Bontgomery Mullock

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Bontgomery Mullock was a pitcher for the San Francisco Lovers, and was with the team from the Season β10 elections until Fall Ball.

Official League Records

Mullock joined the ILB as a pitcher for the San Francisco Lovers during the Season β10 elections via the Popular by Association blessing, as a replacement for an election mishap involving Montgomery Bullock of the Baltimore Crabs being traded to multiple teams simultaneouly.


The remainder of this article contains lore created collaboratively by the Blaseball community.

Bontgomery “Bonty” Mullock (he/him) is a half-treant dryad who was formerly the spirt of the land of Montgomery County, Baltimore. Mullock has been recently transplanted from their home county of Montgomery due to a strange twist of the fates that relocated the entire county to Hawai’i. Mullock joined the Lovers due to the encouragement of his cousin, Milo Brown. Mullock’s “Make like a Tree and Leave” signature pitch has been known to clear the home plate of batters at an uncanny rate.

Time as Montgomery County

Mullock spent eons tethered the land of Montgomery County. During this time he gained a deep understanding of its history, its people, and its wildlife. He bore witness to the dark ritual undertaken by Sylvester Bullock I, which sapped the pitching strength of all the people throughout the land. Some people say that being unable to prevent this incident is what instilled his separate self with such a protective, almost fatherly, nature.

Mullock stood still within the land of Montgomery, looking like an ordinary tree to any passer-bys. One such passerby was a small woodland creature named Crackerjack, which seemed to take up residence within the dryad’s heart-shaped knot on his trunk. He didn’t seem to mind very much and soon Crackerjack became the closest thing Mullock had to a best friend. The two have been inseparable ever since.

The Separation from Montgomery Bullock

Once Mullock was separated from the land he watched over he came to a new understanding of himself as an individual entity. With nowhere to go, he wandered aimlessly and confused until arriving upon the doorstep of his cousin, Milo Brown’s, doorstep. Brown, shocked by his dear cousin Mullock’s sudden appearance, offered him a place to stay on his couch. After a few late night heart-to-hearts (or bark-to-barks as Mullock would say) the two came to an arrangement that cemented Mullock’s future career with the Lovers.

It was very clear to his cousin that Mullock enjoyed blaseball and missed playing it as part of the player known as Montgomery Bullock. It turned out this was something Brown could help with. Brown's boyfriend, Kennedy Meh, had recently been Feedbacked to another team. Brown, being the sweetheart he is, was having misgivings about not being able to visit him quite as often as he would like but didn’t want to leave the team short a pitcher. As luck would have it his cousin was an excellent pitcher and so the deal was made, Mullock would take Brown’s place to give him some more free time to visit Meh.

The Individual Self

During Mullock’s time connected to the people of Montgomery County he learned many things about humanity. One of those things, was gender, a concept he did not have to deal with much as a spirit of nature. However, when he assumed his form he chose features that best aligned with what felt “right” to him and chose to identify as a male upon joining humanity’s culture.  

Mullock soon came to realize that he had learned much about the history of the lands he inhabited. He considers himself a bit of a historian nowadays, always happy to provide a fun fact or bit of trivia about the local environments and their people. When Mullock isn’t sharing factoids or politely pointing out historical inaccuracies he’s doing his second favorite thing learned from humanity, telling puns!

Bonty’s Pun Hall of Fame

  • “I’m not that big of a fan of romance novels, they’re too sappy.”
  • “I’m going to bough out, you all have fern without me.”
  • “Oh no, leaf it to me to soil the mood.”
  • “Let’s get to the root of the problem, find out if you’re all bark and no bite.”
  • “I really think tree should talk about this, maybe dialogue?”


  • Upon joining the Lovers and touring the PolyHedron, Mullock showed amazing self-control by not pointing out that the sword in the stone within the stadium should have been called Calibat instead of Excalibat.
  • At a family gathering, when Milo Brown was younger, he called Bontgomery by “Bonty” and the nickname has stuck ever since.
  • There are rumors amongst the fans that Mullock can grow his own bats and blaseballs from his body.
  • No one is quite sure how old Crackerjack is or what kind of animal it is either, some fans have speculated that the heart shaped knot on Mullock’s chest has some kind of magical power.
  • Mullock’s ceremonial armor for playoff games is that worn by a Hedge Knight. Percival Wheeler was reported to have congratulated Mullock on his wise choice due to the mobility the armor allotted. She was soon dismayed when Mullock revealed he just chose it because “It was too good of a pun to pass up.”