Yellowstone Magic/Beta/Season 19

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In Season β19, the Yellowstone Magic took advantage of the Turntables and won the Mild Low division. The team ultimately finished as semifinalists.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Season Events


Day Player Cause Return Day Duration Scattered name
44 Francisco Preston Flooding 45 1 day n/a

Peanut Allergies

Day Player Event
87 Evelton McBlase II Allergy cured by Peanut Mister

Seasonal Reading


Gift Shop


Players on the idol board in certain positions would receive the Ego modification and subsequent boosts. On Day 99 this season, the following player(s) received the following boosts.

Player New Ego Level
James Mora Ego+++

Election Outcomes


  • sorry again
    • here you go magic
      • +  Free Gift




Season Overview

With the magic of Turntables, the Magic made some magic. Yellowstone finished first in the Mild Low division and third in the league overall, qualifying for the postseason with ease. The Magic handily defeated the Charleston Shoe Thieves but lost in the semifinals against the Seattle Garages.

The Magic participated in Operation Data Crimes, meaning that they were short one gift in the Latesiesta. The Monitor gave them a free gift for the next season. The Magic also gained Goodwin Morin II on their lineup for the lateseason.

In the elections, the Magic regained two beloved players: Logan Rodriguez and Halexandrey Walton. Morin II turned to Dust. The Magic also won a blessing to shore up their defense with Defense Practice, achieving a longtime strategic goal.