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Yeong-Ho Garcia was a player in the Shadows for the Houston Spies, and was with the team from the Season β13 elections until Fall Ball. Garcia has played for the Yellowstone Magic and the San Francisco Lovers.

Official League Records

Garcia joined the ILB as a pitcher for the Yellowstone Magic with the Return of Blaseball.

At the end of Season β4, Garcia was affected by the Alternate Reality decree, rerolling their stats (most notably, dropping their pitching rating to ).

During the Season β5 elections, Garcia's pitching fell half a star as a part of the Charleston Shoe Thieves' Bad Neighbors blessing.

On Season β6, Day 26, Garcia's hitting ability was siphoned by Seattle Garages lineup player Lang Richardson in a game with Blooddrain weather, bringing it from to .

During the Season β9 elections, Garcia received the Friend of Crows due to the passing of the Forecast: Birds decree.

On Season β12, Day 12, Garcia was exchanged to the San Francisco Lovers due to Feedback. Garcia was replaced by Jaylen Hotdogfingers.

Garcia was traded to the Houston Spies in exchange for Fitzgerald Blackburn during the Season β13 Elections via the Houston Spies' Exchange.

During the Season β19 earlsiesta, Garcia was given the Undertaker modification as part of the seasonal reading.

During the Season β19 elections, Garcia's Friend of Crows modification was changed into the Walk in the Park modification by the Spies' Reform will.

On Season β21, Day 77, Garcia retreated to the Spies' Shadows in exchange for Math Velazquez at An Undisclosed Location via the Ratified Voicemail.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Testimony on Yeong-Ho Garcia's Identity

Stories swirl about Yeong-Ho Garcia in the Interdimensional Rumor Mill. Wiki archivists have dutifully recorded some of them in a Rumor Registry, summarized for easy research. These are the notes for one story from IF-17.542...

Do It for Grandma

Garcia grew up as a nature spirit in a relatively secluded area of Pinnacle Mountain within Yellowstone Park with their grandmother. They had a small camper with a TV that only had 3 channels: National Geographic, Blaseball Commentary and K-dramas.

They and their grandma LOVED the National Parks and traversed the nation, acquiring as many National Parks Stamps as possible. Along the way, they learned of blaseball and developed a pitching style, naming all of their pitches after the places they visited like "THE BADLANDS BRUISER" and "THE CONGAREE CURVEBALL."

During the journey, their grandmother passed away, and their spirit was reincarnated as a house cat. To this day, Yeong-ho carries their grandmother in a hiking backpack made for cats.

Yeong-ho has collected every single National Parks Stamp, except for one: Yellowstone. Unfortunately, Yellowstone National Park Service is not giving out any more National Parks Stamps until blaseball has concluded. Yeong-ho has decided to take matters into their own hands, to earn the last stamp for grandma. In addition to joining the Yellowstone Magic blaseball team thanks to their pitching expertise, Yeong-Ho still regularly roams the park as a model guest filled with wonder, admiration, and respect for the natural world.

Their grandmother thinks they are very handsome, and many among the park rangers are inclined to agree.

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The Alternatization of Yeong-Ho Garcia

After a strange occurrence in Yellowstone, Garcia has switched places with an alternate [Bluesky] reality Garcia. The alternative Garcia has a right eye made of crystal. They have only ever collected the Yellowstone National Park stamp, forgoing an epic national park tour with their grandma. Because of this, they have terrible blaseball skills, and absolutely no specialty pitches.

Alternate Garcia walks upside down, with their feet in the air and their head just barely hovering off the ground. No one on the team seems to notice. They have pretty harshed vibes, and they seem to have a nasty attitude towards most of the rest of the team. Their teammates can't seem to figure out why Yeong-ho has turned so negative, but when Bevan Wise was questioned on the matter, he only responded, "Something's not right." The only being that can tell the difference is the spirit of Garcia's grandmother, who is residing in a common house cat. She loves both and all Garcias very much. The original Garcia still hangs out in the stands and tries to cheer on the team when they can. They're doing fine!

Court Wizard of the San Francisco Lovers

Though they were sad to see the loss of Jaylen Hotdogfingers, Knight Triumphant of the San Francisco Lovers welcomed the addition of Garcia to the team, as their court remained in dire need of a new Court Wizard. Being from the Magic, and with a reputation as both an experienced pitcher and an astute mage, Yeong-Ho quickly became highly regarded among the Lovers despite being a late addition to the team. Garcia was willing to accept the new role they were given, on the condition that they be allowed to spend time between games befriending the resident birds of the PolyHedron. Triumphant accepted Garcia's request, and they were bestowed a falconer's glove and a wizard's tower in which to practice wizardry and spend their free time maintaining their new aviary.

Yeong-Ho's aviary contains no falcons, but instead a murder-colony of trained crows and seagulls. Originally Yeong-Ho's aviary only contained crows, with whom they were previously most familiar while in Yellowstone, but they quickly noticed that as there were a large number of seagulls residing in San Francisco, and as they were just as easy for them to befriend, there was no problem with recruiting seagulls as well. Over time more and more gulls became recruited in the aviary, until it composed of roughly equal numbers of both species. Yeong-Ho's aviary has also caused a subtle ecological shift, with increased instances of cordial and symbiotic relationships forming between crows and seagulls in and around San Francisco.

Garcia's ability to befriend birds has even extended to fellow ILB players. Upon joining the Lovers, Garcia was inspired by their new team's Charm ability, going so far as to attempt the maneuver themself. Garcia, being a new addition to the team, had no ability whatsoever to perform a Charm; however, their eagerness to do so, combined with their bird-befriending prowess, resulted in them accidentally recruiting Hawai'i Fridays captain and actual bird Fletcher Yamamoto to the team. (The Lovers' adopted void NaN transferred to the Fridays in his place, as they were "ready to leave the nest.")

The circumstances of their friendship notwithstanding, Yamamoto and Garcia did, in fact, form a close bond as the two newest members of the Lovers. The recent construction of the aviary proved beneficial to Yamamoto, who found it to be suitable nesting quarters. The two of them are also reportedly friendly with cousins Milo Brown and Bontgomery "Bonty" Mullock, who are both quite popular with birds, as they are literally tree people.

Time on the Spies

While on the San Francisco Lovers for season 13, Garcia became friends with Morrow Wilson. Wilson knew that they would be returning to the Houston Spies at the end of the season and that the team would need a new magic expert in the near future. Wilson invited Garcia to join them on the Spies.

When they arrived, Garcia was assigned to the position of the team’s magic researcher. Garcia threw themselves into their work, drawing on their vast knowledge to provide the Spies and the Agency with valuable intelligence and analysis. During a discussion of anomalous locations, the Spies were the first team outside of the Yellowstone Magic to learn about the anomaly that is Bluesky National Park.

Garcia enjoyed their first season on the Spies, but it wasn’t until Season 15 when they made their first real friend. During the Season 14 election, the Spies received former Shoe Thieves player Bennett Bluesky. The two immediately bonded over their respective experiences with Bluesky National Park. Other Spies report that the two have a plethora of inside jokes that no one else on the team understands.

Off the pitcher’s mound, Garcia slowly came to realize that their connection with birds was growing weaker. After a few seasons of contemplation, Garcia made peace with the idea, and let go of their connection to crows. This didn’t stop their love of birds and nature, though. Garcia can often be found walking through local parks and nature preserves, muttering notes on the local flora and fauna into a hidden tape recorder. During off-seasons, they also give tours of these parks to the general public.

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