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Bennett Bluesky is a player for the New York Millennials, and has been with the team since Fall Ball. Bluesky has played for the Charleston Shoe Thieves and Houston Spies.

Official League Records

Bluesky joined the ILB as a lineup player for the Charleston Shoe Thieves on Season β14, Day 22 after the incineration of Sebastian Woodman.

Bluesky was traded to the Houston Spies in exchange for Jordan Hildebert during the Season β14 elections via the Shoe Thieves' Exchange will, becoming a pitcher in the process.

During the Season β17 elections, Bluesky's pitching increased from 3.8 5.1 and defense decreased 2.9 2.7 as a result of the Spies' Transfuse will.

On Season β20, day 12, Bluesky retreated to the Spies' Shadows in exchange for Mohammed Picklestein via REDACTED's Fax Machine. On day 18, Bluesky rejoined the Spies' pitching rotation in exchange for Picklestein via the Fax Machine.

On Season β22, day 12, Bluesky retreated to the Spies' Shadows in exchange for Plums Blather via REDACTED's Fax Machine. On Day 17, Bluesky returned to the Spies' pitching rotation via the Fax Machine.

Over the course of Season β23, Bluesky entered and exited the Spies' Shadows two times as a result of An Undisclosed Location Fax Machine events, ending the Season on the pitching rotation.

During the October 28, 2022 Fall Ball, Bluesky fell to the New York Millennials.

The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Personal Life and History

Bennett Bluesky is known for their good-natured and mischievous personality, and love of all things aerial and vintage. They are quite fond of space as well, professing a love of rockets and the Mars rovers. They are known to always carry around a flute and typewriter, even to games. They practice bonsai as a hobby, and maintain a small, ashy pine tree grown from a small cutting of their predecessor, Sebastian Woodman.

Before joining the Shoe Thieves, Bluesky was a pilot, fascinated with the idea of flying and seeing above the clouds, where the sky is always blue. Despite having wings of their own, they favored the biplane, as the effort of long-distance flight took too much time and energy. This interest in the sky led them to work as a weatherperson for a while.

When Bluesky was a younger, more reckless pilot, they charted a flight path that took them directly over ███████ ██████ ███. Presumed dead after a failure to arrive at The Big Garage for refueling, Bluesky would not emerge until 15 years before they had taken off, pulling themself out of the cool ocean waters near Charleston.

Since their experience ████ █████ █████████ ███, ████ ██ █ █████████ ████ ███████ ████ ███, and ████ █████ ████.[1] ████ ████ █ ████████, others find it unsettling.

Bluesky is known for their pair of large blue wings and tendency to wear aviator gear and heavy bomber jackets, even in the heat. Some speculate that ███████ █ ███ ████, but Bluesky claims to do so out of their love for aviation. They are often seen with their custom-built backpack, outfitted with a myriad number of meteorological tools, powered by two large batteries.

Blaseball Career

Career with the Shoe Thieves

Bennett Bluesky first joined the Shoe Thieves answering an ad for an aerial getaway driver, thinking that their unique skills piloting a biplane would be useful to the team. Bluesky was drawn to the position not just because of their passion for flying, but due to their interest in the strange weather phenomena in Blaseball. They could not pass up an opportunity to view these strange events from the eye of the storm.

Bluesky was generally well-liked around the Choux, often assisting with repairs around the stadium and spending time with other Thieves. They would occasionally race the bases with Richardson Games, in competitions to see if a grappling hook or wings would be faster. Bluesky often spent time with Simon Haley and Fitzgerald Wanderlust, sharing an interest in the sciences, and they found Haley’s perspective as a comet particularly interesting.

Bluesky has a very positive opinion on ███████ ██████ ███, █████ █████████ ███ ████ ██ █ the Yellowstone Magic.

Career with the Spies

After learning of the existence of the ███████ anomaly from Yeong-Ho Garcia, the Agency is rumored to have struck a deal with the National Park Service. The Agency using their extensive knowledge of metaphysical technology to help keep Bennett Bluesky safe and intact for study was either a condition of, or a sweetener to, this deal (unclear). Either way, as part of what was codenamed Operation SNEAKERS, Bluesky was traded for Jordan Hildebert.

Upon joining the Spies, Bluesky established themself as a competent pitcher. A later Transfuse made them a five-star ace. "It's not me," they repeatedly insist, when asked why they pitch so well. "I'm just the one it decided to latch onto." On the matter of what "it" is, or why Bluesky thinks "it" is external to themself, they remain entirely silent.

Off the field, Bluesky has taken to launching weather balloons and carefully planting small black boxes of instrumentation in inconspicuous places.[2] They also harvest raw meteorological data from official networks (probably without permission), and are learning statistical modeling in hopes of being able to create longer-range weather forecasts specific to the local conditions inside Blaseball stadiums.

Bluesky and Yeong-Ho Garcia have bonded over preferring to spend their time in gravitationally unusual situations. Pulleys and ankle harnesses have been installed in common spaces so that they can relax upside-down.

Fan Works


  1. It is theorized that ████████ ███████ █████ ██████; given that ███████ █████████ are involved, ██████████ the Yellowstone Caverns for ██ ███████████ ████ █████ ████ some sense.
  2. These are just miniaturized digital weather stations.