Yellowstone Magic/Beta/Season 1

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Season β1 was the Yellowstone Magic's first season as a member of Internet League Blaseball, the Good League, and the Chaotic Good division. The Magic had a strong debut season, tying with the Hades Tigers for the best season record in the league.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Election Outcomes


Season Overview

The Magic had a strong first season, placing first in their division and conference. Overall they tied for the best regular season record in the league, tying with the Hades Tigers, and placed first in the league overall due to Divine Favor. However, in the postseason, the Magic were swept by the Boston Flowers in the quarterfinals.

In the elections, the Magic won the Hitting Boost blessing, providing a 10% improvement to the team's batting. The developers have also alleged that due to a glitch in the election, the Magic originally won several more blessings; however, this was overwritten by other teams' wins.