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The following content pertains to earlier eras of Blaseball and may not be relevant to the current version of the game.
The Icon for Charge

Charges are specific changes applied to individual players during Elections. Charges are chosen by Team Choice, meaning that each Team will recieve their top Voted choice, and Write In, meaning that to Vote a Fan must specify a Player from their Team. Charges were introduced in Gamma 1, but Fans could not vote on them until Gamma 2. They are very similar to Wills — however, unlike Wills there is no random element to the selection of the winning Charge. They are offered every other Election.

History of Charges

Charges from each season are shown below. To date, there has only been one Charge, simply labelled "Charge".

Short Circuits

Icon Name Effect
Charge Choose a Player to Charge the Microphone.

Discharged Players

Note that Charges from Gamma 1 are based on incomplete information from the Feed, and therefore do not list all Teams.

Charges, Gamma 1

Name Team
Nico Sigh Baltimore Crabs
Aku Saint Chicago Firefighters
Pigeon Poison Core Mechanics
Candy Finnegan New York Millennials
Ruth Kaneko Philly Pies
Ginny Cave Hawaiʻi Fridays
Kirk Grimdark Ohio Worms
Nanci Hardcore Yellowstone Magic
Vice Limousine Hades Tigers
Addison Rosemthal Houston Spies
Fozzy Otterman Hellmouth Sunbeams
Viggo Tredwell San Francisco Lovers
Merry Exit Seattle Garages
Anomaly Chamberlain LA Unlimited Tacos

Charges, Gamma 2

Name Team
Tomathan Poison Chicago Firefighters
Curtis Darkness Canada Moist Talkers
Carolina Correct Ohio Worms
Malin Jolly Seattle Garages
Grapefruit Walnut Baltimore Crabs
Agnes Caster Atlantis Georgias
Rat Love Hades Tigers
Stamp Chavez Philly Pies
Demarco Invasion Kansas City Breath Mints
Link Rodriguez Houston Spies
Nathaniel Wilds Dallas Steaks
Jackie Henry Mexico City Wild Wings
Lurch Mondavi Hellmouth Sunbeams
Apollo Coen LA Unlimited Tacos
Jutland Doubleday Yellowstone Magic
Mira Moom Core Mechanics
Lyra Vitiman Boston Flowers
Crank Heist Miami Dale
Abby Ampersand Charleston Shoe Thieves
Lady Park Hawaiʻi Fridays
Cara Devi New York Millennials
Claire Glaive Tokyo Lift
Irene Ortiz San Francisco Lovers
Tristen Aero Breckenridge Jazz Hands

Charges, Gamma 3

Name Team
Calliope Cooper Chicago Firefighters
Saturday Elder Canada Moist Talkers
Mindy Buck Ohio Peanuts
Mugs Ghost Seattle Garages
Monique Flowchart Baltimore Crabs
Basil Ball Atlantis Georgias
Ethan Rivet Hades Tigers
Emmanual Cole Philly Pies
Saoirse Singh Kansas City Breath Mints
Jorge Gottwald Houston Spies
Yagami Bean Dallas Steaks
Violeta Faucet Mexico City Wild Wings
Annie Otherworld Hellmouth Sunbeams
Bella Lavender LA Unlimited Tacos
Giannis Manning Yellowstone Magic
Bees Manhattan Core Mechanics
Jose Gravy Boston Flowers
Leliel Princeton Miami Dale
Guinevere Strong Charleston Shoe Thieves
Valentina León Hawaiʻi Fridays
Manuela Rowdy New York Millennials
Buster Candle Tokyo Lift
Deebo Twain San Francisco Lovers
Hester Scythe Breckenridge Jazz Hands

Charges, Gamma 4

Name Team
Feridad Zest Houston Spies
Loner Shelley New York Millennials
Dimi Wobbler Seattle Garages
Lily Cole Breckenridge Jazz Hands
Herb Swamp Tokyo Lift
Pedro Vixen Core Mechanics
Errol Wool Yellowstone Magic
Tube Nebula Chicago Firefighters
Bentley Finnegan Baltimore Crabs
Ariana Beard Philly Pies
Julian Greene Hellmouth Sunbeams
Gnome Calathea Hades Tigers
Zion Catalina Charleston Shoe Thieves
Lucky Runway Canada Moist Talkers
Adeline Revelry Miami Dale
Lillian McKinley Mexico City Wild Wings
Boat Hamless Kansas City Breath Mints
Lila River LA Unlimited Tacos
Penelope Video Atlantis Georgias
Sassy Bribes Dallas Steaks
Squid Broom Boston Flowers
Eliot Heartfield San Francisco Lovers
Annick McGee Ohio Worms
Moth Frosting Hawaiʻi Fridays

For unknown reasons, players were Charged multiple times, resulting in players earning the  Static modification three times. The Boston Flowers were able to discharge Squid Broom, a Hawaiʻi Fridays player at the time of elections, as Broom remained listed on the Flowers' roster despite a Feedback event earlier in the season.