Ring damaged
13 Ziwa Mueller Underhanded Head Ring damaged
17 Ziwa Mueller Underhanded Head Ring breaks
17 Ziwa Mueller
17 Ziwa Mueller
19 Ziwa Mueller
19 Ziwa Mueller
22 Ziwa Mueller Became Redacted
23 Washer Barajas Skate Ring breaks
25 Bonk Jokes Golden Travelling Helmet damaged

Phantom Thieves' Guild

Day Team Stealing Team Stolen From Stolen Player/Item Item Stolen From Item Given To
13 📱 Munro Tumblehome
38 🦀 Aluminum Cool Arm Bat +1 Finn James Bevan Wise


Day Player
11 Ziwa Mueller

Notable Games


Because the Magic were Magnified 2X in this season, the team was involved in several games that resulted in Nullification, most notably the nullification of the Philly Pies on Day 79.

Other Games

On Day 68, Rey Wooten became Unstable after catching a flyout from Silvaire Semiquaver. The instability wore off on Day 72.

On Day 91, Alx Keming was replaced by Atlas Diaz in a Night Shift. This was the last player change on any team in the Expansion Era and in the Beta.

Season Overview

The Yellowstone Magic began the season Roamless and Magnified. The team faced a setback when Ziwa Mueller became Redacted on Day 22.

In the Earlsiesta, when the Map was revealed, the Magic were approaching the Vault. Together, the team decided to go to the Desert. They touched down on Day 57 and became Scattered.

Because the Magic were Magnified, they were involved in several Black Hole (Black Hole) games that resulted in the nullification of rules, items, stadium renovations, and most notably the Philly Pies. The team also had several Fax Machine and Voicemail activations.