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Unstable is a Modification that causes players (or Teams) to be much more likely to be incinerated under a Solar Eclipse. If a Player is Incinerated, their Instability chains to another player (or team) in the Game.


The Unstable Modification causes Players to have a higher chance of being Incinerated if playing under a Solar Eclipse. This only takes effect if a Player is active in the game, so for example an Unstable Pitcher who is not pitching will be safe from this effect even if their Team is under an Eclipse. Once an Unstable player is Incinerated, their Instability will chain to another Player either on their Team or their opponent's Team.

It is also possible for a Team to be Unstable and Incinerated. This has been seen under Solar Eclipse Weather in Library Records, and under Super Nova Eclipse Weather during Observed Play.

Unstable is usually generated as a weekly Modification as a result of Debt or Firewalker and clears every ninth in-game Day. The only exception to this is the permanent Unstable Modification that was seen on Chorby Short, Chorby Soul, Basilio Fig, and Nagomi Mcdaniel.


Unstable was first seen in Season β7 as a result of the necromancy of Jaylen Hotdogfingers in the Season β6 Election. Prior to Day 32 of that season it was unknown what the effect of Unstable was, as the Modification simple read that "this player is unstable". The first Unstable Incinerations started during Day 32 when a handful of Unstable players from the Hades Tigers carried that Modification into a game with the Canada Moist Talkers, kicking off an event that would later be known as Ruby Tuesday.


The most common cause of the Unstable modification is through the Debt modification. This has only been given out once the Discipline Era, and once in the Expansion Era.

Jaylen Hotdogfingers

Jaylen Hotdogfingers was able to give other players the weekly unstable modification due to their Debt modification. Hotdogfingers only held this modification for one season, as it was changed to Refinanced Debt in the Season β7 Election.

Players made unstable by Jaylen Hotdogfingers are:

Season Day Player Outcome Chained to Chained to Chained to
7 5 Dickerson Morse Safe
7 5 Stew Briggs Safe
7 5 Marquez Clark Safe
7 10 Eugenia Garbage Safe
7 10 Elijah Bates Safe
7 10 Jesús Koch Safe
7 15 Marco Stink Safe
7 15 Sam Scandal Safe
7 30 Mclaughlin Scorpler Incinerated Antonio Wallace Mooney Doctor
7 30 Moody Cookbook Incinerated Elijah Bates Yazmin Mason
7 30 Zion Aliciakeyes Safe
7 45 Sebastian Woodman Safe
7 45 Howell Franklin Safe
7 50 Annie Roland Safe
7 55 Dominic Marijuana Incinerated Murray Pony Pedro Davids
7 60 Annie Roland Safe
7 65 Conner Haley Safe
7 65 Sebastian Telephone Incinerated Yazmin Mason Frasier Shmurmgle Curry Aliciakeyes
7 65 August Sky Safe
7 75 Workman Gloom Incinerated Inky Rutledge
7 80 Richmond Harrison Safe
7 85 Grey Alvarado Safe
7 90 Oscar Dollie Safe
7 95 Boyfriend Monreal Incinerated Tot Clark
7 95 Lenny Spruce Safe
7 95 Grey Alvarado Safe
7 100 Blood Hamburger Safe
7 100 Velasquez Alstott Safe
7 100 Sebastian Woodman Safe
7 105 Yong Wright Safe
7 105 Miguel Wheeler Incinerated Malik Destiny
7 105 Summers Preston Safe
7 105 Axel Cardenas Safe
7 105 Ronan Combs Safe

Silvaire Roadhouse

Silvaire Roadhouse was able to give other players the weekly unstable modification due to their Debt modification. Roadhouse gained this modification as part of the Boston Flower's Reform Will in the Season β20 Election, and has kept it for the duration of the Expansion Era.

Players made unstable by Silvaire Roadhouse are:

Season Day Player Outcome Chained to Chained to
21 11 Walton Sports Safe
21 28 Lou Roseheart Safe
21 29 Peanutiel Duffy Safe
21 35 Stew Briggs Safe
21 43 Lenny Crumb Safe
21 45 Scratch Deleuze Safe
21 53 Farrell Seagull Safe
21 58 Ayanna Dumpington Safe
21 68 Beck Whitney Safe
21 69 Don Mitchell Safe
21 93 Stout Schmitt Safe
22 3 Stevenson Heat Safe
22 19 Adelaide Judochop Safe
22 34 Malik Destiny Safe
22 34 Tot Clark Safe
22 38 Cory Ross Safe
22 46 Eduardo Woodman Safe
22 46 Beans McBlase Safe
22 50 Helga Moreno Safe
22 50 Percival Wheeler Safe
22 54 PolkaDot Patterson Safe
22 58 Malik Destiny Safe
22 58 Tot Clark Safe
22 81 Thomas Dracaena Safe
22 87 Nicholas Mora Safe
22 107 Liquid Friend V Safe
23 3 Agan Harrison Safe
23 7 Helga Washington Safe
23 15 Slosh Truk Safe
23 17 Patty Fox Safe
23 19 Ren Hunter Safe
23 24 Gabriel Griffith Safe
23 26 Cannonball Sports Safe
23 26 Mindy Kugel Safe
23 32 Nandy Fantastic Safe
23 44 Lady Matsuyama Safe
23 60 Helga Washington Incinerated Chained to Jon Halifax Chained to Silvia Winner
23 61 Tot Clark Safe
23 62 Oliver Mueller Safe
23 63 Oliver Loofah Safe
23 64 Helga Moreno Safe
23 76 Barry Burkhard Safe
23 83 Marco Stink Safe
23 88 Gunther O'Brian Incinerated Chained to Kaz Fiasco
23 89 Agan Harrison Safe
23 89 Esme Ramsey Safe
23 90 Jordan Hildebert Safe
23 96 Helga Moreno Incinerated Chained to Tot Fox
23 99 Andrew Solis Safe
24 2 Conner Haley Safe
24 24 Cory Ross Safe
24 26 Guy Gulp Safe
24 29 Lucien Patchwork Safe
24 42 Richmond Harrison Safe
24 49 Steph Weeks Safe
24 60 Alexander Horne Safe
24 68 Rey Wooten Safe
24 77 Bennett McClutch Safe
24 78 Protea Sheldrake Safe
24 81 London Simmons Safe

Permanently Unstable

While the Unstable Modificaiton is almost always seen as a weekly effect, there are specific circumstances that can cause a player to become permenently unstbale. This has only been seen three times across the Expansion Era.

Chorby Soul

During the Season β14 Elections Chorby Soul was the target of the reform will, reforming their Debt[1] to Unstable. This was the first instance of Unstable as a permanent Modification, and the first time it was seen outside of the Discipline Era.

Chorby Short

During the Season β15 Election Chorby Short was the target of a plunder will, though they had been Redacted earlier in the season. This resulted in Short gaining Unstable as a permanent modification.

Unstable was reformed into Friend of Crows by the New York Millennials in the Season β17 Election.

Nagomi Mcdaniel

During the Season 15 Election Nagomi Mcdaniel was the target of a plunder will, though they had been Redacted earlier in the season. This resulted in Mcdaniel gaining Unstable as a permanent modification.

Due to Mcdaniel's Fire Eater modification Unstable proved almost no threat to the player, as they were unable to be incinerated. This resulted in six separate incidents that season where Mcdaniel ate flame and became Magmatic.


The final cause of Instability is the Firewalker Modification that was first revealed in the Library, but later seen in play during Season β24. This modification has only ever been seen as a result of a Hex from the Antarctic Fireballs in Season A of the ULB.

Parker MacMillan

Due to the redacted nature of Pre-history, there are only a small number of cases of instability that have been confirmed from Parker MacMillan's Firewalker modification, though many more can be inferred. The following is a list of all known unstable events in Prehistory:

Season Team Outcome Chained to
Season B Alaskan Immortals Incinerated Chained to Phoenix Trunks
Season C Canada Artists Incinerated Chained to Maryland Squirrels
Season D Oregon Psychics
Season E Minneapolis Truckers Incineration Chained to New York Millennials
Season E Florence Rhinoceroses Safe
Season E Lisbon Lynx Safe
Season E Dallas Steaks Safe
Season E Busan Bison Safe
Season E Hades Tigers Safe
Season E Boulders Bay Birds Safe
Season E Miami Dale Safe
Season E Canberra Drop Bears Safe
Season E Mexico City Wild Wings Safe
Season E Downward Dogs Safe
Season E São Paulo Parrots Safe
Season E La Paz Llamas Safe

In Season β24 with the release of MacMillan from the Vault during the Semi-Centennial, the Firewalker modification once again became active, with the following results:

Season Day Team Outcome Chained to
23 117 The Vault Safe
24 9 Hawai'i Fridays Incinerated Baltimore Crabs
24 18 Philly Pies Safe
24 27 Seattle Garages Safe
24 36 Philly Pies Safe
24 45 Seattle Garages Safe
24 54 Hades Tigers Safe
24 63 Philly Pies Safe
24 72 Charleston Shoe Thieves Safe
24 81 Alaskan Immortals Safe
24 81 Baltimore Crabs (Prehistory) Safe
24 81 Hades Tigers Safe
24 90 Seattle Garages Safe

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  1. Note that Soul's Debt mod was not the modification causing unstable, but rather caused Observed. See the Debt page for more details