Yellowstone Magic/Fall Ball

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Fall Ball was the prologue to the Coronation Era of Blaseball. During Fall Ball, Players from previous Eras were "burped" from the Black Hole (Black Hole) onto random Teams. On the Yellowstone Magic, 10 players from the Beta team fell to various teams.

Starting Roster

This is the roster as of the end of Season β24.

Lineup Rotation

Roster Changes

Fallen Magic Players

These players were on the Magic's roster at the end of Season β24 and fell to other teams.

Week Player New Team
01 Juan Murphy 🔱
03 Bevan Wise 🥧
05 Cravel Gesundheit 🌞
06 Bonk Jokes 👐
07 Jesús Koch 👐
08 Logan Rodriguez 🥩
09 Washer Barajas 👟

New Magic Players

These players fell from other teams to the Magic. Their positions on their former teams do not reflect their positions on the Magic.

Week Player
01 Inky Rutledge 🏋️‍
02 Axel Campbell 🦀
03 Fitzgerald Wanderlust 🎸
04 Mooney Doctor II 🍬
05 Rat Mason 🌮
06 Pippin Carpenter 🌮
07 Jelly Burgertoes 🌮
08 Abbott Wright 👟
09 Stu Trololol 👟
10 Vernon Shotwell 👟

Opening Day

On the first day of Season 1, the Magic had four players added to their roster, all of them on the lineup. These players were Demet Cabrera, DeAndre O'Possum, Amos Sikaeo, and Kiki Avci.