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Milo Brown was a player in the Shadows for the San Francisco Lovers, and was with the team from the Return of Blaseball until Fall Ball.

Official League Records

Brown joined the ILB as a pitcher for the San Francisco Lovers with the Return of Blaseball.

During the Season β9 elections, Brown received the Friend of Crows modification due to the passing of the Forecast: Birds decree.

During the Season β10 elections, Brown retreated to the Lovers' Shadows, being replaced by Bontgomery Mullock as a result of the Popular by Association blessing.

During the Season β12 elections, Brown rejoined the Lovers' active roster in exchange for Fletcher Yamamoto as a result of the Lovers' Foreshadow will, becoming a lineup player in the process.

During the Season β16 elections, Brown became a pitcher via the Lovers' Move will.

During the Season β17 elections, Brown retreated to the Lovers' Shadows in exchange for Silvia Winner as a result of the Lovers' Foreshadow will, resulting in a combined 9.6 10.2 stat increase.


The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Brown (he/him) is soft-hearted and kindly, and would do anything for his loved ones, even if it means losing on purpose to Baby Triumphant. He is also charmingly oblivious to a fault, and often fails to perceive things that others would consider to be obvious. Brown is not the best blaseball player, but is trying his best.

Due to his oblivious nature, Brown is remarkably good at missing the unusual or "unique" elements of blaseball and its players, believing gorgon teammate Ortiz Lopez to simply be a tall human with a perpetual bad sunburn and a tendency to stand underneath air vents that blow her hair around. Notably, he did not know that he himself was one quarter treant until it was pointed out to him that he had branches and flowers growing from his head. It’s possible that this treant heritage is a partial cause of both his slow uptake and poor reflexes on the field, as treants, being animated trees, are notoriously slow in all manners of behavior.

Brown first became romantically involved with Theo King after joining the cause to depose the unholy regime of San Francisco, which he aided by knitting cute, color-coordinated sword sheaths. One of said sheaths found its way to Knight Triumphant, who was so taken with it that they requested King introduce them to its maker. Brown and Triumphant hit it off immediately, and Brown was quickly welcomed into the polycule.

Brown initially agreed to join Triumphant's proposed blaseball team when it was all Triumphnt would talk about at Family Dinner Night, and man, they were just so enthusiastic, how could Brown say no? What Brown fails to bring to the table in terms of scores, he more than makes up for in morale, and many of his teammates consider him to be the heart of the team. Those in the polycule who are not romantically involved with him tend to consider him as a younger brother figure, and everyone finds his optimistic demeanor to be endearing and uplifting. Even the fickle heart of Kennedy Meh was thawed by Brown's cheerfulness, and the two began a relationship a couple seasons after Meh joined the team.


  • As a transgender man, Milo once had a fraught relationship with his femininity. With the polycule’s support, he now feels comfortable openly embracing his love of cute things.
  • Brown went into mourning after the losses of Paul Barnes and Miguel Javier, who he had grown very close to in his time on the team. To demonstrate such, he has worn a black veil to every game since their deaths. This gothic affectation is rumored to have sparked Meh's initial attraction to him.
  • Brown was unsure what RIV meant until recently. Nobody on the Lovers realized this until one day Brown very seriously said "Rest in Valentines."
  • Brown is unaware of the fact that Meh is a vampire, despite the fact that he allows Meh to drink his blood on a semi-regular basis. He just wants to be supportive of his boyfriend's interests.

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