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Morrow Wilson was a lineup player for the Houston Spies. Wilson joined the Spies on Season 4, Day 37 due to a feedback swap.

Official League Records

Wilson joined the league as a member of Philly Pies at the beginning of Season 1.

On Season 7, Day 82, Wilson's defensive ability was siphoned by Chicago Firefighters batter Swamuel Mora in a game with Blooddrain weather, bringing it from ★★★★½  to ★★★★ .

On Season 7, Day 99, Wilson's hitting ability was siphoned by Breckenridge Jazz Hands batter Steph Weeks in a game with Blooddrain weather, bringing it from ★★½  to ★★ .

On Season 12, day 42, Wilson swallowed a peanut and suffered an allergic reaction, reducing their batting and pitching by ★ , their baserunning by ★½ , and their defense by ½ .

Biographical Information


The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Morrow Wilson is a relief fielder for the Houston Spies, former child star, and lead actor on the sitcom My Roomie Ruslan. As prophecy foretold, they possess magic powers, and might one day save us all if they could just get their act together.

Early Life

On their 10th birthday it was determined that Wilson showed all three signs as mentioned in the prophecy (vitiligo, raven shaped scar on back, and a raspberry allergy). They were the savior foretold to possess great magic powers, and were immediately placed under the tutelage of wizened sages. Wilson hated the intense magic training the sages forced them to endure and ran away.

Wilson soon found themselves in Hollywood, where they became a child star. They appeared in such blockbuster hits as Sweet Turnip in Savanah, Three Dudes and a Turnip, and Turnipocalypse: Revelations. After several years, Wilson was horrified to discover that their rise to fame had been orchestrated by the Turnip Crime Family, as part of their turnip propaganda campaign. With the assistance of unknown individuals, Wilson was extracted from the Turnip family's control and placed in the Blaseball protection program.

Blaseball Career

Wilson joined the Philly Pies because "it sounded like fun" and "[they] might learn something from the Umpiress." They joined a commune in Powelton Village along with their unwanted roommate Ruslan Greatness.

As a relief fielder, Wilson's role was to clean up Beasley Day's poop.

It is rumored that Wilson has been hired by an unidentified Blaseball team to collect the DNA of the rest of the Pies roster, for the purpose of cloning them. If true, it is unlikely that they have completed this task. This may be due, in part, to Wilson's apparent fear of Mickey Woods.

Transfer to the Spies

At the beginning of Season 4, the Houston Spies began an operation to free Wilson from My Roomie Ruslan at the behest of Agent Marco Escobar. Escobar emphasized Wilson's magical powers in order to convince someone in the Spies' Upper Management to sign off on recruiting Wilson, but subsequently declassified documents reveal Escobar was more interested in freeing Wilson from their show than utilizing their powers for spying purposes. During a Feedback event on Day 37 of Season 4, the Spies organized the official Blaseball swap of Wilson to the Spies. Then-Houston Spies player Yeong-Ho Benitez ripped the "S" from the word "Spies" on their uniform and placed it in front of the "Pies" on Wilson's, signifying the official swap of the two players. Fans have speculated Wilson went along with this swap either because they were a Spies agent returning to HQ or because they were looking for a way to leave My Roomie Ruslan. Unfortunately for Wilson, the anomalous effect of the show meant that anyone who entered the show followed TV sitcom rules, which led to great difficulty in freeing Wilson.

As a co-star of the show, Wilson was trapped, unable to leave, bound by the show's anomalous effect and their contract. Thus, the Spies mounted a [REDACTED]-scale operation to extract Wilson from the show. The plan resulted in several award-winning episodes as multiple Spies, including Agents Reese Clark, Fitzgerald Blackburn, and Theodore Holloway tried and failed to carry out this mission. Each was comedically foiled. Agent Holloway, for example, attempted to lie in wait in their teddy bear form in the messy apartment, only to be foiled by forgetting differences in time zones, thus reverting them to their human form. Upon seeing a strange person in his apartment, Greatness, wearing a nightgown and a tiny nightcap, chased Agent Holloway off with a rolling pin.

Eventually these shenanigans led to Wilson’s last episode on the show, the Season 9 finale, "Scooting Away With Scott." In the episode Denzel Scott overcame the anomalous effect due to their average nature and resistance to strange phenomena. The episode shows Scott simply walking onto the set in the midst of filming, saying "I don't know what all these cameras are for, but would you like to leave, Morrow?" The camera view switches to Wilson, who is seen nodding. When the camera switches back to Scott, they have disappeared. In their place is a car in the middle of the set. Wilson enters the car, which then drives away. The episode lasts a total of 2 minutes and 37 seconds.

Time with the Spies

Wilson's acting, cloning, and magical abilities have made them a welcome addition to the Spies' roster. In true Spies tradition, Wilson refuses to comment on how their skills are being put to use. Wilson is particularly reticent when it comes to questions of their involvement with the alleged cloning of Evelton McBlase—when asked, they simply acted as if they hadn't heard and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Declassified documents reveal that most instances of Morrow using their magic are for very minor things, such as passing the remote, chopping vegetables with Malik Romayne, and preventing Marco Escobar from floating up into ceiling fans when they become possessed.

When asked about how they were finding living alone after so much time with a roommate, Wilson said "It's been quiet, really. It's...almost too quiet."