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Welcome to the Blaseball wiki! If you’re here, that likely means you are new to blaseball or you are wondering what happens in this community. This guide is meant to give you the basics in plain writing that does not require you to know anything about the style or lore of the fictional universe described in the rest of the wiki.

What is Blaseball?

Blaseball is a game that simulates an absurdist version of baseball and encourages participants to bet (no real world money involved!) on the outcome. Participants use those winnings to buy voting and raffle tickets that influence new game mechanics, player and team statistics, player trades, developer-written storylines, and more. A blaseball season occurs over the course of 99 “days” that correspond to one real world hour.[1] Blaseball seasons last from Monday to Friday (United States Pacific Time), then a post-season with four teams from each of the two leagues occurs on a Saturday. Election results are posted on Sunday and the game’s plot progresses in accordance with the voting.

Blaseball is a cultural phenomenon for all people. As part of the community supporting this wiki, each one of us has a responsibility to our fellow fans to make this an opening, welcoming, and inclusive community. Please read the extended statement in the style guide for more.

Blaseball has a Discord server (warning: very large) where you can join a watch party and chat with people who are fans of your favorite team. There’s also a reddit page. Don’t have a team yet? That's fine! You can find a list of teams at the end of this article.

What is this wiki?

This wiki serves a few purposes. It was started as a primarily fan-created extended universe based on the game events that occur on Fans collaborate on and write about player backstories, team histories and cultures, history outside of the Internet League Blaseball (aka, and more. The #wiki-talk and team-specific chats in the Discord server are generally the hub of this activity, along with the Talk pages on this wiki.

The wiki also serves as a reference document, particularly for Teams, Players, and Seasons. Those pages will often tell you how long a given player or team has been in the league and notable things they have done. Season pages will document things such as season and postseason win/loss records, blessings and decrees that were available for vote, results of the election for that season, and notable storyline developments (as determined by the game developers and decree voting) that occurred during a given season, such as Opening The Forbidden Book or the Peanut Plague.

Where should I go next?

The Blaseball page fleshes out a little more of the mechanics and ideas mentioned on this page in an in-universe style. The Style Guide and Facts/Lore Disambiguation Guide pages have more information on how writing for the wiki happens. All you need is an account and a willingness to collaborate with others! Other helpful pages and categories, such as teams, players, and rules, can be found on the main page.

  1. There is a mechanism in place called spillover if a game goes past the hour mark.