Yellowstone Magic/Beta/Season 4

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In Season β4, the Yellowstone Magic had their worst season to date, ending at a still-respectable 11th place in the league.

Starting Roster

Lineup Rotation

Roster Changes

Feedback Swaps

Day Magic Player Replacement Player Opposing Team
25 Penelope Mathews Alyssa Harrell 📱 New York Millennials

Election Outcomes


  • Alternate Reality passed with 52,343 votes and 23% of all decree votes.
    • The Alternates are called.
    • They take their places.
    • Reverberations build...


Season Overview

The Magic were affected early on by a feedback, losing original player Penelope Mathews in exchange for Alyssa Harrell of the New York Millennials. Harrell had recently been traded away from the Hades Tigers for being the worst batter on the team. Their presence, combined with the Magic's slowly-building blessing drought, led to the team posting a 49-50 record, finishing a franchise-worst 6th place in the conference and 11th in the league.

In the election, the Alternates decree rerolled the stats for Harrell, whose batting improved. However, the decree also significantly worsened the pitching of Yeong-Ho Garcia, team ace. The Magic's blessing drought continued; adding insult to injury, the Boston Flowers' Getting in Their Heads (Literally) blessing impaired the team's maximum vibes by 7%.