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Charm is a Team Blood Type Modification, first seen during the Season β9 Election as a result of the Feel the Love blessing. It is an Exclusive Modification of the San Francisco Lovers and the Oklahoma Heartthrobs.


Batters on a team with Charm will occasionally charm the opposing pitcher when they step up to bat, and draw a walk to first base.

Pitchers on a team with Charm can occasionally charm the opposing batter, forcing them to swing and "strike out willingly".


Charm was first seen during the Season β9 Election, granted from the Feel the Love Blessing, with the description "Give your Team Love Blood Type.". The San Francisco Lovers won this blessing, with the following message:

  • Feel the Love blessed the San Francisco Lovers.
    • Blood Transfusion.
    • All of the San Francisco Lovers' players now have Love blood type!
    • The San Francisco Lovers are now especially Charming!
    • The Lovers had 44% of the Votes and were the highest bidders. 584,669 votes were cast.

The Lovers activated Charm three times on their opening game of Season β10, with Knight Triumphant charming opposing pitcher Wesley Poole at the very start of the Lovers' first inning batting, then walking to first base. The Lovers' pitcher, Yosh Carpenter, activated Charm a further two times that game, charming Socks Maybe and Justice Spoon in innings 7 and 9, immediately forcing both players to strike out.


On Season β14, Day 86, Seattle Garages batter Sparks Beans was the first player in the ILB not on the Lovers to use Charm, charming pitcher Sandford Garner and walking to first base. This was a result of the Hotdogfingers Memorial Climate Pledge Garage and Parking Facility's PsychoAcoustics, which has a chance to copy the opposing team's modifications, and Beans having type Love blood.

A Blood Type

The Charleston Shoe Thieves gained A Blood Type in the Season β18 Elections, giving them a random Blood Type modification each game. They activated Charm for the first time on Season β19, Day 14, when Esme Ramsey charmed Baltimore Crabs pitcher Parker Meng and drew a walk.


  • Pitchers with Charm may still cause hitters under the effect of 0 No to strike out, regardless of Ball count.